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20-07-2010, 15:16
The pictures from warhammer world showed some screens of digital sculpting software.


Do they actually use 3D printers to generate models, or is it just used as part of the design process; ie do they still have to sculpt them by hand?

ulruk headsplitter
20-07-2010, 15:48
there's alot of topics on this, sofar i know they design the molds with 3d software, but sculpt the 3-ups (perhaps they scan the 3-ups, make em smaller and make molds)

Chaos and Evil
20-07-2010, 16:21
Sometimes they use 3d printers to make metal models too, like with the Thunderfire Cannon.

20-07-2010, 18:28
There's an article in White Dwarf 337 (UK) about the design team, with a picture of Colin Grayson using some computer software designing the Corpse Cart.
Also a picture of Mark Harrison sculpting a miniature "using the more traditional method"

21-07-2010, 11:44
They do have a machine for producing a resin model in the CAD room but it is very slow. They also have a machine that they use to destory models slice by slice to scan them into the computers too.

22-07-2010, 09:34
This is from 2005, but gives a brief account of 'How we do it'

Edit: Pages 20-21 of the file, pages 18-19 of the brochure


It does mention a few of the methods / tools used.

Edit 2, off topic: Also, brochure page 15... bad, bad, bad photo.

22-07-2010, 17:00
Interesting article about how WGF does it:

22-07-2010, 18:07
I posted this info a while back in another thread, but here it is again:

GW uses Freeform by Sensible, with the Phantom Desktop haptic device.


I don't think they used Claytools, since Freeform can do pretty much everything Claytools can but I do remember one of the sculptors using Rhino for "mechanical" or straight-line" work. He said mesh sculpting is more suited to that type of work and Rhino is compatible and can be used with the Phantom Desktop haptic tool.

26-07-2010, 09:03
there are a number of smaller miniature companies that are using 3D software for sculpting, companies like Kingdom of Death, http://www.kingdom-death.com/