View Full Version : Do you ever diverge from 2000 point Pitched Battles?

27-05-2005, 05:43
I'm curious, there are so many possible ways to play a battle besides a 2000 point pitched battle, are they really used and more than once?

Ever played Warbands, Skirmish, Path to Glory, Siege or battles of 3000+ points? Do you often play alternative scenarios and which, and have you ever played Seven Knights? Ever used rules from the General's Compendium? And alternative settings, anyone (still) use rules from Dark Shadows (Albion), Storm of Chaos or Lustria? Are there any people who actually use those WD articles and build boats and such to fight the campaign over Bugman's Brewery or other such things? Do you use Special Characters? Have you ever played with non-official units and characters? How about house rules, non-official rules or heavily modified rules?

Personally, i don't get to play alot, and i usually end up playing 1500-2000 point pitched battles (with lists made with pen and paper :o :D). We've played other scenarios a couple of times, Ambush, Last Stand and Flank Attack. The use of Special Characters was limited to a one-time appearance of a homebrewn Valnir The Reaper (really really crappy rules, written by me :o). I've never used any of the setting rules (perhaps once, and i can't recall). Played Path to Glory twice i think, but i prefer Mordheim. All those WD articles are merely read here too. Finally, we do have a couple of house rules (double 1's never breaks, Dragons/Greater Daemons require permission, etc) and do sometimes use rules modified by me, or simply interpret rules in a more 'logical' way.

How about you?

27-05-2005, 06:05
I regularly play scenarios. Only when I haven't fought in a long time, we just set up & play.

Last summer, I did some big battles (things like defending a castle with 3K of WE vs 5K of ogres & orcs), but most battles this winter just had 1-2 objectives and some special rules concerning those. Otherwise these battles were just pitched battles, but the objectives do have quite an effect on the game!

Edit: About unofficial characters & units; We use those. I hate the current siege system, and made my own, more straightforward (but tough to balance!) version.
I also used some 'wolves' in a scenario in my latest battle. They just walked around, and bit anyone they touched (ate an orc, and bit a DoW ogre!).

The glade wanderer

27-05-2005, 06:50
I've done all of the above except bugmen's lament. However, I do mostly play standard 2000 point bash 'em ups. I like to build a 'tournament' army that I can then fool around with and do crazy things when I feel like it, but still have the models to go play a tourney should the GT's ever get back on track.

27-05-2005, 06:56
I try to play differnt scenarios. With the Lustria book out, the scenarios has increased. But with new tournament rules, that includes one or two different scenarios I have been palying more. And I have also tried out some new scenarios for tournaments.
And from time to time I also play 2995pt battles, or 4000 pts but that has limited amount of heroes (2 2000pt armies more or less).
Skimrish and Mordheim/Lustria is also fun to play and by that develop your own characters.

27-05-2005, 07:12
I play alot of pitched battles but also sieges, alot of sieges. Usually two versus one.

27-05-2005, 08:31
If I can ever again get my hands on the general's compendium (they've stopped stocking it in Aus), I'd go nuts using all of it's scenarios, especially the ship fighting parts of it. I'm tempted to order one from the US online store, I'm a fool for holding off from buying it before!

27-05-2005, 09:23
I play pitched battles from 500 - 3000 points. I've tried the Meeting Engagement, Ambush, Siege and Last Stand scenarios at various point levels (once played an allied 6000pts vs 3000 points last stand). I've also played skirmish a bit, but only when I was abroad and didn't have enough models to play proper games.

27-05-2005, 13:45
I've played skirmish campaigns where you start with a small band and end up with an army, i've played path to glory all the way through, several times. Although other than that i tend to stick to 2K pitched battles fought with a similar list most of the time, so you have a rough idea of what you are playing against and cant tool your army against a certain player. Although i sometimes play 3 v 3 6K games, but not very often.

Sgt John Keel
27-05-2005, 13:52
12000 pts kill them all battles? :D

Nah, most often we play 2on2 2000pts each ally games with the kill 'em all objective.

But in my opinion, the bigger, the more fun. We don't use Special Characters and I believe the only house rule is the stands on snake eyes.


27-05-2005, 14:11
Of the dozen or so games I've played, three quarters have been pitched battles, I've had one "capture" game (Where I utterly annihilated virtuslly every enemy unit, but ignored the objective and the Grail knights sat on top of it!), and a few border patrol games. I'd like to to do the seven knights game, I actually have rnough undead models for that!

