View Full Version : FW Eldar type ii conversion kit contents?

31-03-2010, 13:48
I've browsed a lot to no avail, so:

What's in the falcon and wave serpent type ii conversion kits?
I have seen pictures of the completed models, but I can't find any details about what is actually in these kits to make the type ii's different from the basic plastic kits.


Edit: made title a bit more precise.

31-03-2010, 13:53
Maybe you should look at the bigger picture then ;) . It's the hull and the turret. The mark 2's have a small wing like extension on the top rear end of the hull, the falcon turret has the same extension. What other details? I don't know, haven't bought the kit. I do think it makes the tank look smoother.

Spectrar Ghost
31-03-2010, 14:00
The parts (for each) are: An extension for the rear of the hull, a new top plate for the turret, and two small extensions for the outside corners of the hull, next to the engines. The Falcon kit also has a new 'antenna' for the top of the turret.

They make the tank look mighty sexy, IMO. I should also mention that the Falcon kit is compatible with the Fire Prism. Of course, the Night Spinner is not compatable, though if you leave the silly rear piece off the hull, you can at least make that fit the asthetic. It does work to bring the overall look inline.

31-03-2010, 14:48
Ok, thanks for the details.
I'll take another close look at the full pictures.

31-03-2010, 15:24
Talking FW or is there a new tank kit i happened to miss news of?

Spectrar Ghost
31-03-2010, 15:34
It's the FW Type II Falcon and Wave Serpent conversion kits. They bring the Falcon variants inline with the asthetic of the FW Engines of Vaul (Scorpion, Cobra).

Gazak Blacktoof
03-05-2010, 13:07
Can the hull extension be added to a completed kit?

I can manage to part the two halves of the turrets but not the hulls on my old falcons.

03-05-2010, 14:16
Yesh, you could with a lot of filing and sanding. The FW parts are made to mate with the internal surfaces of the Falcon's/Serpent's passenger compartment. Removing those mating surfaces might allow you to tack the resin pieces on directly. Remember to not inhale the resin dust!

Gazak Blacktoof
03-05-2010, 23:18
Thanks, that's just what I needed to know. Sounds like its probably easier just to forget it or get entirely new tanks.