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30-03-2010, 01:31
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Well, I was just minding my own business, reading some of the Horus Heresy books and I got to thinking. A lot of people have chosen to construct pre-heresy armies (primarily Marines) but has anyone chosen to make an army from before the Great Crusade?

After having read through Legion and one of the short stories from Tales of Heresy (I think it was called The Last Church or some such) I have decided to make an army based around the Emperor's forces during the Unification Wars. I had some help and inspiration with making Mk1 Power armour courtesy of mywargame.com and that's as far as I have got. I haven't any idea of what to make up or in what quantities other than the proto-astartes.

The list will most likely end up being a marine army. I can't see any other Imperial list being able to cater to this niche (other than the supposedly next-to-be-replaced Inquisition books) and after having a crack at making some of these guys I can tell you this will be a combat patrol at the very most! Kill Team to start with but eventually made into a 400 point list, but I still haven't any idea of what to use unit wise. What would be effective at 400 points that wouldn't seem too out of place at the birth of the Imperium?

Also, what sort of insignia would such warriors display? I know that the Emperor made use of mercs and other such forces alongside his own, but if possible I would like to use a symbol of the time rather than the aquilla. It's not essential but it would help differentiate this force from the other pre-heresy armies out there.

Well, I suppose what my thread boils down to is
1) What would be a good list to represent this army with?
2) What good combat patrol lists could be made with that army?
3) What sort of symbol should I use as the army badge?

Thanks for reading and for keeping up with my mad ramblings.

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30-03-2010, 01:36
The lightning bolt is the symbol of the Emperor pre-Unification.

30-03-2010, 11:07
Thanks Corrode. After having flicked through the HH books again, I can't believe I missed that!

Definitely going with Marines on this one, although Sisters of Battle rules did seem to fit with some, if not all, of the background I could find. Definitely no Terminators or Thunder Hammers (haven't been invented yet), Dreadnoughts could be stand-ins for Robots (1st Ed as source material) and basically bulking out almost all the weaponry to give it that antiquated look. I know that Plasma Cannons were limited to Dreadnoughts before the Heresy (2nd Ed Chaos book) but I can't think of what else would be omitted, restricted or even added in order to stay true to the fluff.

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