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18-08-2010, 11:03
I was just curious to know how many you on warseer have a large collection of models for one army, something you could place on a large table and it would look like an epic battle from a 40k novel. As in, to actually play a large WAggghhh!, a true space marine chapter, a chaos warhost, a tyranid swarm, etc. I'm not talking a collection of multiple 1500-2000 pt different armies (1500pts of eldar, 2000 of marines, 1000 of tau) you have used in an apoc game or can use. I'm talking, can you put together a 1000 marines of one chapter, with thunderhawks, tanks, some guard allies and even a titan legion? Ditto with chaos. Let's say.... 15,000+pts of this force.

How many players out their can do this? Or do most of us that have lots of armies and/or been in the hobby for awhile just have many different types?

If you do, what army? Can any of you say you have a titan legion (i,e lets say more than 3 titans?)

OR does this just baffle you and make you think "Who the heck has that amount of time?!?!?"

18-08-2010, 11:24
I had to choose all three; I have at least two armies of 20,000 points.

I have a few more in the 3 - 8,000 point range.

I have Titans and Superheavies for three of those armies..in one case five of them.

Sister Sin

18-08-2010, 11:27
I can field around 19000 points of Plague Zombies before I add anything else to them, lol!

However, most of my armies at present average around 6000 - 11000 points as I'm working through a few and rounding them out a little bit.

18-08-2010, 11:55
I can field around 19000 points of Plague Zombies before I add anything else to them, lol!

However, most of my armies at present average around 6000 - 11000 points as I'm working through a few and rounding them out a little bit.

19,000 pts! you have roughly 3000 zombie models?:wtf: wow....kudos. hardcore.

18-08-2010, 12:09
I'm somewhere in between with about 10K of IG, 10K of CSM and 7K Dark Eldar.

18-08-2010, 12:17
I've got about 9-10k of Guard, as one cohesive, fairly balanced force. Deployed, it looks right.

Some option on the poll between ~3k and ~20K might be good as well.

Born Again
18-08-2010, 12:21
I tend to collect armies to a 1000-1500 points limit before I feel like moving on to a new army. This usually allows me to get everything I want in the army model-wise, the total points cost will be higher for expensive armies like Chaos or Marines.

I do this with the intention to come back to the army at a later date though. So while I have 1000 pts of Goff orks now, I've always wanted to do a shooty Bad Moonz army. When I feel like painting some orks again I'll do this, and mash 'em together for a 2k pts army.

18-08-2010, 13:18
I've got an IG army of close to 30K points. My other armies range from 1500 to 19K points.
So I voted the 1st two options.

18-08-2010, 13:56
Hehe it dosnt count unless it's painted!!

18-08-2010, 14:15
I read the title thinking this would be about having count-as armies of Tribbles :wtf:

Not quite sure how big in points my Orks are, but its nowhere near the tens of thousands of Orks that could be expected in a full Waaagh! Awesome as it may be it would be pretty rediculous, trying to move a 100 model green tide in apoc was bad enough let alone green tides of 300-1000... :eek:

18-08-2010, 15:03
I picked the second one.
Though no longer legal my Latd is quite sizable and contains not only units from the EOT Codex but also units from the Chaos Cult and Daemon World sections of the 2nd edition of the Chaos Space Marine Codex.

So yes my Latd has it all. Mutants, Big Mutants, Chaos Hounds, Plague Zombies, Chaos Spawn, Trolls, Minotaurs, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights, Beastmen, Cultists, Traitor Guardsmen, Magus' and a few other things I'm trying to make myself.
I'm rather proud of my Daemon World army.

18-08-2010, 15:11
400 or so Black templars, with 9 dreadnoughts, 6 LRCs and about a dozen rhino variants.

Not sure that counts

18-08-2010, 16:55
I had about 15,000 points of Eldar, enough to easily field a Craftworld Warhost, and do full armies from all the old Craftworld lists, but I have sold all but about 4,000 points of them, as I've realized I really didn't need that much and could get money for it.

18-08-2010, 17:53
I'd have about 10k of marines but split across four chapters. My DA succesors must be coming up on 5000 by now...and yeah, most of that is painted...most

18-08-2010, 18:15
I have about 10k of Biel-tan Eldar. I play one person who can field EVERY available formation for apoc with his guard. I play with someone else who has over 2000 painted ork boyz, 6 painted stompas and about 17k total painted orks. He has like 10 squads of 10 tankbustas who always outflank. I don't think he has ever lost an apoc game.

