View Full Version : Mounted FleshHounds Looming on the Horizon?

19-07-2010, 17:01
So... I read in the fluff for Daemons in the 8th Ed BRB that Bloodletters ride to war mounted on "big Fleshhounds" and Bloodcrushers.

Are we gonna take this as a hint for a new cav for Daemons comming within the next few years.

Something between the "regular FleshHound" and the expensive Crushers?

Are these the sorts of hints that usually solidify into fact?

19-07-2010, 17:10
There already is a giant fleshhound model out there, it was the mount for arbaal the undefeated, so a previous model is out there, might do it although using that model as a different bloodcrusher would be good if they dont

19-07-2010, 19:18
For them to write that imo means that they have put some thought into it. I wouldn't be surprised to see them expand the DoC list this way.

19-07-2010, 19:52
I think the Daemons need to be diversified so mono god lists arent so boring.

Something like this would be good for khorne.

I think more undivided daems would be good.

I think chariots should be specail choices as well with an Alluress for Slaanesh an Iridescant Horror for Tzeentch ect..

For nurgle what about a specail unit that is a plague beaerer that explodes when it dies and puts the small template and does a poisoned str 2 hit with no saves on whatever it touches?

For tzeentch how about 2 kinds of horrors. One kind casts magic and the other has 2 str 4 attacks?

19-07-2010, 20:16
See the Wishlisting for Daemon AB thread (probably on page 2 of general discussion by now). It has a ton of ideas in it.

19-07-2010, 21:19
Gaargod is correct.. If anyone's interested there's been a recent brainstorm on how the Daemon-List could/should be expanded. Plus some discussion on price-levels etc.

W3RM - I totally agree with everything you say, except the "undivided" bit. I don't see where "Unmarked" daemons would come from lest they are furies (just unfortunate sideproducts of dimensional rifts, omens of what's comming they are). For me it would be more than enough too keep four gods but widen their variety to a double. Check out the Daemon wishlisting thread if you haven't - we were quite a few people who had alot of good ideas aside of all the Wood Elf players showing up telling us we have no right to wish for anything. *smiley*

Back to the subject, I discussed with my gaming group what a Mounted Fleshhound unit should be like:

The model basically get the Fleshhound stat + the Bloodletter attack. The price should be around 55 points.

What I am looking for here is something that balances in right in between FleshHounds and Bloodcrushers. I'd opt for it to be a special choice.

OR.. You make a Core choice, but make it a One Wound Model and knock some points off the price.

As a footnote I'd just like to add that chariots as special-units would of course be a easy and good way of extending the choices of the list. I'm building a Blood Chariot and a Burning Chariot as we speak (well, Now I'm on vacation but..) so I'm all ready for that!

Lord Inquisitor
19-07-2010, 21:27
I'd much rather see a new daemonic unit added rather than just combining two pre-existing unit types. Particularly since bloodletter cavalry already exists.

There's got to be so much scope for new daemonic units that match each of the god's archetypes.

19-07-2010, 21:30
I think if they made bloodletter/flesh hound cavalry it would make bloodcrushers obsolete. I doubt they will do it imo.

19-07-2010, 21:51
Lord Inquisitor - I couldn't agree more, of course. But one takes what little is given, no? From a swift read of the new Edition this was the only semi-definite reference to a "new unit" I came across. Found any others? ... Anyone?

ColdBlood666 - Yes, it would make Bloodcrushers obsolete in terms in them already in 7th Ed being a unit that my friends sarcastically "thanked" me for fielding. They think it's a crap unit only rivaled by things like Screamers in its crappyness. Which is a shame cause I painted a dozen of the models and I plan to get six more with the plastics comming out.. Really wishing GW at least does a re-write on them (not to mention the DP!) for the next time around.