View Full Version : Siege of Belgrade at Salute

20-04-2010, 16:09
Sorry, I don't post much, but I thought this worthy. Some very industrious friends of mine have been up to serious no-good-- they've been working on the Siege of Belgrade for Salute and plan another Warhammer Fantasy version of it for Games Day UK later in the year. Paul of Kallistra fame has provided the terrain and toys. Dane and Murray have concocted the scenario special rules minded by the ruthless duo of Phil and Steve. I'm just glad I'm broke and can't afford a ticket...

21-04-2010, 00:31
gorgeous terrain layout

26-04-2010, 02:43
Great looking scenerio! Huge armies, lots of siege equipment, cool terrain its all there! I wish I could convince my wife to take a trip to England so I could hit Salute one day...

26-04-2010, 18:48
Isn't this WM ancients?