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31-03-2010, 17:21
I've been playing a lot of Dawn of War 2, and I really enjoy it. I suck at the game, but I do like the gameplay. I get into the fluff and everything, and it's cool seeing everything come to life like they can't on the tabletop. However it's got me thinking. I wonder if there would be some way to incorporate some of the mechanics of the DOW games into 40k. I had a few ideas, but I wondered if anybody has tackled this challenge before.

For one, DOW maps are much larger, so the games would have to be condensed quite a bit to fit on a 4x6' table. Secondly I don't know how or if the resources and point systems would work. Would it be similar to objectives in 40k, but then you get more "points" to spend on units? There are a whole lot more things to think about too, but I think it might be a fun endeavor.

My biggest thing I want to do is to make a 40k skirmish game where you can use all your models. Not just the basic troops, I want tanks too. DOW games do this well by having certain units available at different "tiers." You have to spend resources to gain access to the next level of unit production to continue. I think that would be a good way to handle things on the tabletop. You start off slowly, then build your way upward towards tanks and elites.

31-03-2010, 17:30
We thought about this with the original DoW - adding in base-building elements and capture points that give rewards each turn you hold them...but sadly I can't say we've done anything with the ideas to date.

31-03-2010, 17:30
You might want to simply put 2 tables (4x6) together to make a 6x8 first then go from there. Then again apoc (with rules for generating units via controlled objectives) works well.

edit: additional content

try using say 1000 points base then for every objective you control you get to add another 250 points to the battle obviously you need 6 or more objectives and DO NOT USE STRATEGEMS OR SUPERHEAVIES. So in genral regular 40k, no force org, 1000 points base, and 6+ objectives with each objective captured adding 250 points to the battle.

01-04-2010, 11:39
Just bring on an additional 1000 points of army every turn.

02-04-2010, 04:31
Just bring on an additional 1000 points of army every turn.

He asked how to do dawm of war style games from the pc game \. In the pc version you get to build more units faster when you capture "objectives" so the set points base and X more for each objective controlled fits that theme better IMO.

02-04-2010, 04:43
He asked how to do dawm of war style games from the pc game \. In the pc version you get to build more units faster when you capture "objectives" so the set points base and X more for each objective controlled fits that theme better IMO.

However this I feel will take too long to introduce new troops to the game or at best 1 or 2 units to the game. Dawn of War is about massive scale conflict in the end game with each faction hopefully trying to get their relic unit, which is a beast, hence why I suggested an additional 1000pts a turn extra, as this will increase the amount of units/danger every turn.

The problem with trying to imitate Dawn of War on the tabletop is that it is a Real Time strategy game whereas normal 40k is Turn-Based strategy game. Usually in Turn-Based games, resources are just allocated to the player at the start of their turn, so perhaps a better suggestion by me would be to say, bring on X amount of points this turn for X amount of objectives you have.

Logarithm Udgaur
02-04-2010, 04:59
What you are talking about is an escalation campaign. WD used to feature different ones from time to time, back before it became model porn.

Edit:These may give you some ideas

02-04-2010, 05:16
To take it from RTS to TT is tricky, but how about this. Bring along a certain amount of points (depending on how much you own) for eg. 3000, and set the max points on field at 2000. Start with your HQ and 250 points or so of troops. For every objective under your control at the end of the turn you get 250 points to bring in. You could even incorporate buildings such as turrets, they cost a certain amount, have to be built so many inches from a friendly unit and a max of 2 can be built per turn.

Or just check out the links Logarithm put up, they're good.

02-04-2010, 06:32
For the first dawn of war series of games, as I didn't like Steam so didn't play the second series...

1) Get a large table, the aformention 6*8 is a good start

2) Objectives, you'll need several.

3) Start with 1 hq and no more than 2 troops on the table, and one builder (see number 9 below)

4) Have 1 HQ building, use one of the armored fortresses from planetstrike to represent it, Armor 14, maybe a couple structure points on it so it take a bit to take it out.

5) Troops, and troops only, can take objectives. Troops must stay on a objective for a full turn to capture it. They can then leave it and their side will continue to own the objective, until the opposing player captures it. Place a flag or marker to indicate ownership when you leave it. There are no contested objectives. If someone wants to sit on an objective and get shot at and assaulted while on it, that's fine, but they can't attack back in assault, perhaps a -1 to armor might be inline as well. Playtest it to find out.

6) Every objective you hold/own gets you 250 pts to bring in per round.

7) Your HQ will have 3 stages, the initial level 1, then a level 2 and level 3. It'll take 500 pts to upgrade your HQ to level 2, 750 additional to get to level 3. Each level adds another structure point to the HQ. Level 2 is required to get elite and fast attack choices, Level 3 is required to get heavies.

8) For 100 pts you can place a AV10 holder on a objective, no enemy can claim the objective while there is a holder on the objective. For 250 additional points you can upgrade it to AV12 and give it a twin linked hvy bolter equivalent, turret mounted. For an additional 400 you can raise it to a AV14 and add a twin linked lascannon to it. You can only add a level to an objective once per round. Will also require a builder unit to be present to get the level 1 started.

9) Builder unit cost 50 pts, max you can have is 6. Infantry, move through cover WS0 BS0 T3 W2 Sv 5+ (yeah, he's not worth 50 pts in a fight, but then, these are arbitrary values). Only good for being there to fortify a position, or repairing fortifications/HQ building. 100 pts per structure point to repair HQ building.

10) No apocalypse units or formations. Max of 3K points on table, no more than 1/3 of the points can be in vehicles. Max of 3 of any vehicle. Otherwise no force org chart, outside of no more than 2 HQs. Game lasts till one side loses HQ.

That's off the top of my head for how you could do it. It'd take a bit of refinement here and there to make it run a bit smoother, check the balance. But what do you want for 15 minutes while I'm distracted at work...

02-04-2010, 09:30
um hello its called planetary empires

02-04-2010, 09:33
I thought, looking at the title of the post, you meant DOW1...
But thank god you meant DOW2 :P
I reckon it would be okay, but it's not really too hard to simulate that sort of gameplay on tabletop but I see where you're coming from.