View Full Version : Anyone play the new battle types?

17-07-2010, 09:07
Out of curious has anyone been playing the "special" battle types found after the gallery of painted miniatures? if you have what is it like, any really fun ones?

I personally would love to try heroic last stand, it would be a real challenge to survive for longer than 4-6 turns, esspecially at 1/3 the strength of other armies. Also wanted to try some of the larger scale ones, like invasion, but alas i don't have the miniatures needed :(

How about you guys, play with those battles? any of those fun or worth attempting?

17-07-2010, 10:18
I've played alot of them, nlood and glory is fun cause it's a killing fest, watchtower is cool I practiclay wiped out a buddies daemon army but could not shift the bloodletters in the tower then the game ran out on me! I was very sick of pitched battles now we get more!