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24-05-2005, 21:46
I'm thinking about getting into Fantasy and I'm looking at more of a horde army. I don't quite like the Orcs & Goblins or Vampire Counts, so I was considering Beastmen or Skaven. I'm not a big fan of overly Chaos stuff, so the Beastmen list would have no mortals/daemons. What are the big differences between these armies, and how well do their subsets function?

EDIT: I'm sort of leaning towards Skaven but I don't know what army to play. The vanilla list seems a bit boring (and expensive...) while I like the Pestilens play style I hate the whole disease thing, Moulder have crap leadership, Eshin just play a denial game and Skryre...well, I just don't want to play a shooty army.

25-05-2005, 00:43
Skaven, all the way:D
Fun, sacrificial, fun, stupid, fun, magical, fun....you get the point. Just look at the 53764 posts about this if you want more info. We should get a sticky or something!
*calls* SYLASS!

25-05-2005, 01:43
Personally, even though I love the skaven (play them myself and am more than proud to point out to my opponent that I killed more of my troops than he did) I'd have to say go beastmen. Partially because the new model range looks so good, and partially because the new rulkes are great. Plus, I can't recall ever hearing anyone call cheese over beastmen whereas everyone seems to love screaming it at rats. Or at least they're more tempted to eveytime you blast them with your 2D6 hit str5 magic missile that your 85 point character can throw with ease :p

25-05-2005, 08:32
You cannot get really any more horde than you get with a Skaven army (with the possible exception of goblins). That said, painting 150 clanrats and another 150 slaves might not be everyone's favourite way of spending quality time.

Sprue Rubbles
25-05-2005, 15:37
I have a skaven army and they are a lot of fun to play with (granted I never played another army) and the new Pestilens models are "wicked." They are indeed a lot of minis to paint and it may seem daunting as your first army, but it was mine and they are anything but boring.

I'm also starting on the Beastmen because the models on the whole are super-nice and no one seems to play them (I love playing rare armies). They also have a hoarde army feel. They are beasts afterall.

25-05-2005, 15:56
I would go for a Beastarmy. With their herds having the skirmish rule will make them seem like a bigger army than it actually is. And of course, you don't have to paint as many models as with skaven.

25-05-2005, 16:15
I too think that skaven are a cheesy army to play. You can really get under someones skin with skaven for sure. But it is a huge army to paint and store.

I am working on a beastmen army these days. I like the ambush rule. I however am trying to combine it with some chaos mortals like maruader horsemen. I also use a giant. For me, I think Beasts of Khorne is the best one to use becuase of the low leadership in any horde army.

Cpt. Drill
25-05-2005, 16:42
Why not try the clan pestilance army.. its really hard core not cheesy its a horde and looks great!

25-05-2005, 16:44
except for the 500pt+ compulsory special char...

Captain Brown
25-05-2005, 17:18
Well, if you go Skaven then you will have to dedicate yourself to a whole lot of painting. (Or design a quick Skaven Painting Technique - there are or were some on the Old Portent).

My group has had a Skaven player since day one of Third Edition and they have been loads of fun to play against (even when they completely destroy my Empire Army which happens from time to time). Almost no other army can you gleefully remove casualties while talking about survival of the fittest with such glee.

The generic Skaven seem to be the best (our Dwarf player has been trying to beat the Skaven since 1989 and still has not succeeded) as they a a whole range of different troops to offer all sorts of possibilities.

No other army can truly say the dice decided it like Skaven. I have charged units of Ratmen with Heavy Calvary and watched my Knights get slaughtered by those Warpfire Weapons that skulk on the flanks one game, and watched those same Warpfire Throwers light themselves afire and damage those around in another.
Always good fun regardless of the outcome.

My two cents, consider with caution as I do not have a Skaven army personally.

25-05-2005, 18:33
I'd suggest Beastmen, But then I'm a bit biased. :p

Beastmen are however an interesting army to play with, you can play a core heavy army, with lots of herds, chariots and chaos hounds, a big guy army (Doombull, core minotaurs, ogres, trolls and dragon ogres) or a mix of the two.
My armies tend to use their speed and the terrain to out-manoeuvre the enemy.
Also, as said above, not many people use a beasts army, especially pure beasts.

There's a good beastman forums called The Herdstone (s2.invisionfree.com/herdstone).
There should be a stickied thread in the 'beasts of chaos' section about the strengths and weaknesses of the beasts.