View Full Version : "Anger of the Gods" spell

23-07-2010, 23:24
I was wondering if we're doing this correctly.

Our example....... my opponent casts this spell, and my unit is 40cm away from the sorcerer when it's cast. If i give a command to that unit, and move it inside the radius of the spell, is it then affected by the Anger of the Gods spell?

Or does it only affect the units within 30cm on it's initial casting?

(we've been playing it that the spell remains active, and affects anyone walking into the 30cm radius)

24-07-2010, 15:09
We always play that it only affects those units initially in range of the spell.

15-08-2010, 23:43
We should probably clarify just in case people aren't sure, it's been answered on another site.

Once the spell is cast it affects anyone walking into the 30cm radius