View Full Version : Cygor, Shields.

28-07-2010, 23:19
So the Cygor gets to reroll all hits against models with a Ward save. Hand Weapon and Shield confers a 6+ Ward save. There was talk of this when rumours of 8th Ed. was floating around, but they were quickly dismissed because it was believed that the parry save didn't apply against monsters. However, as far as I can tell this is only true against a monsters Thunderstomp hits.

So, the Cygor single minded hatred against everything magical extends to anyone foolish enough to pick up a shield and a pointy stick at the same time. Which is ... silly.

28-07-2010, 23:21
Yes. As the rules currently stand you do get rerolls. This has been covered in several threads and the Beastman Tactica thread.

28-07-2010, 23:22
Actually, if the pointy stick was long enough you'd be ok, as you cannot now elect to use HW+shield over Spear+Shield, so warriors with Spear+Shield, being unable to get a Ward save from it, are safe. If however, you have a little stick, you are, RAW, a little bit stuffed. :p

Personally I'd follow RAI with this, but hey, Beastmen need the help...