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21-07-2010, 06:21
Heya all I was always a big undead fan I played the list way back before they were melded together then played the first vampire counts book I wanna come back to dead things but I want to make a old undead army with a Lich like the old days which undead army would be the closest to it?

21-07-2010, 06:23
ack nevermind this one!

21-07-2010, 06:49
The tomb kings have liche priests, but they work a bit differently than the old Liches. Nagash and his Liche (not liche priests) and necromancer lords are not currently in the game. When the new VC book was released they said in WD that they had other plans for lord level necromancers, and it is widely speculated that the Army of the Cairns list in WD a few years back (lead by Heinrich Kemler and Krell--who in the fluff are now doing Nagash's bidding) was an initial test run on a planned Necromancer Army (lead by Nagash etc). However that has not yet substantiated into much more than speculation and rumor.

As an old Undead player myself, I play both VC and TK (though I think I prefer the idea behind how TK work more) and eagerly await our 3rd book.