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Magos Errant
13-05-2010, 00:06
Hello all. :)

I've been thinking of starting Warmaster and getting my friends to play as well. However, I've got some questions for you about how to start the game. I will state that I will be buying the armies, since I don't want my friends to commit to a game if they are unsure of its merits.

Some here begins the questions:

1. Based on other getting started threads, it seems that High Elves and Dwarves are the two best starter armies. Correct? Are Bretonnians a hard army to play?

2. What size is the smallest Warmaster games? 1,000 points?

3. When a stand suffers causalities, do you remove the entire base after seeing if the stand survives the assault?

4. As I am relatively new to the Warhammer Fantasy world, are there any books, websites, or anything else you would recommend for me to learn of the world in general?

Thanks a lot!

13-05-2010, 01:52
1. HE is a good choice, not sure about dwarves though they are solid, variety is limited. i would suggest empire or tomb king/vampire count

2. would agree

3. remove a stand only if the total number of "wounds" taken is equal or greater than wounds per stand

4. the world is best learned through the core warhammer rules and the various army books. the black library books are another good source, as is the fantasy background here at warseer.