View Full Version : any skirmish games like necromunda, mordheim, and gorka morka

30-03-2010, 03:31
Other than epic my favorite miniature games are the skirmish games like necromunda, mordheim and gorka morka. Unfortunately they are all badly supported and don't have a very good range of miniatures especially gorka morka.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of games by other companies that would be similar.

Mainly small scale miniature battles with slight rpg elements like skills and equipment growth of your team/gang between battles.

04-04-2010, 03:00
I think Urban War is along the lines of Necromunda. It was a spin off of a larger sized wargame, and seems to focus on smaller groups of fighters.

Warmachine is also a small(er) scale game, but doesn't have the advancement/post-game element of Necromunda/others.

To be honest, outside of GW, I'm really not sure. Most companies haven't been touching miniature games until fairly recently. There has been the odd one that cropped up, but nothing major (again, until recently). Now that the market has shifted away from GW slightly, we might see something pop up.

As a random slight tangent, you should check out Savage Worlds and the expansion Showdown. It's built on the idea a merging the roleplaying game rules with a miniature game. Not much in the way of advancement and such (as most material focuses on one-off games), but there could be something there to work with.