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fightin gobbo
16-02-2006, 11:29
Im new to necromunda but im a 40k player and i know what kind of list i want

a close combat heavy one this is what ive made so far im not willing to change the number of gangers and i want them having good enough close combat weapons but do i need more juvies for fodder???? i reakon i can squeeze some credits out of my heavy(with a bolt gun)
heres the list

Bolt pistol,chain sword
10 Gangers
massive swords
1 Heavy
6 Juvies
2 knives each

i had about 8 credits left any ideas?

Jo Bennett
16-02-2006, 12:29
massive swords are not something I'd go with in a starting gang, at least not in that quantity. Sword and laspistol perhaps, but massive swords will leave you with very much a one trick pony. Also, the sheer number of models mean that you will have difficulty hugging cover and/or keeping a bit of spread, flamers and heavy stubbers are going to be very nasty, especially as your lack of firepower means there is no need for your opponent to keep his head down.

Might be interesting to play just because it's so unusual, but I don't think you'll do very well with it, especially as your income will be so low.

16-02-2006, 12:49
Thats... Uh, well... Hmm.


I'm afraid to say that that gang is technically illegal, as though the different Houses have differing weapon lists, none of them allow you to start with massive weapons...

Anyway, Massive weapons are frankly rubbish on a beginning character. You will have only one attack and will lose every drawn combat. Better to go for something like a sword or club and a pistol in my opinion, as you'll get an extra attack and can shoot if need be.

Speaking of shooting, don't leave yourself with only a bolt gun as your long range firepower. They are unreliable and won't cause any opponent to worry at all. Plus, depending on the various missions and injuries, your Heavy might not be available when you need him...

You had the right idea with having lots of Gangers, though. More gangers equals more chance you will be able to work all your territory after a game which means more credits.

Sorry for the slight criticism, but I felt it was only right to give you some of my hard won wisdom. Good luck and watch out for those Arbitrators!

16-02-2006, 21:02
I'd just like to add, that with 18 models, it really isn't going to be a fun or fair game for the other person.

If you don't mind that. Then fair enough. And continue with the suggestions people have made, swapping the Massive Weapons mainly...

A starting gang usually has around 12 members max. Although 8-12 is generally average.

16-02-2006, 21:20

1 Heavy

Are Heavies allowed to take Basic Weapons?


Quin 242
16-02-2006, 21:25
Without any shooting but one weapon that has a poor ammo roll.. I'd LOVE to face this gang... My lasguns and autoguns should pretty well whittle him down by the time they get anywhere need me. then when he gets close and my CCW/pistol armed guys get 2 attacks to his one I'm thinking that I have a better chance to win the combat.
Bring it :)

17-02-2006, 02:12
Yeah, it was an unfixed error in the new rules. The released FAQ says heavies can have basic weapons.

17-02-2006, 12:38
How are you going to know which ganger is which once you start getting skills etc? ;)

I think Goliath can have massive weapons (oo-er missus!) in a starting gang, but I agree with others - not to be recommended. Perhaps have one or two for colour if you want to.

The Judge
17-02-2006, 15:26
I'm afraid to say that that gang is technically illegal

My God do people actually play that rule? It sucks.

But then I don't use Underhive for my campaigns...

That gang is certainly something. I'd have to recommend not using boltguns; they run out of ammo too quickly. Maybe drop two gangers and give everyone else lasguns, if you can afford it. No heavy weapons but a tonne of basic weapons is a very powerful way to play.

17-02-2006, 18:33
We do actually use that rule, yes. Mainly because there's little to distinguish between the different gangs for the first few games otherwise, and EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE UNDERHIVE HAS AT LEAST ONE SWORD!

I can understand why lots of people don't like the rules though, especially if they've lovingly converted up a gang which has since been rendered technically illegal. The rules could definitely do with a re-work.

I don't recall starting gangs ever having access to massive weapons at the start anyway. Or is my memory remembering things wrong. No-one I knew ever took them in a starting gang anyway.

18-02-2006, 12:49
New FAQ for Underhive gives Goliath massive weapons IIRC.

18-02-2006, 16:38
That guy is really gonna hate 'Overwatch', if its still in the new rules.

The Black Knight
21-02-2006, 11:14
i played necro on thursday and a new player charged his leader out of coverto get to my gang

that leader now has 3 heavybolter shells in his head you must have a lot of guns to succeed in necromunda and you must stick to cover

25-02-2006, 12:40
Gotta get some more fire power in there. Its a good idea to have someclosecombat guys in there but dont put all you eggs in one basket. Have enough covering/support fire that your CC guys can get into the thick of things a bit more safely.

25-02-2006, 14:15
One of my more regular opponants saw off three of my gangs (each got too mauled after a couple of battles and retired) on the trot, All three of my gangs were Cawdor against a wall of ESCHER lasguns and shotgun.

You need to use all available cover AND you need to be able to shoot back. Even if you drop one or two gangers and buy a bunch of autopistols (the best gun in the game!), it will pay more dividends than a high number of assault only gangers. Think about giving half of the gangers a ranged weapon instead of the great weapon, for some fire support.

A nifty trick is to seperate your gang into groups of three, the leader and heavies will each take a couple of bodyguards, depending on how you use them, I personally back the Leader (who is invariably a combat monster) with my two hardest combat gangers for a crack assault unit, the Heavies (with Heavy Stubbers, usually) will have a couple of Juves to help deny the enemy any LoS to the Heavy and act as combat screen should they get in close.

An additional bonus of using teams of three is that they can neatly be deployed using tunnels and vents.

Quin 242
25-02-2006, 14:18
Also any ganger on his/her own that gets assaulted by a group is in trouble. It's never a bad idea to have your people watching each other's backs.