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14-07-2010, 01:06
First game with 8th today.

4000 pts Battle Pass scenario/game.

I sum it up:

Tomb Kings magic phase can be awesome!!! I used staff of sneaky stelain and Spirit Totem (+4 dispel dice). If it wasn't for the extra dispel dice, I would have been in trouble.

BSB is a nobrainer/must have/super duper good. Helped me with panic checks against screaming skull catapults.

Missed out on my scouting black orc boss with Shield of Ptolos. Rolled a 1 so I didn't get the chance to be 12" behind his enemy line :8)
Ptolos shield was fun, walked alone with the boss and got a rain of 18 arrows against him, but with T5 and 1+ armoursave against missle weapon, it was a walk in the park :lol:

Dangerous terrain tests was fun (a wolfrider died when a charge thru a forest)

BIG units with supporting attacks every turn makes the game last longer in the fights, no easy breaking in first turn.

Here is my list for my first "test" game with 8th (used alot of things to learn rules, but it turned out to be a good list =D> )

Lords: 997 pts
Nightgoblin Warboss (Light Armour, Shield, Wizarding Hat) 161 pts
Nightgoblin Great Shaman (lvl 4, Staff of Sneaky Stealin) 235
Orc Great Shaman (lvl 4, Dispel Scroll) 240
Black Orc Warboss (Shield, Armour of Fortune, Ulags Akkirit Axe, Kickn Boots) 238
Nightgoblin Warboss (Light Armour, Fencerís Blades, Iron Gnashas) 123

Heroes: 546 pts
Black Orc Big Boss (BSB, Heavy Armour, Martogs, Effigy) 164
Black Orc Big Boss (Heavy Armour, Shield of Ptolos, Maads Map) 139
Goblin Big Boss (Light Armour, Great Axe, Arabyan Carpet) 91
Black Orc Big Boss (Boar, Heavy Armour, Shield, Porkos Pigstikka, Potion of Foolhardiness) 152

Core (min 1000): 1201 pts
30 Orc Big Uns (FC, Shield, Spirit Totem) 380
30 Arrer Boyz (FC) 210
12 Savage Orc (Boss, Mus, Bow, Shield) 152
30 Night Goblins (FC, Nets, Spear) 175
21 Night Goblins (Mus, Shortbows) 67
5 Wolf Riders (Mus, Spear, Shortbow) 76
5 Wolf Riders (Mus, Spear) 71
5 Spider Riders (Shortbow) 70

Special (max 2000): 813 pts
30 Black Orcs (FC, Shield, Standard of Discipline) 473
Rock Lobber (Orc Bully) 75
3 Spear chukkas 105
2 Orc Boar Chariot 160

Rare (max 1000): 440 pts
Doom Diver 80 pts
6 Stone Trolls 360 pts

14-07-2010, 02:03
Interesting list.
Why take 10 levels of magic? It's almost impossible to cast every spell every turn that way- even with the Waaagh! power dice. It does give you a good choice of spells, but hardly seems worth it.
Why have a lone goblin big boss on flying carpet? Is he a war machine hunter?

I'm hoping this'll be updated with a battle report...?

14-07-2010, 08:37
It was the first 8th game and I wanted to test out rules!

The wizards hat was a fun thing and I got metal lore. didn't get the chance to use it becuse of wrong placement and a stupidity roll.

The flying carpet was a test, but I will still use a flyer, but I rather have a black orc to do the jobb (armed to da teef can be great)

And I have to say it again: Tomb Kings can be devastating with there magic phase!! Catapults and rain of arrows and it's very hard to dispel everything!! Even if a TK general rolls a 1 to cast the spell, it's not safe to use one dice becuse you need 3+ to dispel.

I really wanna know how other armies manage to survive magic phase without the orcs dispel boost of 4 dice (staff of sneaky stealin and spirit totem)

14-07-2010, 08:47
What did you do with your wolf riders (and spiders riders for that matter)? I'm struggling to find a proper use for them since they don't break ranks anymore. Maybe I should just try and hunt down as many war machines as possible :P.

Also, I like the idea of using the Wizard Hat for Greenskins somehow... would certainly make for an interesting conversion and some very special combinations with greenskins.

14-07-2010, 22:54
One wolfrider unit went back behind my lines to hold the point where my opponent wanted his scorpion to come from, just so I wouldn't forget where he will come from!

Spiders and other wolfs just ride forth against enemy troops. I just wanted to test how it worked. My spider riders joined a forest (blood thing forest, that can move!). One of his High Priests was in a light cav archer unit so they couldn't use the vanguard, BUT instead he left with the priest and moved the archers and shot at the spider riders. Then he used the bound magic item that does 3d6 S2 hits and only ONE spider rider was left! And I managed the panic test. The forest moved and I also got 2 s4 hits from the wood and luckily I saved them too (2 6's). Then in my turn I charged the priest with spider rider and I killed his expensive high liche priest!!! Spider riders don't have to take terrain test and I got +1 CR for charging, +1 CR for a wound and he didn't do any wound back! I won with 2 and he died becuse of the unstable rule! Well, I was pretty lucky.

14-07-2010, 23:28
Why was the Tomb King magic phase so bad? Just dispel the magical charges. Resurrecting models and extra arrow shots are irritating, sure. But they weren't how we won games in 7th. The purpose of those was to get the opponent to waste dispel dice. How did all the combats go? Or did his army crumple when you killed the hierophant?