View Full Version : Question for all you non-english speakers out there:

19-02-2006, 13:17
Does anybody know the meaning of the word that is spelt S O Z?

For some reason when you put the letters together they get starred like this: ***. This normally only happens with "rude" words like S E X, F * * K, etc. However S O Z is not a word I've ever heard of, never mind being used in that way. That leaves the possibillity of S O Z being a rude word in another language. Can anyone out there please let us know what this means exactly?

Puffin Magician
26-02-2006, 20:10
The swear filter doesn't take into account other languages; watch: Kut! Govno! Merde!

The only application of "s-o-z" I know is in textspeak, where it means "sorry". I have no idea why it's in asteriskized, that's a question for Nick perhaps.

22-03-2006, 10:23
Is sex considered rude? how do you describe gender in passports then?

As to Govno by PuffinMagician, in polish this word meaning "S**t" is spelt "gówno". And my preview allowed this to go through, so you're right.