View Full Version : The Battle for Orsis Prime: A Warhammer 40k Campaign

20-02-2006, 20:43
This campaign is unlike any others that i have seen.

Instead of having unlimited troops at your command, you control an entire army of 20,000 points. Army lists are made with the units from this list, and units lost stay lost. But with a limited amount of eac battle's victory points, you can buy new squads, repair vehicles, etc.

The Campaign itself is set around the war-torn world of Orsis Prime, in which many races vie for dominance over the cities and battlezones.

The Campaign is set to start March 11th, and will run between 10 and 15 weeks.

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Battle For Orsis Prime (http://www.phpbber.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=segmentaorsis)