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22-02-2006, 00:26
Ok, Necromunda doesn't get enough publicity, on these boards or anywhere else.

So here is, "The BIG Necromunda thread." Designed to hold all Necromunda related things you feel like. Anything Necromunda related that you feel like posting, post it here if you wish.

Sample Gang's, sure.
Home-made scenarios, definately.
Fluff, go for it!
Questions, ask away and you'll be sure to get an answer.
Opinions on rules / mechanics of the game, argue away.

You guys get the drift. Lets see if we can get a good thread going.


bugbait_nz's questions, with answers supplied by dugaal and Arbedark - Post Numbers: 2, 3, 4

22-02-2006, 02:12
So I go here and download the rule book

Linky to Rules (http://www.specialist-games.com/necromunda/)

I then get some Catachans or something and make them look like Orlocks or Goliaths, 1000 Guilder credits worth to start with.

How many minis do I need to make this easy, you find equipment etc, do you need to have models to represent this, so you need twice as many minis to represent different weapon configurations?

Terrain Question, the original box came with mutli level cardboard buildings, is it better to play on a table like this or is a normal 40K board good enough?

Bugbait out.

22-02-2006, 02:40
My friends and I had loads of fun with Necro back in the day, and usually had enough terrain that you sometimes lost your models in it and forgot to move em...
We had two sets of the terrain that came with the game, plus outlanders.
Another great source for large buildings was the formed styrofoam packaged with electronics, like vcr's or computers. With minor cuts, (get a styrofoam wire cutter) it can make really great 40k style bunkers.

you defintely do not need a 40k size board for this game, so long as there are enough levels to go on. Its better to think vertically, IMO, with lots of cover, then to go for a wider board
for a ton of terrain inspiration, check out TerraGenesis (http://www.terragenesis.co.uk/)

[edit] If you can get your hands on the older version of the game, id recommend it. 2nd ed. 40k rules worked expertly in necro, which is what they were based on

22-02-2006, 16:02
dugaal, the current Necro rules are based on the 2nd ED 40k rules still, only minor changes to them, most notably being the lack of setting on fire, which is a shame.

bugbait_nz, The plastic Catachans make very good Orlocks, so nice call there. I'm not quite sure I fully understand your question, but I'll try and answer it anyway. Most people start off with between 8-12 Gang members, less, and you run the risk of bottling out very early, or losing a large chunk of your gang to a serious injury.

As for the weapons, it's not uncommon to upgrade a gangers weapons and equipment, but this can usually be done to the original model, if you are using plastics. As long as each weapon the ganger owns is represented on the model (pistols are acceptable in holsters etc, and knives aren't subject to this rule as everyone is assumed to always have at least one knife), and you tell your opponent which weapon your using each turn then everything should be fine!

As for terrain, as has been said, Vertical distances and terrain is your friend. Large open areas are extremely harsh to close combat gangs, and only really benefit Delaques in cover, or Van Saar, unless the other gang has specialised in shooting. If you can get hold of the original cardboard terrain, it is great.
A 4' x 4' board is usually a good size for a Necro board, with height levels up to 1' or more if you want.

Hope thats helped!

If you've got any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

25-02-2006, 12:37
Anyone got a pref for either the original rules or the new online ones? I know there arent many differences but I personally g for the original set as I play Ash Nomads and the new costs are different from those of the original list.

Also I have all the RT era and some WH40k stuff in PDF so that has any stats I might need for introducing random alien encounters etc.

25-02-2006, 17:44
I used to play Goliath a lot, but recently I played a few games with some Delaques, and I must say I really started liking the Delaques. Their 'Hit-and-Run' style of playing really appeals to me. Nothing better than having 3 gangers with Infiltrate pop-up behind your opponent's gang.

Offcourse they always have to turn their gangs around and use the entire bunch to focus on your Infiltraters *mumblegrumble*

I know GW's really getting off on WYSIWYG, but I know my mates usually don't mind if your "starting" miniatures aren't WYSIWYG. I myself tend to convert as far as easily possible, but the other guys don't and I really don't see the problem in it. They usually designate the more exclusively armed miniatures so that you can make them out quite easily if you have to. Offcourse it's nice to convert them as they progress so that every "ganger" is represented by a proper WYSIWYG mini, but that's peanuts really.

