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18-07-2010, 11:37
This is not a rumour in any way shape or form, hence posting in this location.

If, and it is an if, a new armybook for the HE was released what sort of spells would you expect to find within High Magic? Considering how powerful the spells of the new lists are, and the implied position of High Magic above these, what will you be expecting?

18-07-2010, 11:45
Shield of saphery giving a unit a 4+ ward save at an increased power level, letting flames of the phoenix start on a 5+ for increased power level, fury of khaine scaled up does 2d6 str 5 hits, vauls unmaking revealing every magic item in 24 inches and picking 1 to be destroyed.Also, courage of anerion on increased power level gives 1 unit unbreakable.

Von Wibble
18-07-2010, 14:40
I would make drain magic remove 6s like in the good old days - and remove 5s also for higher casting value.

The rest of the spells would be not dissimilar to current spec, but upgraded as described above. I would change courage of aenarion to unbreakable, and range 12", affecting all units in range at higher casting value. Fury of Khaine I would like to see as something different though (leave ring of fury the same) or even removed.

Other options if they wanted to remove spells and replace, Glamour of Teclis and Tempest would both be good options (I see assault of stone and banishment as now belonging to rulebook lores, and coruscation of finrier as unnecessary).

To me the point of high magic is that it is supposed to block enemy magic and be a purely superior force. Cheap casting values for relatively low effects, combined with a more effective drain magic actually achieves this goal.

18-07-2010, 14:45
IMO none of the high magic in the past has done the concept justice. It's just been another set of spells, nothing really to distinguish it from any other spell list.

High magic is supposed to be the perfect union of all the winds of magic, so IMO it should actually be represented as such.

ie, as the new spells allow you to boost the power by increasing casting difficulty, High Magic users can boost the casting difficulty and use the abilities of two different spells at the same time sort of thing.

Or all the lore attributes are used by a high mage regardless of spell cast.

I just think something that actually combines the winds together in some way would be a better representation of High Magic than just another list with boring names.