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18-08-2010, 07:35
Alright everyone; okay, so the title is a bit misleading. I say "final" not because I'm all doom and gloom, but rather, because I want to choose an army and build it into something truly massive. This army will be my main army. It will be my wargaming pride and joy. Right now, I have a few armies, but they were all started when I was younger and dumb, or, they just didnt catch me perfectly. I still play these armies and enjoy them, but the pride is just not as high as it will be with this one.

To that end, I'm here, to choose an army that will be my signature force, and I believe I'm stuck at a cross-roads. I have asked this question before, and to repeat viewers I apologize (yes its me again), but I'm stuck between two major choices, and a third darkhorse. The ones who have my greatest attention are: Dwarfs and High Elves. That valiant fluff is too inspiring sometimes! I love it!

The darkhorse, however, in all its gloom and debauchery and sheer will-for-world-dominance is Daemons of Chaos; and it earns this darkhorse for a very interesting: It could be my signature army in BOTH 40k and beloved fantasty. That is why it gets this spot above other armies I also somewhat like.

Anyway, rambling aside; I'm going to keep this simple and ask you to convince me, (without knowing anything about me beyond what I've written) to choose between High Elves and their arrogance; Dwarfs and their warmachines, or, the underdog, the great and ominous daemonic horde.

The only thing I will say about me is that I'm huge into background and fluff, and less into having a very powerful army or list. I enjoy the game, and I want an army I can lead into hell and back. I want an army such that when people thing of "Des" they think of: [Insert my awesome army here]! This is an army the bards will sing about for eons! Yes! Eons!

So, pray tell:

|Why should or shouldn't I lead the resplendant and haughty High Elves to their rightful throne?

|Why should or shouldn't I sally forth the Dwarfs for one last glorious march... one final defence?

|Why should or shouldn't I pledge to the very stuff of horror, to Daemons of pure emotion and will, from which there is no possible escape; no possibility for real victory; and no possible force to bind them? (The least likely, since a valiant, awe-inspiring force is what I'm after; but there's something about these guys...:shifty: )

I'm open to any and all suggestions; any and all reasons.

Thanks so much everyone who bothers. :) [btw my other forces are Bretonnia, Orcs, and Ogres; if it matters]

18-08-2010, 08:24
I am going to vote Dwarfs due to their long-term collect-ability.
I got into WHFB last year when a friend and I split Battle for Skull Pass.

I don't get to play much Warhammer, but I study the rules and lurk on the forums a lot. I also haunt ebay to see the amazing back catalog of Dwarven minis.

I am sure there are a lot of elven minis from over the years, but I doubt any army comes close to Dwarfs for sheer variety. I saw some guy's army that was built with EACH miniature being unique. It was a big army I dunno maybe 3000+ points. Collecting something like that is a lifetime hobby. Of course if you are into sculpting instead of collecting you could have unique troops but that's a totally different hobby.

By now I have retired all my plastic Dwarfs except for the BfSP miners, which I like still. But my goal is to field a competitive all-metal army in the near future. I know some people prefer plastics, but I think if you asked those who love the Dwarfs, metal would win out by a big margin; it just fits their stubborn character so much better.

Also, don't get stuck on the idea that Dwarfs are all about war machines. I think once the Gyro gets FAQ'd you'll see some really fun mobile lists. (I've got 2 that I'm dying to field together) WM's certainly are the greatest strength of the army, but there is room to switch it up a bit to throw your regular opponents off-guard.

18-08-2010, 08:52
I don't personally enjoy either of armies, but I'd defend the choice of High Elves, for the following reasons.

- new, updated units arriving next month in the IoB box
- probability of acquiring these units cheaply from people who buy the box for Skaven
- the general truth that HE seem to be, more and more, one of the "flagship" armies of the game. Inclusion in the new starter set, the fact that a universal special rule in the new book was written to directly benefit them, the likelihood that their book will be redone before its "deserved" time in the rotation, etc.

18-08-2010, 09:08
Dwarves! Someone has to preserve the old ways (that and if they do release an ancestor cannon, you want to serve not receive the pain!)

18-08-2010, 10:06
High elves will be easier to build into a grand army I would think.

Dwarves are a little samey in aesthetics, being comprised of blocks of short beardy guys, and cannons.

High elves have plenty of variety in looks. Chariots, dragons, eagles, white lions and other types of men.

I'd vote demons, as theres some lovely color options, but they dont really seem to be everyones cup of tea. If you like the look of them, do them, you can essentially make 4 armies in the longterm, and mix and match for games.

18-08-2010, 10:21
High Elves, just for the ease of access to the models through IoB, and all the new sets coming up. You will basically be able to collect the entire army in plastic, which I always find nice. And as one of the flagship armies their rules will tend to remain competitive.


Little Joe
18-08-2010, 10:44
I vote the dwarfs, this is why:

+ more strategic in 8th
+ generally OK in every edition
+ slayers (you said you liked fluff)
+ a lot of nice models over the years who still fit in the current generation. You will have an overflow of models to represent your heroes(I just stopped counting and am thinking of using them as unit champions with only the extravagant ones as heroes)
+ collectability, I try to have one of each war machine made for example, giving me the full range of options and many unique units without the need of converting(so many different crews out there).
+ new plastics look good
- very expensive even if don't you go full scale collecting, it's a lot of metal(special units)
- not much of a converting army and plastic units aren't that interchangable to get a lot of different faces(it's the arms), but possible if you like it.

I may be off in my head, but second would be the HE. Cool new looks, a lot of interchangeble plastic(even more to come). And some big models to show your painting skills off with. Personally I would go for the shadowking fluffwise.

Demons mostly don't look good in plastic and I wouldn't want to pay the prices for getting a 6th metal army. Also boring fluff: we are invicible and will always return eventually:wtf:. Going 40k with them also has a problem with bases(maybe magnets would work).

18-08-2010, 10:44
Which army has the coolest models? Which are most fun to paint?