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02-07-2010, 18:22
As everyone is slowly slipping back through the month and we're on the home straight anyway, I'll give you an extra week from now on - submissions by the 21st-ish please! With plenty of leeway now were so close.


For those of you who dont know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212681). It's a bit late to join in with this tale, but a new one will start around August. I think with a depleted squad (fleet, battlegroup, whatever) we can just post comments and general banter straight into this thread from now on.

NOTE: For those of you who missed my post last month, I'm currently suffering from an RSI and so I can't type much. For this reason I won't be able to answer as many questions as I'd like to, nor will I be able to post many comments/feedback on everyone else's work. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon. Even if I'm not posting individual comments on what you're doing I'd just like to say how much I enjoy reading through your posts and, especially, looking at the pictures.

Mad props to GomezAddams for posting up the submission thread for me last week!


So, you're signed up to the Tale of 40K Painters, and it's time to show off your minis for this month. Well, you're most of the way there, because this is the thread to do it! All I ask is that you post up pictures of what you have done this month, along with a total points cost, in the next THREE WEEKS. There are some guidelines on what to include below, and you can use my post as a template if you like. If you don't post by the 21st of you'll count as having played a "joker". Actually Ill probably forget as usual, but, yknow.

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines:

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW dont like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesnt take too long to load.
A note on pictures: Try not to overdo the photos. The Tale is about showing off your work, but try to do it concisely - if everyone posts 13 different angles of every model they paint, that means the whole thread becomes massive. Try to keep your monthly update to one post (6 pictures) and post links to any additional photos you wish to show - or better still, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread who takes an interest can take a look and give you some feedback if they want to.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc... Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1870139&postcount=11) as a template for your update. If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image.

I think we can forgo the dice rolls from now on, 20-odd people is manageable enough I think. Feel free to carry on if you want to though.

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work - good luck!

Sam (McMullet)


Harry has also posted a couple of good FAQs in the Fantasy tale thread, which are equally applicable here. I will shamelessly steal and repost them here (references to "200 points a month" simply mean a tenth of your army, so if you paint 1500 points altogether that means 150 a month):

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Is there any way to "buy back" a Joker later on in the tale?
A : Yes, just post an update with double points later on, and you'll get back your first joker.


Will be done sometime I hope!

03-07-2010, 09:01
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: June 2010

3 Killa Kanz with Grotzookaz



'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

The Killa Kanz are built as per the instructions.

Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril
Blue: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
White: Astronomican/Badab/Skull
Bone: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Red wires: Mechrite
Yellow wires: Iyanden+Chaos/Knarloc

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush.

Vomit Brown followed by a dip in some Citadel Sand.


Highs: Having finished at least 1 unit of everything released for the Orks in plastic since the new Codex (January 2008).
Lows: Having to get 2 extra Grotzookaz from ebay. Although, after weeks of seeing them go for about 5.00 each, I managed to get both of mine from the same seller for the bargain price of 9.18 (with postage from the US) - so it wasn't all bad!

Next month I don't have anything new left to paint, so I'm going to play the first Joker of my 2 years in the Tale, and just post a load of army pics instead...


[Kan 1, Kan 2, Kan 3, Mob]

05-07-2010, 21:30
ARMY : Epic Chaos

UNIT: 2 Death Wheel, 3 Deamon Prince, 1 Greater Deamon, 20 Lesser Deamons, 2 Iron Warrior Havocs, 2 Obliterators, 4 Land Raider Nurgle, 4 Rhino Nurgle, 4 Homemade Predator, 4 Rhino Iron Warrior, 2 Retinue Khorn, 4 Dreads

BASING: Same as before.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Another huge batch of half painted minis I found around the house completed and with that I broke 10kPts. I didn't put that much time into these either, I went for speed instead of quality.

POINTS : 2980pts.

TOTAL POINTS : 11055pts

07-07-2010, 18:21
As the rule on comments seems to have been relaxed, no point keeping the guys who have posted waiting for feedback, this is all about motivation after all!

@misterboff: A good looking squad of cans you've got there! I think they could do with one or two more spot colours to break up the blue and metal, but otherwise very good. Are those orange glowing eyesockets in the skull hanging from the first kan? Nice!

@infleix: Very, very impressive points total. I know it's epic, so that makes things a bit easier, but having missed my rather substantial points total by a long margin I have nothing but respect. I'm particularly liking the Nurgle Land Raiders and Predators this week, though the Iron warrior ones could maybe use a splash of yellow/black somewhere to liven them up a bit.

13-07-2010, 21:37
Whats this?! Three posts in two weeks? Can't be having that! Get motivated you lot - last months the next month!

GOMEZ'S FRAKKING 4TH! (Which so far, contains only tanks from the frakkin' 4th and not a single frakker.. damnit)

5 Ratlings (will replace this with a finished picture when there finished)

Shadowsword "Ophelia"
(Seeing as though everyone has Stompa's, I thought the Imperial players might need some titan hunting ability :D)

I'll update these pics

TOTAL PAINTING FOR JULY: 50pts + Half whatever a shadowsword is

TOTAL ARMY SIZE: 1556pts out of a planned 1000pts.

A relief force of ordinary ground pounding guard, rescuing a local pdf regiment. The Daughters of Aeryn (the SOBs) are lending support.

The Ratlings are Hasslefree Miniatures Kindred - you should buy them because there great and have awesome staff.. like me!

The shadosword is a basic build. I've added a brace like on the FW version. The sandbags are the big change and there all courtesy of Morticia (the misses). There's still a few more to go on the front and possibly built up a bit more at the back but advice on that would be appreciated.

Ratlings have been done (with the exception of the dip) the same as the highlanders.

Shadowsword will be getting the same treatment as my sentinels and chimera. In theory.

Same old same old.

Actually painting the shadowsword..

HIGHS - Watching my girlfriend getting giddy over making sandbags. She's decided thats her thing so I'm kind of rolling with it. Oh and finding a cheap supplier of green stuff. 24" for 8 including postage? Bargain!
Oh, and I own a Shadowsword - damn cool. Especially for someone who doesn't really do tanks.
LOWS - Commission work. I'm so bogged down in it that I havent got enough time to get what I wanted finished for the final month. I'm going to make a push though and see what I can do.

The remaining troops count up as follows:
- DKoK Mounted commissar
- Cadian Platoon + vets
- Greatcoat Platoon + vets
- Sisters of battle
- Project Alejandro
- 5 M.A.K. SAFS*

*I'm thinking of using these either as light sentinels, or as ogryns. I wanted something a little more high tech then the norm.

Its kind of annoying that theres only one month left and so much to do so I'm planning to let it roll on alongside the new lot. In theory.

Now come on the rest of you, get out from that fresh natural sunshine and back to your painting desks - theres work to be done!

16-07-2010, 08:25
Liking your Shadowsword! The sandbags do give it character.

Unfortunately I've been hit with a harsh set of work deadlines two weeks running, and I've found it really difficult to make any progress myself. The aim was to have a game tomorrow with troops I haven't yet painted to get me motivated, but I think work will make getting ready for that impossible. I should be able to make real progress early next week though.

19-07-2010, 00:15
Hey gang,

As I suspected, it's going to be a Joker this month for me as well. I just haven't had the time required to devote to my own projects lately. My daughter is out on summer vacation, and I'm hiking Mt. Whitney (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Whitney) starting tomorrow. So as you can see, I been a busy guy.

Hopefully, next month I'll be able to finish the tale strong with the final 250 points or so to get me to the 2k mark. My daughter goes back to school on the 16th, which gives me about a week to make the deadline. I'm thinking of doing an Assault Squad led by a Chaplain for the Crimson Fists. They may not be the most effective choice in the new codex, but the models are cool and they're pricey in terms of points :D

See ya next month guys, and gratz to all of you who've made it this far.


19-07-2010, 08:42
I've finally me all my work deadlines, so I should be able to use the next three days to get 500pts or so in.

19-07-2010, 14:14
I've got some fresh Stormboyz and Grots all painted up. Alas, they will have to wait for the nice lady with the shiny camera a.k.a. our mom to come along and take their picture. I will not be held responsible for the horror that are miniatures photographed by my own crappy cam! ;)

20-07-2010, 12:19
Well i have not finished my bloodletters well 1, insteed i show you my displayboard i made for the army + wip bloodletters. :) Next month my bloodletters will be finished.


21-07-2010, 15:12
Not everything is done for me, but what I have is pretty close. I will post my photos tomorrow.

Razormasticators Hive Fleet Behemoth Splinter Fleet

Total Painting for June & July: 625

Total Army Size: 2368 points

1 Unit of 20 Gaunts (100)
3 Ripper Swarms (30)
1 Screamer Killer Carnifex (180)
Death Leaper (140)
1 Tervigon (w Scy Tals 175)

Nothing is 100% complete, however most things have at least the standard 2 coats of paint on them. The Rippers, Deathleaper and Carny are 85% done. All they need is detail work, the Turquoise highlight and then some white here and there. Dip, Dullcote and Static grass. The rest are in varied stages of development. But far enough along to post and or take credit for.

Same routine as the past few months.

Still to Do:
Fine Details, some white for the Teeth, Dip, Dullcoat, Static Grass

Highs and Lows:

This is two months worth of work. I also assembled a Mawloc which will be next months work.

Not getting as much done as the gaunts as I wanted to. They are my focus for June however.

Sorry for the lousy photos. When everything is done I will update them and of course my PLOG.



Gaunts & Deathleaper:




Screamer Killer:


The Entire Lot (w/Tervigon in foreground)


Next Month:

Mawloc, maybe Doom of Malanti.

21-07-2010, 22:10
Sheesh, I'm getting nowhere with this Battleship... Well, it's 600 points so I might jst spread it over the next two months. :angel:

22-07-2010, 18:32
Give_me_a_d does Eldar, and more Daemons

Things have not gone well lately so I suppose I'm happy to be posting something but the Farseer isn't finished. As he's about 90% there I thought I woul post now and finish the last bits off this weekend. Next month is the last one so he will turn up in the grand end of year army shot.

