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27-02-2006, 22:56
Decided to start a Blood Bowl team (yep, starting another specialist game in the space of one weekend! Now how about BFG...).

After taking a quick look at the teams I decided to go with the Dark Elves, for no other reason then they look nice...(yes I know they are a tricky starting team :skull: )
Any way, hows this for a starting team:
7 Linesmen
2 Blitzers
1 Thrower
1 Witch Elf
1 Re-roll
1 Fan Factor

Quin 242
27-02-2006, 22:59
Thats a good start... when even your linesmen start with those good of stats you can get some fine catchers right quick :)

02-03-2006, 15:49
I hope you didn't start with this team because I have a feeling you will regret it. You have too fre re-rolls and they are damn hard to buy during a season as they cost double and you will be busy buying/replacing elves.
I reckon you need at LEAST two re-rolls and I would try and get three if you can.

02-03-2006, 17:26
I have just started a Dark Elf team (not my first, I've had plenty before), and I am finding it difficult with just two re-rolls. One re-roll and one fan factor will be a major problem. Much better to start with a team of mostly linemen, with plenty of re-rolls and a good FF.

I never start with a Witch Elf these days. They are very expensive and very vulnerable. Better to trade the Witch Elf for a Linemen, saving yourself 40,000 GCs. I would also trade one Blitzer for a Lineman, saving another 30,000 GCs. Spend that on an extra re-roll and 2 extra fan factor. It may seem like a boring way to start, but those linemen are pretty capable - able to dodge, block, pass, catch and run reasonably well.

100,000 GCs will buy you one blitzer both in a starting team or during the league.

100,000 GCs will buy you TWO re-rolls in a starting team, or just ONE re-roll during the league.

You will need re-rolls to succeed as a team, and buying them at 100,000 rather than 50,000 will really stunt your team's growth.

02-03-2006, 21:37
I would skip one blitzer (the witch elf can fill his role for the moment) and get one lineman instead, kick the apothecary, get one more reroll and as many fan factors yu can afford for the money you have left (if you have any, dont have the rules here right now).

02-03-2006, 22:51
thanks guys,
I think I'll drop a blitzer and the witch elf and get another linesman, 2 re-rolls and some more fan factor. Possible two linesmen and 1 re-roll but with the re-rolls costing so much more later on I think they may be more important.

The apothecary is there to try and reduce wear and tear, and lower cost on replacing elves, thus hopefully meaning I have more to spend on other stuff. Should have the first game this weekend so we'll see!

03-03-2006, 03:07
If it's a long-term league, there's not really any reason to start with FF lower than 9. As has been mentioned before the witch-elf is vulnerable, but frenzy opens up all kinds of tactical doors for you. With all elf teams, it's fine to start with mostly linemen, since they can all handle the ball well, and to make sure you have a couple rerolls and FF9.

03-03-2006, 11:14
I would advise purchasing the apothecary after your first game, rather than at the start. You should have enough money after just one or two games.

Fan Factor 9 would be nice, though I'd say you're aiming for at least 4 or 5.