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30-03-2010, 12:50

After several years away, I find myself vaguely tempted back into fantasy, and wondered about what Bretonnians were like these days.

I have a decent familiarity with WFB dating from 5th and 6th editions, but know jack about the last few years - how do they play these days? How does the army work? Are there "must have" units? What are the strengths and weaknesses, etc?


30-03-2010, 13:25
Depends on who you talk to. There are some people here that feel that they are very one dimensional, point and click, and charge until you can't charge anymore.

I don't agree with that logic at all. I have played Bretonnians for almost 2 years now, and I have a great time with them. A couple units of knights, backed by a couple units of peasants, further backed by some elite knights or more peasants. The options, depending on your play style, is (almost) limitless.

As far as must-have units, I would say either pegasus knights or the grail reliaquae. They are usually pretty key in most of my armies. I almost always take 1 trebuchet, sometimes I take 2.

Magic is kinda weak - unless you go all out. I recently played a game with a lvl 4 prophetess, and 2 lvl 2s and fared pretty well.

Its just a matter of getting some games in, getting comfortable and building an army to your strength as a tactician.

30-03-2010, 15:11
I find of you go all knights, and don't waste points on infantry or extra characters, you have a very strong force and in fact enough knight units to pull off the bait tactics that infantry armies use.

Pegasus knights are still great, but with fear/terror being more common I am finding the knight errant, questing knights, and grail knights to be more useful (really sucks to have everything setup and then your knights refuse to charge).

Ultimate Life Form
30-03-2010, 15:17
I know people who started Bretonnia simply for the chance of playing with Peg Knights! :D