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Boss Zagstruk
14-07-2010, 00:59
Im really tempted to try and build a mono tzeentch daemon list. Just wondering what people think of the idea. How does tzeentch fair in general? I know people say mono lists are generally weaker as they only focus on one aspect (in this case shooting).

The fateweaver combined with 3 daemon princes can offer both great shooting and combat. The fateweavers abilities give them survivability. Heralds on chariots have lots of wounds and is a great mobile weapons platform (sucks in combat but that can be avoided).

Flamers seem expensive, maybe a one hit wonder but are fast. Whats the best unit size?

Pink horrors have amazing shooting but questionable survivability. Whats the best sized unit to have?

screamers i dont really see the point of when you consider youve got a few models with bolt of tzeentch. Possibly a suicide unit that might get lucky.

Daemon princes seem amazing but im not sure if therer best used for combat or shooting. Guess the goal is to keep the cost low with them. Im not sold on soul grinders but they do seem cheap.

Thats how i see tzeentch daemons atm. Some more insight would be great.


14-07-2010, 01:08
Should be good, just need HQ and DPs to push HTH abilities.

Spare Change
14-07-2010, 01:33
I wouldn't play Daemons any other way.. but I'm a Tzeentch fan-boy, so take that for what it's worth.

14-07-2010, 05:02
Monogod Daemon lists will always suffer. Sorry, but it is best to let you know this from the start....

One of the key handicaps of any Daemon list is the forced DS deployment, it means everything you have can potentially be sent howling back to the warp before they get to eat....but not with Tzeench, you can cause mayhem the second you show up.

Horrors are the most expensive Lesser Daemon in the army BUT worth it alone for the 4+ inv...makes objective sitting quite easy, especially when kicking out 3X S4 sp4 and potentially a S8 ap1 shot a turn. A couple of large squads of these can ruin anyone's day.

Flamers...wow, what's not to love about these guys? Bs 4 Warpfire...nice but where they really become useful is when you use Breath of Chaos, 4's to wound with no armour or cover saves.... Suffice to say, used against MC's they can pay for themselves in an instant. Ask any SoB or Ork player the value of a squad full of template weapons, 4+ auto glance vs Vehicles gives you a little bit of tank suppression capability too.
4+ inv and Jump infatry seals the deal.
I would be tempted to run these in multiple small units. Maximise the number of BoT shots in the army, it's not like the Elite slots are needed for anything else.

Screamers. Flying Melta bombs. Nuff said.

Princes & CoW's. All the fun of an MC with a personal arsenal of shooting attacks. Gets expensive fast but the potential of a Demon hurling 3 different shooting attacks at 3 different targets is quite exciting. These guys are the only time soul devourer is a really good idea.

Heralds. Probably best employed as tank hunters. Give them Icons so the 2nd wave of Tzeenchy madness can arrive where needed most.

Special chars....I'll leave for the user to decide.

14-07-2010, 05:55
Tzeentch has some good stuff, but can crumble to a CC army and get outshot by a shooty army.

Horrors are fun but can't do much if the troop won't get out of the transport.
4++ is nice but at T3 it mean they die to just about anything. I quite often take a least one good sized sqaud.

Bolts of Tzeentch look good on paper but you can field enough at one time to do anything really scary. Daemon Princes should be running into CC not tossing a STR8 shot.

Screamers only hit on 6's if your opponent know what they are doing and they get plenty of chances to shoot them down before they can do anything. They almost always fail to do anything when I take them. Some people say boost them around getting a 3+ cover save to do a last min objective contest, but I'm not a fan of that tactic.

Flamers are quite good. Best used as a suicide sqaud of 3-4. You can get 4 flame template from a DS. They are a high priority target and expect them to die a horrible death next turn. Bolts of Tzeetch are quite expensive on them, use them to flame not tank hunt if possible.

Daemon Princes with mark of Tzeentch are pretty good. Wings are too expensive. I say keep them cheap and take 3 over 1 or 2 pimped out ones.

Daemons getting half of thier army turn 1 is one stike, DS everything is two stikes and if you mono-god it well... a mono god list is pretty hard to win with.

If you do it for fun it does not matter if you win much.

14-07-2010, 06:02
Currently running a mono khorne list and planning on building another one for the blue dudes. Just curious does master of sorcery allow a monstrous creature to fire three weapons?

14-07-2010, 15:38
For what it's worth I run two squads (mobs? packs? groups?) of three flamers each, one with the blue scribes....... I struggle to remember a single game in which these guys failed to cause horrific damage

14-07-2010, 15:48
I would suggest heading over to the daemons gone wild thread in my sig. a few of the guys run mono tzeentch down there. I am pretty sure there is a decent conversation on effectiveness of pink horrors against each army in the game a few pages back.

Fatey and his flying jerks (3 bolt winged princes) is a very fun tactic, as well as terribly dangerous. The DPs all get to reroll the saves, and each shoots at something else as they are not a unit.

I would fill your other HQ slot with 2 Tzeentch heralds on chariot fully loaded (bolt, MoS, WaL) They are about 100pt for a fleshy (5 wounds with EW) landspeeder that is much more dangerous.

14-07-2010, 16:08
I have 2 Mono Tzeench battle reports in the following thread, vs. Tau:


Mono Tzeench may not be a power list that wins you every game but it's alot of fun. Pink Horrors are excellent, they shred any squad without a 3+ save or better and weight of fire takes care of everything else.

Unfortunately, I've had trouble with Flamers and Screamers. Flamers might seem like a no-brainer but you're paying through the nose for them and most likely you'll get one shot off before they die. Assuming they come on the turn you need them, otherwise I find them to be a waste. I'd field them as a counter-attack unit but I feel either Greater Daemons, Daemon Princes or Soul Grinders would be better at that job.

Screamers have the unfortunate difficulty of having to hit most vehicles on a 6 when I play, though I'm currently experimenting with attempting to get them out earlier somehow. Flying Meltabombs they may be but it takes a surprising ammount of finesse to utilize them to their full advantage.

Ba'al Starslayer
14-07-2010, 19:31
Currently running a mono khorne list and planning on building another one for the blue dudes. Just curious does master of sorcery allow a monstrous creature to fire three weapons?


Mono-Tzeentch is nasty, but it undoubtedly needs support from the other gods. Nurgle Plaguebearers to hold objectives, Khorne Bloodcrushers for stupidly nasty CC power, and Slaanesh.... er... Slaanesh........
Ok, forget Slaanesh. :p

14-07-2010, 21:54
I've played mono tzeentch a few times with good success - not tournament though.

2 Chariot heralds
9 Flamers
3 horror squads
2 DP's iirc

fantastic, against mech it's 8 S8AP1, which ain't bad, but the absolute winner was the 9 flamers all landing, not deviating and killing something like 50 marines - happy days!

Frankly the only mono list which i don;t think can be fun is slaanesh - too flimsy

14-07-2010, 22:14
My mono tzeentch list has always done well. take fateweaver and 3 daemon princes with wings, and the usual tzeentch + gaze set up.

A few holy number squads of horrors. (its good luck!) then finish the list up with flamers.

Avoid fast attack. And depending on point value level add in chariot heralds.

14-07-2010, 22:56
I have been running a mono Tzeentch list for a few years now... I think that it is one of the best builds in the book bar none. The different parts come together nicely to handle almost any opponent.

Vehicles? Ok... Screamers and bolt of tzeentch will sort them out... Infantry horrors will mow them down ... Flamers are great at killing everything. DP and LOC to finish everything else. I don't useor any named stuff except for the changing. 5 points and he is good for something in at least a few games each tourney I run him in. Always with game winning results.

I have podiumed in three tournies with these guys and I could not recommend them more. Check out my blog for info and battle reports. Click the Tzeentch tab. Hope you enjoy.

Ba'al Starslayer
14-07-2010, 22:58
What IS Tzeentch's Holy Number? All I know is Nurgle - 7.

Farseer Dave
14-07-2010, 23:15
Tzeentch's sacred number is 9.

Farseer Dave.

14-07-2010, 23:53
Tzeentch's sacred number is 9.

Farseer Dave.

Always a joy as he has the highest cost models :eyebrows:

15-07-2010, 01:08
This doesn't answer your question, but in my gaming group, nothing is more feared than a group of Tzeentch Flamers dropping onto the table and making your beloved units vanish. :(

Those guys are absolutely nasty!

Farseer Dave
15-07-2010, 01:56
This doesn't answer your question, but in my gaming group, nothing is more feared than a group of Tzeentch Flamers dropping onto the table and making your beloved units vanish. :(

Those guys are absolutely nasty!

They have earned a fearsome kill tally in the hands of our deamon player also.
used well they are extremmly scary land them beside nob bikers /heavy infantry w/e
wounds on a 4+ auto hits = nasty.

Farseer Dave.

15-07-2010, 02:42
Tzeentch's sacred number is 9.

and 13

minimum char count for a post is 10