View Full Version : What is required to have a game of Warhammer in your standards?

19-07-2010, 19:42
So in your opinoin what is required for 2 people to play a game of warhammer? Do you think both people should have thier own rule book, tape measure, dice, and templates if your opponent has them?

At my club all but 1 of the fantasy players are under the ages of 16. So naturally we dont have a ton of money. Pretty much all our pocket money goes to Warhammer. Not everyone can afford a 75 dollar book or spend 10 bucks to get some templates. Most of us dont even have a 2000 point army.

So sometimes we'll have 2 rulebooks for 3 games going on at once. We all know the rules fairly well. But we share templates and tape measures and such because we are all good friends and I dont see the need for everyone to go out and spend money on something that is already readily availale.

Now this is differnet in a pick up game or a torunament. In my opinion you should have everything you need in either of those. So that includes a tape, plenty of dice, all the models you need, your army book and the BRB.

In our club games its a little more lax. I dont mind giving someone a few dice if they I just cast plague on thier unit of 40 goblins and they only have 20 dice.

But if you dont know the person very well I belive you should just re roll dice if you dont have enough. You should have all your templates. And no just memorizing spells from your friends rulebooks is not ok. You should have the book and thats great if you know it from there.

So what are your thoughts?

19-07-2010, 19:52
in a friendly game i don't mind sharing anything. the only thing that would p**s me off is if my opponent didn't have an army book. and maybe a measuring tool.

but i'm with you as far as tourneys. anyone who doesn't have everything he needs minus an opponent is not taking it seriously.

19-07-2010, 20:01
Each game should have all of the required tools. Aside from army specific tools (such as Army books), who provides them is irrelevant.

If gaming in a common environment (game club), I don't see the issue with sharing with mates. However, if you're playing at a tournament, you bring *all* your own stuff.

Lord of Divine Slaughter
19-07-2010, 20:06
Each game should have all of the required tools. Aside from army specific tools (such as Army books), who provides them is irrelevant.

True :)

No game needs more than 1 rule book/tape measure/templates/set of dice, and anyone opposed to sharing wouldn't be worth spending your time on :)

19-07-2010, 20:25
For club games what you have sounds fine. I'm fairly sure the brb has a templates page that you are allowed to photocopy so that should enable you to get enough templates for everyone. You can normally pick a tape measure up for 1 or so enabling most people to have one. As an Orc'n'goblin and guard player I never have enough dice so batch rolling is a way of life. The biggest issue for me is people that turn up without army books and play from memory. Playing from memory is fine if the book is sat next to you and you can check when your unsure of things. I've played too many people that claim to have memorised the army book, without owning it, that have spouted all kinds of rubbish for it to be a genuine mistake any more.

Ultimate Life Form
19-07-2010, 20:30
A game requires two armies (use of some proxies is acceptable, if not desirable), at least one copy of the rules, army books, dice, tape measure and most importantly the willingness of both players to play along the rules, even and especially when they're detrimental to your plans.

19-07-2010, 20:35
Different environments, different requirements.

If you're going to a tournament, bring everything you actually need (i.e. if you don't use blast templates at all, you don't have to bring them). That includes BRB, armybook, faq, dice, templates, rulers, etc. You will almost certainly not use all of it, so as to not mix up ownership.

For friendly games, whatever goes.

19-07-2010, 20:43
It is more convenient if both players have their own dice and measuring tape, etc, but I don't really mind.

19-07-2010, 20:44
No game needs more than 1 rule book/tape measure/templates/set of dice, and anyone opposed to sharing wouldn't be worth spending your time on :)

Get your own 50p tapemeasure! Cheapass! :P

In seriousness, I do get annoyed having to share things with people because they wont buy their own.

I get even more annoyed because I run a store, and rather than buying accessories from me. (eg. dice) a lot of people just "borrow" mine. And by borrow, I often mean "Go take without asking, then lose some".

I actually do provide tape measures. The younger customers fiddle with them, and eventually break them. I replace them in batches every X months. When we get down to 1 tape measure between multiple people, it becomes a pain.

Given the low cost of measures and dice, I dont see it as prohibitive to owning them. 5 will get you a measure and a full box of dice.

I get why people in a club would share a rulebook, especially given the price. Never expect to just share an opponents in a shop though. (And never expect to just go use the store owners... he might be being very pissy because some idiot just tore a page in his new book while "borrowing" it without asking... *grumble*).

19-07-2010, 20:45
Movement trays.

You forget those and I will refuse to play you.
(unless you, or more likely those around us at the store can come up with some for you to use)

I won't refuse an opponent for any other reason, but this is the singular thing that I cannot stand. I do carry several extra movement trays but not enough for an entire army.

19-07-2010, 22:34
My measuring tapes and templates keep getting stolen. It is intolerable. My dice I have less of a problem with but they do periodically wander off. I need a dice bag.

Lord of Divine Slaughter
19-07-2010, 22:55
Get your own 50p tapemeasure! Cheapass! :P

I've got one, and you're welcome to borrow it ;)


The only thing, I'd expect from people, would be to have an army and the appropriate army book. Everything else can easily be forgotten or left at home :)

19-07-2010, 22:59
Even for tournament play I have found it is ok if you honestly forget a template or a scatter dice and you have to borrow that from your opponent. I certainly wouldn't mind my opponent borrowing something like that from me during a tourney game. From some of the responses here I gather that some people actually might find that annoying... I think that even at tournaments you're still supposed to have fun and I'll be damned before I let my fun be lessened because I get annoyed when someone forgets to bring a template...

Now, forgetting your armybook on the other hand...

19-07-2010, 23:05
I wouldnt mind my opponent borrowing any templates of measuring devices. He has to have his army book and full army. Disclaimer:If he is sick, then I might reconsider.

19-07-2010, 23:24
Example - random nice guy/good sport gamer at tournament/in game store has otherwise complete army and equipment...but forgets his Template... = no worries, use mine. :)

Example - random less-then-nice-gamer-above uses proxies, doesn't have a book for his army, *forgets* his templates/dice/etc... = a problem.

Context is everything. If you're a good sport and well prepared, I'll meet you at least half way... If you're a jerk, don't expect me to enable your poor behaviour... :shifty: