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27-04-2010, 11:23
So a group of my friends decided we wanted to do a Tale of Four Gamers style deal, unfortunately there are more than four of us and most of us are poor. So we decided to go ahead with it but building a 200 point army for Kill team games, far simpler, unfortunately far more limited.

I knew as soon as it was mentioned I wanted to make additions to my Guard army, rather than start a new one, I'm running out of Imperial armies to play. My first thought was to go with a couple of Veteran squads, having played a small elite army in kill team before and finding that it got raped by a horde. (And you can't fit an infantry platoon in no matter how hard you try.) I also wanted to try and fit in Guardsman Marbo, so after playing around with a list for both of these things on the agenda, I decided I didn't like it.

After having read through the rules for Kill Team more carefully however, I discovered that models could shoot at multiple targets, making elite armies less bad than I had first though. Excellent, was my first thought, and decided to add the much awaited 3rd Valkyrie in to my army with yet another Veteran squad. I already have a few half built that I could simply finish off to save money. I also briefly considered snipers over the Veteran's realizing that if I wanted to give the Valkyrie Rocket Pods (which I most certainly did) I would have to take a base ten man Vet squad with zero upgrades, it would be better to take 7 Ratlings.

For a few weeks I refined and worked on this idea, only one of our players kept delaying the start of the game by being a complete tool. Eventually I was flicking through the codex and found I could fit nearly a whole Ogryn squad in to the points allotted, and having wanted to add a small Ogryn auxiliary to my army for some time, to fit in with the background fluff I have been writing, I set to work on this, eventually deciding to take the minimum three and finish off the remaining 70 points with an armoured sentinel, give it an Autocannon and camo netting and stick it in some woods, perhaps even giving it infiltrate so it could do these things. As my army is a Gravchute regiment, based off of the British para's, they would have no armoured support, drop Sentinels would help with this and double as a scout element for my Tank company.

I settled on:

Ogryn Squad
- 1 Bone 'ead
- 2 Ogryn's

Fast Attack
Armoured Sentinel Squadron
- 1 Sentinel
- Autocannon
- Camo netting

Total cost: 200 points

Then I popped down to GW Liverpool and picked up my Kill Team.

27-04-2010, 11:30
With my list finalized, 2 Ogryn's and the Sentinel purchased, and plenty of time to spare while one of our players fart-arsed about, I set about picking the key model for my army. My Bone 'ead, Croy the Warrior King, a large brutish Orgyn even by Ogryn standards, though also stupider. He would need to stand out and look impressive, I began my search on the intartubes looking for any models of Barbarians on a scale larger than 40K. Within my fluff, Croy dual wields a Great Axe and a Great Hammer, and is too stupid to use a Ripper Gun. Such a thing is impossible via the rules however so I plan to just use him as a Bone 'ead.

I checked many a wobsite for a suitable model, and eventually stumbled upon Heresy games, from there I ordered a pair of models. The Big Boris.

And the mighty Thrud the Barbarian
Unfortunately, the Thrud the Barbarian model has a tiny head, only 5mm high, I will probably end up stealing one of Boris' spare heads if I am to use him.

Here is a size comparison with an Ogryn.

Which do people think is better? Am leaning towards Thrud. Both will need green stuffing on locks of flowing hair. XD

28-04-2010, 10:06
Actually managed to do some work on these yesterday, though I should have been concentrating on the Warlord painting, nevermind.

First off the sentinel, all the pieces I intend to use. I plan to go for an entirely enclosed sentinel, may build and paint the pilot, not sure, may use him for some other model later. (another Titan crew member for the future perhaps?)

The sentinel's cockpit complete apart from the gun, not terribly interesting I' afraid, will add camo netting later. May leave the top able to come off so I can paint the inside, will probably just paint the inside then glue the top on though, because I can. Also it'll make it easier for the Camo netting if the roof is glued in place.

The Ogryn's, pinned ready to be glued together.

Croy's body assembled, requires some green-stuffing, a head, and 40king up.

Ogryn number one, requires green stuffing in large gaps around the waist.

Ogryn number two, requires green stuffing in large gaps around the waist.

Unfortunately neither of my Ogryn's actually fitted together well. Tempted to fashion them grav chutes so they fit in with the rest of the Avon 16th.

28-04-2010, 13:30
they'd want to be good grav chutes to stop a ogryn from becoming a pan cake :)

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.



02-05-2010, 14:32
Did a little work on the dudes, finished off the sentinel for the main thing, everything still needs to be based though.

A selection of possible heads for my Croy, not sure which one I like best.

The same heads with the body for size comparison. Will need to greenstuff hair on to whatever one I use.

He still needs a lot of work, needs '40King up' as one of my friends noted. Going to cry and convert myself a new ripper gun to sling across his back, will also make his boots look 40K, leather them up. Will also greenstuff him a strap across his body with ammo on, and perhaps a shoulder pad. Maybe some ammo pouches and grenades at his belt.

The Sentinels legs extended.

Same legs contracted, I made them so that they could be moved, so I could have the sentinel be able to shift his position on the base. Unfortunately as soon as I stuck him to his base he slumped forwards and couldn't stand.

Sentinel in his final position, crouched, like he's stalking, will add camo netting when he's painted.

Sentinel from his side view.

Sentinel from the front view.

02-05-2010, 14:39
Managed to find the button that makes better pictures.

A picture of Croy's body from the front, need to greenstuff up the gaps

Picture of the two Ogryn's, also requiring greenstuffing.

04-05-2010, 23:15
Still trying to decide on what head to use for Croy, not sure if the Ogre ones are too big. o.O

Ogre Head 1

Ogre Head 2

Boris Head

Original Head, for lulz


06-05-2010, 19:23
Managed to make myself do a little work on these dudes, even though I'm feeling really lazy about it.

Croy with the Boris head next to an Ogryn, it's the best head when he's standing alone, makes him look big and muscular, the other heads make him look kinda weedy, on the other hand, meh, it doesn't look right next to other Ogryn's the Ogre heads do, though I don't have a picture.

Sentinel based and undercoated and the Ogryn's based.

Sentinel based in Iyanden Darksun, painted in Bleached Bone, and then blue-tacked and sprayed with a 80/20 mix of Calthan Brown and Tausept Ochre to be as closed to British Desert camoflage as I could. May mix some more of this up to paint camo on the normal Guardsman (not in this log).

Same Sentinel, from the side


Other side

The Ripper Gun I have been crafting for Croy, under construction.

06-05-2010, 20:04
Very nice Sentinel! What weapon will it have?

That Ripper Gun is wicked sick aswell, which comes in mind...

Is it easy to remove the Metal Ripper Gun from Ogryn models?

06-05-2010, 20:25
I haven't tried, it will be the Ripper Gun for my Croy model, which isn't actually an Ogryn. lol

The Sentinel will have an Autocannon and some camo netting when i've done painting him. lol I plan to paint the gun seperate, but I've forgotten to spray it. D= Thanks for reminding me.

Also, cheers, still have a lot of work to do on it though. Gotta try and green-stuff a stock and grip + trigger.