View Full Version : Hatamoto Viper Wing: Rider seperate from bike?

26-05-2005, 00:32
Well, I'm looking for a source of some scale model motorcycles and the Hatamoto Viper Wing bikes look like they'd fit the bill(http://www.i-kore.com/acatalog/New_Urban_War_Releases.html scrole down the page a bit to find them).

Only thing is I want to put my own type of bikers on them (Cadians from 40K). I'm hopeing that since the description of the model is "Pack contains 1 rider and 1 bike.", that the rider is entirly seperate from the bike before assembly.

Can any one help me out who has seen the kit in person?

Thanks in advance.

26-05-2005, 01:38
well if they are like the older bikes yes
or at the very least a seperate torso

26-05-2005, 01:47
I certainly hope that's the case. The bikes look quite apropriate. I even thought some about using the regular rider's lower boddy any ways...

26-05-2005, 22:38
Well, just found out how the Hatamoto Viper Wing models come.

driver arms x2
handle bars
foot pegs
banners x 2