18-08-2010, 18:22
I've never bothered with big armies, they cost too much and I don't have the time to play big games. I lucked out and a really nice guy gifted me his Eldar army when I said I was getting back into the game, it's about 2800 points of options, but only 2200 can be fit into a force org. I could probaly squeak that to 2500 with useful upgrades, but I don't have th time for those kinds of games. Really, I just have a LOT of options for the 750 and 1000 point games I like to play lol! I do like to build armies to 1500 just in case I have a whole afternoon free. I have 1500 points of very boring Space Marines (a Captain, 2 Dreads, 5 Tac Squads, and a Land Raider,) and 1500 points of Dark Eldar left over from 3rd edition, complete with the 500 point tooled-up-Archon-and-retinue-doom-squad. I used to have many small half-started armies, but I got tired of dividing my focus and never being ale to play a game. So I am building my own Eldar army (the gifted army is very nicely painted, but not fully my playstyle) which is almost ready to roll at 750 points. Once it hits 1500 points, I will start on a Tau army.

18-08-2010, 19:04
About 5000pts of Black Templars (not all painted, actually not even close)

18-08-2010, 19:33
I have 5 armies between 1000 and 3000 points: Orks, Marines, Chaos Marines, Guard, and Traitor Guard. Of course, I can combine my armies for Apocalypse, which is why I have Marines/Guard and Chaos/Traitors.

I've only got 10k total in models. How the hell do some people have 50k+? Madness/envy.

18-08-2010, 19:37
I've only got 10k total in models. How the hell do some people have 50k+? Madness/envy.
Time, a job, and having more fun building and playing than painting. Plus an unwillingness to sell off models.

I'd have to count it up and sort it, but for the Imperium I'd say I had better than half a chapter of Astartes, a battalion of Guard, and some Mechanicus and Inquisitorial support.
At least a full Vet Company, around 60 in Terminator Armor.
2-3 Battle Companies, plus a bunch of extra Tac Squads
2/3 of a Scout Company
20-25 Bikers
20-25 HQ models
3-4 Assault Bikes
12 Dreadnoughts
3 Whirlwinds
3 Vindicators
2 Baal Predators
3 Predator Destructors
3 Predator Annhilators
2 Land Raiders
Land Raider Redeemer
3-4 Razorbacks
5-6 Rhinos
2 Drop Pods
6-7 Land Speeders

Grey Knights support:
25-30 PAGKs
~10 TAGKs
Land Raider

Sororitas support:
~30 Sisters

20-30 Officers and Advisors
~10 Sergeants
~70 plain infantry
~40 Special Weapon troopers
~10 HWTs
50-70 Veterans
3 Ogryns
7 Chimaeras
2 Valkyries
1 Vendetta
1 Vulture
9+ Sentinels
9+ Leman Russes
1 Hydra
2 Basilisks
1 Ordinance tank hull
3 Baneblades
1 Shadowsword

Legio Custodiae
Warhound Ferrus Lupis
Reaver Aurora Malleus

18-08-2010, 19:38
i currently have just over 38,000 points of chaos (black legion) which i am constantly expanding just ordered the new marines from forgeworld on top of that i have 10 super heavys. 6k of daemons which will be expanded this year and 10k of renegade guard plus i'm looking to get the forgeworld chaos reaver titan. Thats my lot lol

18-08-2010, 19:43
I fall in between option one and two. I have an Fallen army that is around some 5000-8000p depending on how I represent their fluff. It's only about 100 models, and even then the 20 tactical marines feel a bit misplaced along the somewhere around 50 terminators tbh. The 9 bikes feel okay since they are the scouts and beacons though.

But in terms of fluff I feel it's quite reasonaly sized for a full force of them.

Otherwise I also have some 4000-6000 imperial guards, about 2500-3000p nurgle and about 2500-3000p tau.

18-08-2010, 20:09
I used to have a bunch of 4,000 plus point armies. I sold them and bought a car. :)

I'm back down to a single, modest sized Space Marine army again.

18-08-2010, 20:20
I have about 4,000 points of guard, though it's not all GW- about 1500 points made of Pig Iron infantry and Old Crow vehicles, the other 2500 is Cadian.

I also have about 1000 points of sisters of battle and 500 points of inquisition, making for a ~1500 point Witch Hunter force.

Finally, I have 750 points of Black Templars and 750 points of Night Lords that I've decided I'm not allowed to open, assemble, or paint until I've 100%'ed my Guard and WH. Although most of my infantry are all done, I hate painting vehicles and most have a very simple 2-tone or 3-tone paintjob that I intend on finishing improving in this year's 40k tale of painters.

18-08-2010, 20:25
I have between 8-10 K of Necrons including two pylons, 3 monoliths and a doomsday monolith. Fun stuff for apocalypse.

18-08-2010, 20:37
Approx 10k of fully painted and based Tyranids that make up Hive fleet Scheer. This includes the best part of 200 gaunts as well as the usual horde of warriors etc. big boy support comes from one scythed and one barbed hierodule + a pair of Trygons. Will round out with a Heirophant this year before the VAT goes up!

