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01-04-2010, 04:28
I`ve been trying to get into Warhammer 40k for a while, and have 2 fantasy armies, but kind of blew my budget after buying battle for black reach (i`m a student) and have been living vicariously through the battle reports, checking out the different models and reading up on the fluff I could get my hands on when a friend would lend me an army book for a while.

The other night I was in for a treat, and read up on the daemon hunters and the witch hunters, and was completely blown away. Twisted religious fanatics in the future, awesome! I then had a look at the models,and was even more impressed! I hate tanks, but I could see myself buying the Exorcist model, it`s just stunning! Grey knights also rank on the top "marine" type soldiers i`ve seen in the game. I started thinking up of a list that was made up of models that I liked, but that didn`t necessarily fit together, and many of my choices were almost never used in any lists out there.

So after this long winded introduction, do you think that it`s it`s possible to make up a list of models you like (keeping in line with the organizational chart of course), and make a competitive/fun to play list, or is it just a gamble likely to lead to frustration when playing the game?

01-04-2010, 04:36
It really depends on the army in terms of that answer. With orks you can use mostly anything in the book and end up with something workable. Now really good players might make a lot more work, but if your getting started it can be much tougher.

Also, the two armies you mentioned are just so old that unless you know what your doing and take a strong list from their book, it can be quite challenging. This is doubly true with deamon hunters. Witch hunters are better off since the basic sister isn't bad.

The other issue with those two armies, cost. They are all metal models. If you want to do them, I suggest waiting for the update.

In conclusion; some armies you can take w/e you want and end up with a decent list. Other armies you need expereience and knowledge to really get something out of any model, so long as the rest of the list supports them. Then there are some units that just suck on the table, Sisters Repentia, and are used more as something to practice painting on :p

01-04-2010, 04:40
If you want them, get them now. Many people are selling off their WH/DH armies these days (for what reasons ever) and you might get a bargain. WH are a very cool army to play, even if you may lose some games but you'll always know that you got the prettier army. :)

Raven Down
01-04-2010, 06:09
There are rumors Daemonhunters and in Particulair Grey Knights are being re-done,So far it sounds like a New Codex and Plastic kits.So you might want to hold off for a bit untill the rumors are disproven/confirmed.

Here's hoping they get a new Codex

01-04-2010, 07:21
Both Daemon Hunters and witch hunter are very likely to be getting new models in the next 16 months. The grey knights right now are among the bottom of the barrel of the codices. But if you can wait until christmas this year you will probably be very happy with their army.

Sisters are a pretty good codex and honestly if you like the sister model that is really all you need. sisters and exorcists. Almost the entire codex is just sisters with different special weapons. They have managed to remain viable due to faith points.

I actually have always liked a few of the eldar models and because of it wanted to play an eldar army but had no idea if it would be viable.

Well the models I liked were wraithguard, wraithlords, yriel, rangers, and banshees. Now the banshees arent exactly the best unit in the game however they aren't bad either. A bunch of power weapons with high ini and ws. So I went out and built a list using only the models I liked. A 2k point list and played 2 games with it with a friends models.

I had never even looked at the codex just said "I want these models" and it worked out. Sure that doesn't happen all the time but I am actually a model person almost first and foremost. The only exception to that is with sisters of battle. I started them because of models then grew to love their fluff now they could have the worst models in the game and id still play them.

Plastic Rat
01-04-2010, 07:36
So after this long winded introduction, do you think that it`s it`s possible to make up a list of models you like (keeping in line with the organizational chart of course), and make a competitive/fun to play list, or is it just a gamble likely to lead to frustration when playing the game?

This is pretty much how I play. When building an army for a tournament or in fact any game, I first look at the models I have that are completely built and painted and I build my army around that.

I try to resist the temptation to field stuff I haven't finished completely, regardless of what my opponent may be fielding. If I don't have the correct wargear modeled on the model, then I don't take those options.

I find games more fun this even though I lose a lot more. Unfortunately I only ever seem to play against the grey legion where everything is 'counts as' and flame-throwers look like melta-guns. Still, it's what you put in that makes the game the most fun.

I also apply this strategy when buying stuff. Does the model look cool and do I want to paint it? Good, buy it, paint it and field it.

GW changes their rules around for stuff constantly. One day you buy something because it's powerful, the next day it gets nerfed into oblivion. However if you buy something because you love the model, chances are that won't ever change.

01-04-2010, 07:46
Well, you allways have to remember:
What will your armies do most of the time?

My armies for example are mostly sitting on a shelf, so I choose my armies first by looks. Only if I have more than one army I like the looks of I go on to stuff like playstyle (my three fantasy armies all have entirely different playstyles: Lizardmen, Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms) or lore (the two armies I intend to build for 40k are slightly compareable in playstyle as theyīre both close combat armies: Orks and Space Wolves).

Not once I took into consideration to buy an army because itīs strong, simply because Iīll spend way more time with building/painting/reading about them than playing with them. If you in addition remember that whatīs strong right now can be weak next edition/codex/FaQ itīs a better solution for me to stay with the stuff that wonīt change: The look I like.

Just my 2 cent on "Buying an army based on looks."

01-04-2010, 11:00
So after this long winded introduction, do you think that it`s it`s possible to make up a list of models you like (keeping in line with the organizational chart of course), and make a competitive/fun to play list, or is it just a gamble likely to lead to frustration when playing the game?

Frustration is the essence of learning. Without it, how will you know you are failing? Only by actually doing it and playing it will you really know if you can win or not. I say get into it and if it's frustrating then persevere. You'll eventually get enough knowledge to know what to do.

01-04-2010, 13:05
Thanks for all the encouraging comments. I am really down the middle as far as gaming/hobbying goes. I convert things that don't need it just for fun, but I really love playing the game. It doesn't really matter though if new models come out, since the ones I like are already out, and i'll probably have to hold out for many more Christmases to get all the models I want to make a Witch/Daemon hunter army.

I was mostly concerned when I saw most lists for the sisters as immolator spam lists, and I feel like that particular model isn't as nice as, say the penitent engine. I think i'll go this way though, something about the models/fluff that I just can't take out of my head, and I'll probably lose all my games anyways.

01-04-2010, 15:07
I think only fielding what you think looks cool works great with daemons. I like how just about everything looks though...
If you only want to field a sweet looking army then go for it. Most of my space wolves army violates WYSIWYG so hardcore it confuses people. I have dudes dual wielding bolters, lightening claws just because they look cool (going to be my MoTW model now)
With daemon hunters, they already look sweet. So sweet I converted one into a lone wolf. (self pimping img attached :) he is almost done.) plus, playing that army you can ally with another army that you think looks sweet if you need some oomph in your game.
I could, for example, bring daemon hosts in my SW army because they are cool.

ago syb
01-04-2010, 17:08
Grey Knights are kind of hard to play right now =/ You'll wipe the floor with Daemons, but I guess that's to be expected :P Anything else they are kinda tricky if you ask me. Sisters, however, are a great army, with points efficient troops and an awesome tank to boot, the exorcist. The models are great, but imo their only real downside is they're all metal so can get pretty expensive. :cries: Honestly, I don't think they're getting re-done any time soon, so if you really have the itch and the bank roll I wouldn't be discouraged from starting now. It's not like Dark Eldar where their re-release rumor is rearing its ugly head again and when they do finally get re-worked there will be a huge aesthetic difference. The sisters models now look good and always will :]

01-04-2010, 18:19
Best part of buying a 2nd hand witch hunter or damonhunter army, the troops are mostly all metal.. Which makes paint stripping incredibly easy.