25-02-2006, 21:15
I'm hoping to start up a gang of Delaque soon. On my gaming groups (very long and complicated) to do list is to make a Necromunda Board, have a campaign and if possible make up some house rules for bike racing in the underhive! We figured that with enough credits each gang could put together a custom vehicle for racing around in a custom-built arena. You could even bet credits on the outcome of the race. Obviously it will likely be more a matter of will your bike make it around the track alive rather than who's the fastest :D

Insane Alex
26-02-2006, 11:06
Hey guys. Dividing my post into 2 sections for reasons which will becomes obivious.

I play Van Saar quite often as I like being able to begin with Bolt Pistols, especailly for accuracy and power purposes, although my gang tends to start with low numbers. Do you suggest downgrading to weaker weapons or just to use more caution? I find that I'm out in the open a lot and I rarely bring in very many credits. :P

Secondly, I'm editing the gang lists to create Skirmish 40k. If you want to know more, it's in the rules development forum. Just thought I might get the insights of some vet players.

Blue Cypher
26-02-2006, 11:11
I'm a big fan of Necromunda and whilst I own models for most of the gangs I don't have enough for a decent campaign with anything but Delaque. Recently I've been toying around with conversions with plastics & have made some excellent Delaque (a full gang) and some test models for Goliath and Orlok.

26-02-2006, 12:00
Anyone got a pref for either the original rules or the new online ones? I know there arent many differences but I personally g for the original set as I play Ash Nomads and the new costs are different from those of the original list.

My friends and I use all of the old rules, but for sustained fire. We use the new rules for that.

my mates usually don't mind if your "starting" miniatures aren't WYSIWYG.

With my friends everything must be WYSIWYG, but we've overcome this problem by having gangers armd with lasguns, then strapping a bolter across their back for when the gang earns more creds.

I play Van Saar and Redemptionists.
Van Saar are an easy gang and you will always be in the money.
Redemptionists are hard to keep running and you really feel the pain of not having a heavy stubber. This isn't too bad in early games, but as people's heavies getting better, you feel it.

27-02-2006, 07:00
I've got a question;

Can anyone provide me with a quick summary of all the rules that have changed in Necromunda? I know outlanders changed quite a bit, but from what I hear the rules for the core set have only had minor alterations.

I used to play Necromunda years ago, and still have the cardboard buildings, along with the original rules and a couple of gangs (Van Saar, Redemptionists, Delaque, Cawdor, and the plastic orlock + goliath models).

I have vague plans to start a campaign at my local club some time, although I could do with an idea of what has changed (as opposed to reading through the entire rulebook myself. :rolleyes: )

27-02-2006, 11:50
Underhive Summary (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/underhivesummary.pdf)

My summary of what i think of the changes:

They changed them to fit into the current sizes they produce because if they rerelease the games they don't want to make new molds or whatever. I've got the old ones, I'll keep using them thank you.

Damage Dice:
Blah. They don't want to "confuse" people with D12. D8, etc and don't want to have to provide them. I've got my own, I'll keep using them.

High Impact:
Useful and good.

Sustained Fire:

Flamers and Catching Fire:
Probably needed to be changed, I always thought flamers were at least a little overpowered. Doesn't stop it sucking that they removed a cool effect and something very Necromunda-esque from the game. I'm gonna keep it around.

Hand Flamers:
A bad change. As is evidenced by their latest errata.

Meh. I don't use shotguns.

The change is interesting.

Gas, Grenades, etc:
See the issue with templates.

Weapon Lists:
Interesting. I still think they needed a higher variety of weapons to make this work. Particularly hth weapons to reduce the over-abundance of swords.

17-03-2006, 00:17
Nice to see other people like necromunda too. Migsula is doing a good necro blog atm. I'm starting one tomorrow.