Units painted this month: Farseer 200pts, The Masque 100pts
Current Army Sizes: Daemons 897pts; Eldar 907pts
All Jokers used

Models are all standard, straight from the box, but with slight mod to farseer's ears

Painting: Pretty much standard stuff
Basing: the usual.
Still To Do: finish the Farseer off - not much
Highs And Lows: Pleased with the Masue but not quite as good as I'd hoped. Pleased with the Farseer but not there yet.


Next time on TO40KP...
It could be anything; for Eldar possibly Harlequin jetbikes (counts as shining spears) or a wraithlord; and for the Daemons hopefully some seekers but maybe horrors (new ones)

22-07-2010, 18:40
Joker for me this month, am on vacation until the middle of next month. Should have time to finish up then!

23-07-2010, 03:57
I don't know if I am breaking any rules but, G D zis that army looks stunning on that gaming board. I am adding it to my screen saver rotation with your permission.

23-07-2010, 18:41
Maskedman5oh4: thx alot glad someone like my army.
Sure no problems whit me :P

28-07-2010, 20:20
28th already?!

Erm... bugger. I should probably get started painting the shadowsword then shouldnt I...

29-07-2010, 00:12
Zis, your army shot is so nice, sucha great achievement. The board is a great thing for your demons.Awesome all the way. Do you feel the tale did something for you with this army? AT least it looks like you used this year in the right way.

Hope to see more complete army shots of you lads!


29-07-2010, 14:54
Warflag: Thx alot its always nice to get positive comments on the army, and to answer your question yes the tale have done alot to me, i must say it helps alot and makes things esier when you hear people say they enjoy what you do. I have put alot of work into these figures, alot of conversions and most of the figures have got more then tabletop standard paintings on them, just besouse its nice to hear people say wow what a nice army you have there. Makes me proud to be tho owner of them.
And yes more pictures next month.


Misterboff: Great kans you have there, looking forward to some army pictures next month
Infelix: Nurgle is the way to go. Heja sverige ;)
Gomezaddams: BIG tanks is always nice, will be nice to se that finished next month
Razormasticator: Well done that is a huge amount of nids done there.
Give_me_a_d: Great looking eldar model you got there, i have one too bought around 8 years ago i think. still think its a great model.
THE REST!!!!: Keep on painting and see you next month good luck everyone

02-08-2010, 20:49
No month 12 thread yet? Good! I've finally got the pictures, so I'll just slip these in as my June entry.

Dumnorix's Evil Sunz (appr. 2000 points)


10 Grots with a Runtherd
11 Stormboyz, led by Boss Zagstruk


TOTAL SO FAR: 1839 points.

I know the stormboys are supposed to be these ultra-disciplined militaristic Orks, but I just see a bunch of nutters with rokkit packs. The way I figure it, there's worse things for a Speed Freek to do, when his bike's wrecked and he won't fit in the trukk, than to strap a zoggin' big rokkit to his back and go blastin' across the battlefield at ludicrous speed!

Nothing special about the grots or Zagstrukk. The stormboyz have been pimped out with the occasional bit from the Nobs box, and the Amazin' Flyin' Grot has a scrathbuilt base, made from sprue cutoffs and a skull from AOBR.

Ork skin: Catachan Green, Devlan Mud Wash, Camo Green drybrush
Grot skin: Camo Green, Devlan Mud Wash
Metal: Boltgun Metal drybrush over black undercoat. There's also the occasional Tin Bitz detail. Devlan Mud wash.
Red metal: Overbrush metal with Mechrite Red, leaving plenty of scratches.
Brown stuff: Bestial Brown base, mostly with Devlan Mud Wash, but also several other washes and highlights as the mood struck me.
Red stuff: Bestial Brown highlighted with Mechrite Red.

Fine gravel painted Bestial Brown, Bleached Bone drybrush. Some additional details due to built-in Stormboy scenic bases.

All done!

Highs: Almost there! I'm well pleased to have finished those stormboys as...
Lows: ...the buggers somehow seemed to take forever to do! Also, late pictures.

And now... PICTURES

02-08-2010, 21:50
Oh crikey yes, it's August isn't it... I'll get the new thread up tomorrow night.

Sorry chaps! Love that Zagstrukk btw.

02-08-2010, 23:33
Oh crikey yes, it's August isn't it... I'll get the new thread up tomorrow night.

Sorry chaps! Love that Zagstrukk btw.

I have been waiting over half a year for tomorrow night!!!

06-08-2010, 20:53
This is just to say that I am sorry to have left the tale without a word. Life has been extremely busy, with a new job, a little toddler, and a wife that occupies the computer most of the evenings due to long-distance studies. Needless to say, I have not had time to finish any of my armies, not even to visit Warseer and other forums for months.

Congratulations to everyone that has made it so far. Looking forward to your upcoming army shots.

Over and out,