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Twisted Ferret
25-05-2005, 23:20
I have heard that sometimes there are humans born without souls. What's the deal with these people? Are they just vegetables, or do they have odd "powers", or just an extreme lack of morals, or what?

25-05-2005, 23:40
Apparently it's all the fault of the damn C'Tan who meddled with human DNA to produce people born without souls.

They're designed to act as an anti psycher weapon and they generally affect the mood of people around them, making them feel uneasy or scared or depressed. The imperium even has an assassin temple, the culexus temple, that makes use of them as anti-psycher specialists

The Necron players and fluff meisters amongst us will be able to tell you loads more than that.

26-05-2005, 00:09
yea just paraiahs thats all

Avenging Dentist
26-05-2005, 00:25
Soulless indivuduals have the "Pariah" gene, as I recall. I don't remember this being caused by the C'tan, but the necrons certainly use these individuals (given that they have no Warp presence - or even a negative one! - and the necrons loathe all things Warp-related). Basically, there are two types of soulless humans: Untouchables and Pariahs. Untouchables merely have no Warp presence and tend to make others around them nervous. They are also able to resist most psychic powers.

Pariahs, on the other hand, have a negative Warp presence and actually absorb psychic energy. As said above, the Culexus Temple of assassins use Pariahs, and their psychic absorbtion is part of what powers their Animus Speculum.

Twisted Ferret
26-05-2005, 00:58
Ah, ah. I see now, thanks all.

26-05-2005, 09:02
if you read the eisenhorn trilogy, one of the characters in there is an untouchable,

if you met here you would always rememeber her, and for some reason have a ddep hatred/fear of her.....

and if they touch psychers they suffer physical pain!

26-05-2005, 10:01
There is also one in the last "Thirteenth Company Book", and Ciaphas Cain's aide, Jurgen, is also a Blank.

26-05-2005, 10:27
An Untouchable and a Pariah are two different things. Pariahs are much more extreme. Human psykers can tolerate the presence of an Untouchable but definitely couldn't keep their composure around a Pariah. Eldar can't stand to be on the same planet.

the creator
26-05-2005, 10:56
in fluff histroy, the ctan go to sleep before finishing their greatest work...

there aim is to distroy the elements of chaos and all the creatures that have a presence in the warp. And that is every plant, animal and sentient being in the universe. so every human and alien. this is because the ctan are for a better word, alergic to warp energy.

every living creature has a warp energy or signature in the warp, creatures with pariah genes do not. the pariah gene was the ctans final work. until the war of their kin was upon them, they where engineering a way for warp energy (ie life) not to exsist, by making all creations in the galaxy soulless through the pariah gene. only a few where made before the ctans hibernaition and these have been pased down in genetic knowledge of eons until the present (41st anyway...).

thats where "soulless" inderviduals or "untochables" come from...

the creator
26-05-2005, 11:03

the REASON the ctan wanted to make all life with the pariah gene was that all life would only exsist under them. chaos gods and psychic energy cannot exsist with out psychic energy with in life. they would have no influence on life if they cant corrupt. the chaos gods would die out and the c tan are garenteed slaves for the rest of eternity without worries!


26-05-2005, 13:52
The Great Work of the C'Tan isn't to destroy "the elements of chaos and all the creatures that have a presence in the warp". After all, the C'Tan feed on humans, and it's never a good idea to hunt your sources of food to extinction.

As shown in the Necron codex and hinted during the Eye of Terror campaign (ref. Cadian pylons), the C'Tan's Great Work aims to cut off the immaterium from the materium. Which is _not_ the same thing as destroying all sentient life in the galaxy.

