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27-05-2005, 09:10
Nice Tyrant Guard idea (http://uk.games-workshop.com/download/popup.htm?/tyranids/concept-art/images/tg5.jpg)

I really like this, apart from the odd-looking arms (some kind of shield membrane). It seems much better to my eyes than the model that got produced and still conveys the idea of tough armour and the ability to take a lot of damage. There's actually a lot of good information on the GW website if you look around enough.

de Selby
27-05-2005, 12:26
Looks a bit too much like wings to me.

I don't think there's much wrong with the body design of the new Guard, but the pose is problematic. If it was stood on its hind legs like most of the big nids, those gorilla arms and talons would look great. I'm still waiting to see the parts, to find out if it can easily be reposed.

27-05-2005, 22:43
I just don't really like the "I am big and dum - HURRRR" kind of idea it gives - I much prefered the visceral, spikey, streamlined look of 'nids - I don't see them has having 'tank' like creatures (although resilient ones like the Carnifex are an obvious exception)

Inquis. Jaeger
28-05-2005, 00:23
I love the new Tyrant Gurd - sooo much better then the 'bone-shield' guys of yesteryear

Ass Goblin
28-05-2005, 10:55
Looking nice. Only gripe I don't think it can lift those arms at all. They look kinda heavy.

28-05-2005, 11:02
All those membranes would protect the tyrant from would be a nasty sunburn. The old guard's shields looked the part better. I like the solidity of the new guards, but they seem a little low to the ground to bullet catch for the tall tyrant.

28-05-2005, 11:30
I hated the old tyrant guard sheilds, they just looked like webbed feet.

The sheilds on this one look alot more like proper sheilding.

28-05-2005, 12:54

I agree- the new models are alot more feasable than than the old, I also like the whole idea of them being blind and subserviant- gives them a whole lot more character as a fitting 'living shield'

My only gripe is that they don't look capable of keeping up with the new tyrant, they look sluggish and static, somewhat like the Biovore.

I'd have preferd them to be raised up on two feet slightly, yet remaining squat. Perhaps they are convertable though...

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28-05-2005, 14:10
I like the new Tyrant Guard minis - they look solid enough to work as meat shields.

28-05-2005, 18:55
And, gorillas are surprisingly fast.

28-05-2005, 19:04
Well they are built to run on all fours through forest, I mean gorillas, although Tyrant Guard probably is too.

The pestilent 1
28-05-2005, 21:10
i still think they should stand a bit taller, have a more... "mimic" bug feel to them (but not look as weak, more heavily built, but if youve seen the film you'll know what im getting at)

Flame Boy
29-05-2005, 14:21
I think all you need is a conversion of a Tyrant guard rearing up about to crush a space marine horribly and that static pose problem will be gone forever. I imagine it would step up tro block incoming ballistic weaponry anywy... the model pose is just a slightly lazy slouch...

I like that particular concept art for the shield that looks like it evolved from wings and then grew a toughed shell around the wing membrane, and some ofthe T.G's alternate heads are great, too...

I think the Tyrant Guard is a good model that could do with some more dynamic reposing for a few more exciting models, but to be honest, your typical marine holding a bolter in both hands doesn't look too exciting, but when you see conversions of marines leaping over rocks, throwing grenades or waving a chainsword at someone's throat, they get more dynamic as well.

29-05-2005, 14:32
i think that the Tyrant Guard will oook better with a nicer paint scheme (as will most of the new Nids)

29-05-2005, 15:23
I'm sure the only fault with the new gaurd is that they are static, but that doesn't make them perfect. I personnaly prefer quite a lot of the concept art compaired to the actual models.

Just my two cents