Also have about 8-9k of Angels Sanguine. Vast majority of this army is made up of 2-3 boxes of the RTB01's bought back in 87/88 and given a good strip down and repaint. Requires a few extra bits and bobs in the way of a landraider, the snaguinor and some of the new honour guard. Currently stripping down 10 mk14 bullock jet cycles to use as normal marine bikers

18-08-2010, 22:08
So now 2-3000 is medium to large, and the next step is 20,000? 3000 is really a starter force, enough points to give options in small games and play in Ard Boyz. I have 5-6 armies in the 10k range. Although I am currently in the process of cutting them down as I normally only use a small part of each force on a regular basis.

18-08-2010, 22:13
19,000 pts! you have roughly 3000 zombie models?:wtf: wow....kudos. hardcore.

It's one of those things that naturally happened. Over the years I've picked up alot of zombies and converted them (normally making them look more 40k) and it got out of hand. I have personally started a Zombie Apocalypse in my house. Sadly they're mostly in storage, like most of my stuff, otherwise I'd have to get a 2nd house to live in, lol.

Thanks though :)

18-08-2010, 23:51
I have about 8k of guard, mostly infantry in chimeras and leman russes, while i have about 22k worth of necrons, including 4 pylons, 15 monoliths (3 of which are super monoliths) and the most fun about this army is that i have 1000 necron warriors.

Why did i buy so much? apoc.. do i regret it? hell no! 1000 warriors advancing across a gaming board backed up by 15 monoliths is one awesome sight!

19-08-2010, 00:01
This is kind of embarrassing, but I have 15K+ in Necrons when you factor in apocolypse formations and wargear.

1 Deciever
1 Night Bringer
2 Destroyer Lords
6 Regular lords
3 custom made lords
180+ Warriors
30 Immortals
30 Flayed Ones
15 Pariahs
30 Destroyers
44 Scarabs
12 Wraiths
9 Hvy Destroyers
9 Tomb Spyders
4 Monolith
1 Doomsday Monolith
2 Pylons

Sadly, I may still want to pick up a 3rd Pylon, and scratch built some bastions (which would count as defense lasers in apocolypse) and such.

19-08-2010, 09:46
Sweetness! Glad to hear there are masses of one army type. I've always been a fan of the large-scale 40k games. Mostly because when I first started years ago, one of my first games was a 60,000 mega battle(per side) with phantom titans and gargants. Some say that if your looking for big, play epic...but...there is just something about normal scale that looks and feels more epic. I was new and all I had was 18 thousand sons, a rhino and ahriman.:D YAY! I was trounced by orks in a turn. YAY!

Since then.....Thousand Sons. Over a 100 rubric marines, 60 rubric/normal termies, 20 daemon princes, 8 lords of change, 80 horrors, 30 screamers, 30 flamers, tanks, etc........basically a lot of Tzeentch. A ton of various chaos units of all flavors (except nurgle), latd, traitor guard, hell talons, bombers, 2 warhounds, a reaver, a warlord (all marked Tzeentch and of the Suns of Damnation titan legion). Mutated super-heavy tanks, silver towers, etc.
Over 40,000 of chaos overall with 80% being Thousand Sons/Tzeentch.

I am curious to see if anyone else out in the ether has collected a massed space wolf army? :)

19-08-2010, 10:06
I currently stand at about 30,000 points of Black Legion and about 10,000 points of Daemons. I had no interest in a second army and only got one when GW split Daemons and CSM. I working with 8 superheavies and I'm recently in the market for a second Warhound. I like the flexibility of the Black Legion and I've never really looked at anything else.

19-08-2010, 11:25
Including Apoc formations & assembled but unpainted models I have 20-23k of Eldar (50+ Harlequins!), including the old Armorcast Revenant and Tempest/Scorpion.

Then a few 1.5-3k armies including Squats, Orks, Plague Marines and Skaven.

19-08-2010, 14:51
H'mm. I'll have to vote in all the options basically.
I can do 3k necrons, 1.5k grey knights, 4.5k Imperial guard, 2k space marines, 2.5k orks, 6.5k battle sisters and 15k tyranids.
All painted.

The most I've fielded at once was 9k of tyranids a couple of years back. Movement phase was a bit mad..:cries::D

20-08-2010, 06:32
I never expand this far. I usually give up buying new stuff for the army by the time I hit my first 2500 pt list. My thinking is that, if it doesn't fit into one Force Org, why? Granted, I've been playing since early 3rd edition (in perspective, remember when the last Fire Prism model came out?) and I've cobbled together quite the forces since then. I can make 2.5k out of my Tyranids, Chaos Marines, Daemons, and even Tau (if I could ever find where I put those fifty-odd flying bases :cries:), while my Templars can hit an equivalent value if I ally in some Grey Knights. I also used to have a similarly-sized Necron army, but I got bored with them after one month, stored 'em, took 'em out a few years later, got slammed around, stored 'em again, and finally sold 'em off.

20-08-2010, 06:42
And I thought having 5000+ points of white scars was bad....

I used to own 130 grey knights in power armor and 40 in terminator armor with a full complement of dreadnoughts and landraiders but I have sold about half of it off because I never got to use all of them.