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15-06-2010, 03:13
I have a group of 3 friends, 4 with me, who are into warhammer. We want to do a 2v2 match but don't know how we should set the teams. I play wood elves and my one friend plays warriors of chaos. We are more experienced. My other friends play skaven and lizardmen. We want the game to be balanced and each player to have about 1500-2000 pts. I don't really care about fluff, but it would be nice if it worked out to make a story of some kind. thank you for any suggestions you may have.


15-06-2010, 03:18
The most obvious setup would be the one that's semi-plausible from a background standpoint. That would be you and the Lizardmen vs. Chaos & Skaven. It wouldn't be too hard at all to work up a story to justify that matchup. It also puts one experienced player and one newer player on each team. That seems ideal to me.

15-06-2010, 03:22
Lizarrdmen and Woodelves vs Skaven and Chaos seems most plausible by every stretch, I agree.

15-06-2010, 03:36
Also, and obviously this depends on list composition, that would leave each side with decently armoured troops, decent shooting, and great access to magic.

15-06-2010, 04:14
thanks for the replies

15-06-2010, 04:26
If you really don't care about story than I'd say that WE offer everything that WoC lack, skirmishers, shooting, mobility, etc.

Similarly, Skaven compliment Lizards by providing cheap numbers, unbreakable anvils and Warmachines. Could be a nice way to buck the trend.

15-06-2010, 04:32
The only problem with the WE and WoC is that it would be the new players vs the old ones, which can make 2v2 games very one sided.

Personally my first thought was WE and Lizards vs WoC and Skaven, but if you don't care about fluff then WE and Skaven vs WoC and Lizards would work just as well (plus...lizards and WoC on one side is funny IMO).