View Full Version : Using the FW Malanthrope as Doom of Malan'tai

01-04-2010, 06:08

I like it

could work

seems stupid

just convert one

Already doing this

Dom of Malan'tai sucks

Let me know what you think! :chrome:

Raven Down
01-04-2010, 06:19
I can't remember if the 'Doom' is a MC because the Malanthorpe is quite large,Other than that it could work,but It bears an awful resembalance to the venomthrope

01-04-2010, 06:30
Add some more spines along the tail and do a head-swap with a xanthrope, done.

You could scratch build it.

01-04-2010, 07:56
I thought the Malanthorpe were a better fit for a Tervigon, itīs way too large for the wimpy Doom (which is Thrope genus after all, so it should be the size of a Zoanthrope, not too much larger).

01-04-2010, 09:21
It's hard to tell from the picture on the FW site, but it looks a bit big.

It is pretty cool, though.

01-04-2010, 09:42
size shot


01-04-2010, 09:45
I'd say go for it if you aren't up for doing an accurate, cool conversion.

Needs a big head!

01-04-2010, 09:57
i would say bigger head and make it with a crest, and or a exo skuleton on part of the head and i think you ready to go.

01-04-2010, 10:01
its body is probably better sutied for a tervigon

Lord Damocles
01-04-2010, 10:02
A Malanthrope would certainly be better than some most of the Doom 'conversions' I've seen so far.

01-04-2010, 10:21
Doom= really creepy, floating, wiggly thing
Malanthrope= really creepy, floating, wiggly thing


01-04-2010, 15:12
Buddy of mine just got done making a Doom conversion out of a regular Zoanthrope, used the crest from a Mawloc with the sensor spines going down it's back, and replaced it's bottom torso and tail with the Trygon's poison sack tail. Looks pretty cool.

01-04-2010, 19:23
I think you could have made a poll for this lol. No clue about doom though, the malenthrope looks sweet as hell.

The Laughing God
01-04-2010, 20:29
I use my malanthrope as DoM and love it. The model is too small to be a tervigon but I think it is just the right size for the Doom of Malan'tai.