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19-08-2010, 17:48
My wood elves are yet to win in 8th edition, despite there best efforts they took a pretty bad loss yesterday in a 3k. We play for fun and there was 3 of us so it was a 2v1 against some lizardman/HE combination that probably would have been pretty difficult for any army, shooting, a slann, stagadons, swordmasters... Every combat seemed like a bad choice, and my level 4 wizard dropped on the 2nd turn due to a bolt thrower doing 3 wounds, and me rolling a 1 on look out sir(lady). Anyway my other battles havent been great either!

My fluff has been no tree spirits, although I have decided to purchase a treeman, and he can be some tortured captured forest creature. Its one of the cool old ones that looks rather miserable. ( i keep reading "cool old ones" as cold ones, darn those lizard men)

I need to make a 2000 point list, I have access to everything but treekin and dryads. I will be playing highelves, vampire counts, warriors of chaos, or deamons. (such easy choices!)

Advice on any good combos you have found in 8th?

19-08-2010, 18:14
I won a wood elf versus VC game yesterday. I never use WE and was only using it as I'm currently re-doing my army. I found that the dwellers below is an awesome spell. I generally just put 6 dice with the Spellweaver at LV4 and spammed his necromancer led units. Because his necromancers have poor strength they generally died, so I was killing a necromancer a turn.

I found the unit of dryads I had to be next to useless and they died quite quickly. I just spammed shooting at his main unit and wittled them away slowly. Glade Guard are awesome, in big units.

19-08-2010, 19:06
With no forest spirits you are going to have trouble. The most effective WE units in 8e are Dryads, Tree Kin (especially Tree Kin) and Treemen. Eternal Guard can be okay, but that's about it.

19-08-2010, 19:09
Was your wizard in a unit? Unless there are 5 or less RnF models your wizard can't be targeted by a bolt thrower. Of course if the wizard is on his(her) own then he(she) takes the risks.

19-08-2010, 19:10
any 2v1 is a hard battle. The team with 2 can simply cover eachother's weaknesses while capitalizing on both their strengths

19-08-2010, 19:22
the 2v1 was just the worst loss, yea the wizard was in a unit of 19 glade gaurd when shot it. Darn our inferior rules knowledge, he said he could aim at it but only hit it if i rolled a 1 on my look out sir. and sure enough:P

What does RnF stand for so i can triumphantly put an astrisk next to my loss when explaining how my wizard was about to unleash all kinds of butt kicking

Eternal gaurd were really good at holding for 3 turns against a unit of saurus warriors of the same size. I noted during that combat that they were basically the exact same thing, 2 attacks, and spears. vs 2 hand weapon/spears. They were less points, had higher toughness, better armour, and higher strength. Going first was nice though:)

Wardancers were the games least useful unit, and i really regreted taking 24 of them, they found themselves charging in, killing a good ammount, living for the turn due to wardsave dance and high weaponskill. Killing about the same ammount turn 2 using the +1 attack dance, and then they were entirly destroyed.

I actualled proxied my chaos giant as a treeman for the 2v1 battle and he did quite well mowed down a unit of dragon princes, gained 1 wound from a lore of life thingy which would have been awesome if he had lived longer. (he failed his LD 10 stubborn check against some stupid saurus warriors that he was crushing too bits) Close enough to the general but just an inch too far from the BSB! Still he was pretty awesome at smashing.

Treekin are awesome, but the treeman is already pushing my fluff! And i hate the models so its a double no. A link to alternative treekin models might convince me otherwise tho!

My khorne warriors of chaos played in a 1250 vs the lizard men and essentially just moved straight and destroyed everything. The long range charge and that banner of M+1 made for one scary unit. Still I have a lot more fun with my woodelves, but conceeding around turn 3-4 takes away from it a bit:P

19-08-2010, 21:19
RnF = Rank and File. It is your basic troops in the unit. With 19 troops in the unit there is no way your wizard could be the target of a bolt thrower.

However he could be the target of a cannon or rock lobber and that's when you need the look out sir roll.

So it seems you got a bad break but next time you can pull out the rule book and show him how shooting and bolt throwers work.