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23-07-2010, 08:50
Seriously? You ask some general rules questions to clear up issues, and the quote rules references and FAQs that are completely irrelevant.

The Cygor can reroll to hit against models with a Parry save, as technically this is a Ward save... Is this intentional?

Answer- A model may Parry against a number of attacks, and the rerolls generated by the Cygor will not prevent them from taking the save.


I'm up to 4 emails now, trying to re-explain all of my questions... I'm on the verge of drawing them some pictures... Not to mention they answered my original email in 2 parts because they "Didn't have time to deal with it all at once" >_>

Ultimate Life Form
23-07-2010, 08:54
Well... in their defense, at least what they wrote is correct. :shifty:

23-07-2010, 09:16
Remember that when asked any kind of complicated question, you'll just recieve an answer designed to allow you to play on with your game.

A very uppity (read: Irritating) local player used to ring them after games and ask them about rules to contest losing. (Immature, eh?)

If he asked a leading question, they would allways just tell him he was right, for simplicitys sake.

23-07-2010, 12:13
so xxRavenxx, why would anyone continue that player that would call in for rules? I'm curious because after he did it once he's done with me since I play for fun.

Also, The one time I sent an e-mail in asking about a rule I got a response back fairly quickly I thought. It was a stupid questions when I first started out asking if I could scout move onto the board before the game begins in a dawn of war scenario in 40K.

Good luck Paraelix.

23-07-2010, 13:37
In their defense I doubt they can tell you whether it's intentional or not, because they probably don't have access to whomever wrote the Beastmen book (and for that matter, the new Parry rules) to ask them. As far as I can tell that is what would be required. This is not to say that the rules authors shouldn't have provided them with some guidelines for answering questions about the new Parry, but I have a feeling they may not have.

But yeah, the new Parry is weird that way and could probably use some clarification, because there are certainly other rules that play oddly with it. It's meant to be a physical defense provided by a weapon, but a lot of the rules that affect Ward saves are obviously designed with the 7th Ed. (and previous) mindset that Wards are both considerably more limited in availability and almost always provided by magical means.

Having said that, for now I'd play it with the re-roll. It would work against other entire units with Wards such as Daemons or Forest Spirits, so I would *guess* that they'd tell you it works against hw/s too. Odd but probably how it will go, IMO. We do have the precedent of certain Skaven units getting Wards to represent dodging--similar in concept to Parry--and AFAIK the Cygor ability always worked on them.

23-07-2010, 16:06
Well I'm not as miffed now that the BRB FAQ is out... it cleared up alot of the "stupid internet forum ruleslawyery" questions like Ethereal Casters and "Touched" by templates...