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Lord of Nonsensical Crap
14-06-2010, 23:48

Hello fellow Warseerite,

After being relatively inactive on this forum for a while, due to school and work getting in the way for what has felt like an eternity, I'm back, and asking for your collective advice/feedback.

For quite a while now, I've been running my own batrep thread in the battle reports section, "The Chronicles of LoNC's Lizards." (Link here-- http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107804) This batrep thread was/is closely tied to the background of my Lizardmen army. For a short summary: my Lizardmen are the sole survivors of a temple-city that was lost during the coming of Chaos, and were in suspended animation up until now. Having awoken from their slumber at long last, they've been scouring the globe for missing pieces of the artefact that will awake their Slann lord from his eternal slumber.

My batrep thread followed this army's quest with my own self-imposed special rule: for every victory/winning draw my army fought, I would roll a D6 for each slain enemy character. On a 4+, that character would be holding a shard of the artefact, and after collecting 10 shards, I would be able to use a Slann. After a long series of battles, I have finally gained all the shards I need to resurrect the Slann.

The only question I find myself facing is: what now?

While my army was still looking for the shards, it had an underlying purpose in their background. But now that my Slann has reawoken, I need some new conflict or dilemma to make the fluff that much more rewarding, and sadly, I've been at a loss. I've considered having the army revert into a nomadic group of Lizards, but this seems like a drastic revision on my part. For a while, I was also toying with the idea of having the Slann and his army travel through time in an effort to right what they feel are drastic wrongs against the plan of the Old Ones, but I dismissed that as being both too silly and too problematic.

I'd like your feedback on the matter. What should I do? Or should I not be so hung up on the overall backstory, and just write reports and let it evolve naturally?

Thanks, and I'd also like to thank everyone who has provided positive feedback on my batreps.

15-06-2010, 00:07
Hmmm well now that your slann is awake you could try to continue his mission of following the old ones orders. One idea is to start trying to put the out-of-control young racers in their place. Perhaps your goal could by trying to kill/capture the enemy generals in order to replace the leaders with ones of your own choosing. Or you go around trying to regain lost lizardmen treasures that are held by enemy characters or the most expensive unit on the board.

For instance the banner of sorcery is really a stolen lizardmen banner and your goal is to recapture it.

15-06-2010, 00:14
The HE Vortex is effective, but is just a stop-gap against the forces of Chaos.

Your Slann is from the first Generation, or early enough in the second, and is privileged to the Old Ones' plans. He can rebuild the Polar Gate, except that the Vortex is in the way and needs to be destroyed.

Mission: All out war with Ulthuan, campaign style, which threatens to drag the whole world down with it.

Ultimate Life Form
15-06-2010, 00:22
The Slann has a vision and embarks on a journey to collect and unlock all these fancy new items from the 8th Edition book. That gives you what, 80 new objectives and a very interesting army setup and modelling opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing a Level 2 spellcaster Oldblood... :p

15-06-2010, 00:23
If your Slann getīs killed, will you start again getting Shards to resurrect him?

15-06-2010, 13:12
The Slann needs to capture all of the Pokemon, to be a true Pokemon master.

15-06-2010, 13:53
Made your army find the the last of the shard and invoke a greater nemisis in the form of a HUGE DICE!!! *cough* or a specific factions and make every battle against that faction sounds like a fight to the bitter end....with HUGE DICE!!!

15-06-2010, 17:17
The Slann needs to capture all of the Pokemon, to be a true Pokemon master.


How about your mission to be just like any other Lizardmen post-fall mission? Sit on your butt in your temple city and do absolutely nothing to impact the world, unless somebody steals your trinket/bathroom key/fly-flap.

(Ulf - it's on! :p)

How about after the ressurection of your Slaan he decides to reconnect Lustria with the Southlands as it once was? And to do that he needs to find a number of bla bla that ble ble stole.

15-06-2010, 17:32
I like the idea of unlocking magic items. You could even do it for both the magic items in the army book and the magic items in the brb. Would give you some challenging games too.

May be both fun and frustrating at the same time, lol.

To make it slightly less one sided, you could start out letting each of your characters beginning with one 25 point magic item or something. That way it will make it easier to unlock the others.

You could also find some reason to gather things to unlock a carnosaur or an engine of the gods.

Plenty of options that use your current formula.

15-06-2010, 19:10
Another option is that you Slann had a vision during his long sleep, and now seeks to eliminate key characters, or ancestors of them, involved with creating an upcoming apocalyptic event.

It could be a lonely Handgunner during one fight, or the Lord.

Or roll a d3 for yourself for your military commander to find out which it is.