Cpt. Drill
27-05-2005, 14:18
we tend to do lots of the silliness at least once.. like with my ogres i will never play jungle fighting again.. *sigh* but we play alot of games of boarder patrol and skirmish games! they are all good fun! but things like seige arnt so good.. once in a while maybe but not often...

6th and Final Champion
27-05-2005, 14:31
2500 is my norm.

27-05-2005, 15:36
>>>>>Generally I play 2000pts ( at least latley, a lot of people are building new armies at the moment though). We also try to use the "Random Scenario Generator" a lot; which adds a lot of flavour to pitched battles. It randomizes missions, weather, and alternate bonus's and can always take the drudgery of a normal pitched battle.

27-05-2005, 16:45
We also use the "Random Scenario Generator" in our games to add a little flavor and different objectives (I have added my own objectives and all kinds of fun rules aslo for even more randomness).

We usually play 1500 point battles (because everybody hasn't a 2000point army yet).

Lord Setra
27-05-2005, 23:36
Most of the time I play the 2000pt pitched battle.

I would like to play more scenarios because I think they bring a new level to the game you play. They also make the game much funnier when your mates forget the objectives :D

I have played the seven knight scenario once. It was a good laugh and I was thourghly thrashed by the seven champions of the lizardmen. S7 heroes and khemri chariots units do not mix.

28-05-2005, 10:19
We've just finished the campaign where I've been fighting lots of different sized battles (including 2v1 & 2v2) using my version of the Scenario generator (http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/trondhammer/Scenario_generator.doc). In the last round I played one 1650 vs 1650, one 1815 vs 1450 and one 1650 vs 3000.

Apart from that I mostly play 1950 or 2500 pt battles (often also using the Scen/gen). I think I have played about ONE 2k battle in the last year.

28-05-2005, 19:26
I've almost made it a goal to stay away from pitched battles, unless I've had several scerenos leading up to it. Just meatgrinding gets very much boring and brings the wargame situation down to a card level game of "who can utilize the combo built into my army better.." What I find more important and more rewarding is using your units to get a goal or startedgy accomplished.

Thus while I have played some pitched battles, I alter the whole thing and use other scerenos. I also try to stem away from the "if I kill them all I win" screnos.

28-05-2005, 19:33
Normally play 2500 points so the game is less relient on characters ( a extra 500 pts over the standard 2000 and the upper character allocation isnt increased)

Crazy Harborc
28-05-2005, 20:08
Most of the games of fantasy and WAB are 2500 or more points. We prefer no wizards or bound spells. (We are "war"gamers who happen to like GW's, WHFB tactical rules). 3000/4000 point games work better when there are four players moving and rolling.

We play siege games two or three times a year. Two to one, favoring the attacker. 1500/2000 defending, 3000/4000 attacking. Riles used the most are GW's, then WAB's (combined with WHFB) and Tactica's Siege rules are used last.

Wer too use the ol' "roll snake eyes and stand" rule for HtH combat results. Nothing like watching a crack rare unit flee after being down one :wtf: BUT, the militia unit with a "need" for snake eyes after 10 guys dying in HtH........they get the roll :eek: Don't you just LOVE dice rolls???

29-05-2005, 10:39
My first post on the new portent! (Wieee)

Well, I have tested most of the scenarios, and I use them from time to time. I really enjoy a good siege! But you need the space for it, so it does not happend that often (I have one planned for the near future though)
I have also tested one of the mini campings in the generals compendium. And I have plans for a camping, I just need a 4th player.

During the Albion camping I came up with a few sceaniros myself (I really liked Giant hunting), and I come up with some others from time to time.

But often I still play the good old 2000p pitched battle! If you use different setup for the terrain it does not get boring.

29-05-2005, 14:02
We usually have a campaign of some sort play so I'm luck to play alot of scenarios, its kind of fun.

We play alot of different types of campaigns down at the club, which is pretty good, it keeps things interesting.

Crazy Harborc
29-05-2005, 23:57
Whatever has and does work can be different area by area for many reasons. For my area, it seems that a main reason was that for years there were few tables in a few stores. Most gaming was/is done in gamer's homes. A few "groups" have "clubhouses" rooms used only for wargaming.

We have had (and still do have) a fair number of large and small cons (not GW run) year after year. They're well attended with decent selections of different rules of engagement. GW does take part in some of them.

The boyz
30-05-2005, 09:35
I generally only play smaller games of about 1000 points, mainly because I dont have the time or thats about the size of the particular army I have. I wouldnt mind given some siege games ago though they do look pretty fun.