Ivan Stupidor
29-05-2005, 05:02
The way I understand it, you've basically got five psychic "classes":

Psykers: Can interact with the warp and channel its energy to do wacky things, like zap folks with lightning and tell the future. Their souls are quite bright(for lack of a better term) and they require training to stave off daemonic possession.
Normal People: Cannot interact with the warp, but are affected by it. Can be possessed. Their souls are dimmer than psykers', but still fairly visible.
Blanks: Somewhat resistant to the warp. Souls are there, but are fairly dim compared with normal peoples'.
Untouchables: Immune to the warp. Generally unlucky. Promote feelings of uneasiness in others. No soul - completely invisible to those who see only by warpsight.
Pariahs: Negative warp presence. Downright apalling luck. Promote the same feelings as untouchables, but at longer range and with greater intensity. Are invisible to the warp in the same way a black hole is invisible to our eyes.

Flame Boy
29-05-2005, 19:05
Are you sure about the "apalling luck" part? Untouchables and pariahs are generally distrusted and therefore downtrodded and frequently end up on the bottom rung of the social ladder due to how they are treated, but I don't think they are unlucky... Otherwise there would be many hilarious tales around the campfire about the Culexus assassain that tried to sneak into the rogue psycher's house and tripped over the psycher's pet poodle and broke his neck... :rolleyes:

Ivan Stupidor
30-05-2005, 00:45
Are you sure about the "apalling luck" part? Untouchables and pariahs are generally distrusted and therefore downtrodded and frequently end up on the bottom rung of the social ladder due to how they are treated, but I don't think they are unlucky...

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I got that from a Necron story about how they took the "unlucky girl" from a village... Most of my (assume big booming voice) AUTHORITATVE POSTS are built on things I read several months ago, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. I tend to extrapolate, but it kind of makes sense - aren't psykers considered "lucky"?

30-05-2005, 08:16
Yeah, psykers often use their warp-spawned sorceries to manipulate their surroundings and thus appear lucky to the unsuspecting citizen. Pariahs and the like are only called unlucky because others don't like them - they have nothing to do with fate or something along those lines.

30-05-2005, 09:47
In the begining they just used the word 'pariah' but then the word 'untouchable' was introduced at a later date. Both these words describe a mutant human who has no soul and instead has a negative warp presence -- a void -- where their soul should be in the immaterium.

At a later date it has become apparent that the term 'pariah' suggests a trained and powerful 'untouchable' e.g. a Culexus Assassin.

Pariah are hated by other humans (not just psychers) because just being in a room with one makes people sick to their stomach and feel extremly uneasy.

01-06-2005, 14:40
Just wondering what would happen if one of these soulless individuals (pariahs or untouchables) were to convert to chaos, or even if they can at all? Would they be unable to enter the Eye of Terror? Would they be immune to mutation? Or are tehy just completely anti-chaos?

01-06-2005, 17:29
Difficult to say whether they'd be immune to chaotic mutation but I think they would be.

I'd say they are completely immune to chaos to be honest but that doesn't mean they can't be killed by chaos followers or 'used' by chaotic mortals.

They are still mortals it's just they can't be touched by psychic powers -- they can still be cut in half by a deamon's claw though it's just the deamon wouldn't like getting close to a untouchable any more than a human psycher would (they'd probably hate it more in fact).

Avenging Dentist
01-06-2005, 17:31
wibble: I imagine they would be anti-Chaos. Human pariahs are apparently* the basis for the Necron pariahs. Since the Necrons are the most anti-Chaos force we know of, it stands to reason they'd only use pariahs if they couldn't succumb to Chaos (if they could, any psychic powers they gain could cause trouble for the C'tan). They could probably enter the Eye, but things might appear differently, and they certainly would have less to fear from it.

As for mutation, no, they'd still have the possibility of it. Mutation isn't necessarily a Chaos thing (though the Fall did help spark some mutations). According to the 3rd ed. main book, the human gene pool is becoming increasingly unstable, which results in mutation. I doubt the pariah gene would have any effect on this, but since both pariahs and mutants are pretty rare, you don't often see a mutated pariah.

* The fluff never outright says it, but it's pretty clear, all in all.