01-06-2005, 11:46
We usually play 2000 Points with no special characters, but some big ones also. It's quite funny moving up to 6000 points with devastating units and some serious messy Magic Firepower (my Lizzys do quite well in this kind of game) I don't like to much special Characters or Lord/Heros on the field of engagment because I think Warhammer is an armybased game and Herohammer is past!
Tried 10000 Points ones. NEVER again! Three Days of gaming is really more than you can take. :D

01-06-2005, 12:30
General's Comp. was a Godsend. We use tile based campaigns and use the naval rules, play skirmish leading up to a final pitched battle. usually there will be only two or three pitched battles out of ten. Random scenario generator is great too. We also play Warbands as a method to create homegrown "special characters" ie once the warband reaches 500 points it can join the army.

01-06-2005, 13:08
Yes the GC was probably one of the best things to ever happen to Warhammer. If all you are playing is pitched battles, then you are missing out on a whole other world...

01-06-2005, 17:09
When we first got back into fantasy battle, we played the pitched battle at 2000-3000 points like ten times in a row, just to get a sense for the rules.

We've since played a warbands campaign, an escalation league campaign, and several slightly-modified pitched battle type scenarios.

Right now we're preparing a 4-way (high elves and lizardmen versus skaven and chaos) scenario battle. 3000 points for each player. We're making custom terrain for it, and generating specific objectives for both sides. It's a siege-type battle, but the defenders are in more of an encampment than a castle, so their defensive fortifications are minor, and the bonus the attackers get is also minor. Great excuse to put some effort into some cool looking terrain features.

04-06-2005, 19:44
Played a 10K pitched battle on Bank Holiday Monday. Worked great, except for the sheer amount of magic racked up by our opponents. Then again, I should have remembered that as Army of Sylvania I could've taken another Lord :evilgrin:

04-06-2005, 21:53
I hate you all, i think i'm moving to England so i can get some worth for my money and time. :p

05-06-2005, 05:56
I usually play 1k and 2k pitched battles, almost exclusively. It might sound boring, but in my case, they're games with a friend what is desperately trying to come up with a chaos list that works. Combine this with the truly impressive selection of chaos minis we both own (I was a chaos player from 3rd ed to 5th ed), and it means I face a new army every time. On my end, I have 4 WHFB armies to choose from, and a fair amount of depth in each, so I too can field a new army each time. While the style of battle itself is the same, the differing army composition and attendant tactics makes up for it.

Additionally, we both have serious time contraints. Not having to fuss witha scenario is frequently a boon time-wise. Still, I can see how pitched battle after pitched battle would be dull for someone not fortunate enough to be able to change their list frequently.

And I plan to pick up the general's Compendium soonish.

Lady's Champion
05-06-2005, 16:55
Mostly no we don't but I like to play sieges cos i spent hours making castles and ladders

12-06-2005, 18:22
Ooh, i gots a new question for yall. Has anyone of you ever used Forgeworld models/rules in WFB? I.e. the stuff you find here (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/downloadswarhammer.htm). And if not, were you planning to? I have heard 2 occassions of people using the Mammoth and some people have said they want to use Ogre Cavalry, but i've never heard anyone even mention the other 2.

13-06-2005, 09:48
When playing at the cub, it's usually either a tourney warm-up game, so using the tourney lists and scenarios, or it's a pick up game. With pick up games you don't always have the time or ability to alter your lists, so you just play a 2,000 point pitched battle.

At home, I play whatever the hell I want. I use scenario generators (ala WPS and Gavs one. The WPS one is better, BTW) or the scenarios out of the book, or just made up ones, usually at 2,000 - 5,000 points.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
05-07-2005, 11:34
seiges are good and so are mega battles, ie: eight 2000pts armies four a side bashing the hell into each other.
brets are too good at seven Knights.
path to glory loses its fun and you run out of models!
ambushes are good if one person has a bigger army.

05-07-2005, 11:42
I have fought against both the Mammoth and the Chaos spine beast. The mammoth is pretty nasty, as is the spine beast but neither of them like poison at all :evilgrin:

Bingo the Fun Monkey
05-07-2005, 20:01
I usually plat pitched battles although I must confess that I immensely enjoy playing raid scenarios (from the general's compendium) as it's in my nature to want to go and burn and pillage. I'm mainly a campaign player though, and with the most recent map based campaign i've been taking part in, we've had some interesting games with various objectives. There's a lot of seige and raids involved :p.