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19-08-2010, 17:46
Hi guys, well I'm getting into Warhammer Quest after years wanting to.

I will be getting the Rulebook, Roleplay book, a full deck of Event cards and Dungeon cards.

I will be making rooms etc myself, and also things like the trap marker etc, and will use the models I have in my collections.

Will I require anything else? Maybe magic cards and hero cards or will this information be in one of the two books (Still on way from ebay)?

19-08-2010, 17:48
Monsters. Lots of monsters.

Edit: And as many of the hero packs that you can get your hands on.

Double Edit: This is the actual contents...

Books & Materials
How to Play Sheet
Rule Book (32 pages)
Adventure Book (16 pages)
Roleplay Book (192 pages)
50 Page Adventure Record Pad
Citadel Minis (Plastic)
Warriors (Characters)
Monster minis
3 Minotaurs
6 Orc Warriors
6 Orc Archers
6 Goblin Spearmen
6 Night Goblin Archers
12 Snotlings
12 Skaven
12 Giant Spiders
12 Giant Bats
12 Giant Rats
10 Dungeon Doorways

Cards & Decks
19 Event Cards
23 Dungeon Cards
30 Treasure Cards
15 Spell Cards
17 Blank Cards
4 Warrior Cards
4 Battle-Level Cards
4 Equipment Cards
Board Sections (Dungeon Tiles)
6 Dungeon Rooms
5 Objective Rooms
7 Corridors
3 T-junctions
1 Steps
1 Corner
Markers, Counters & Tokens
1 Portcullis Marker
1 Cave-in Marker
3 Pit of Dispair Markers
18 Scenery Markers
4 Warrior Counters
6 Webbed Counters
10 Luck Counters
15 Power Tokens
Dice (6 Large & 12 Small)

19-08-2010, 17:49
Everything you need ruleswise is in the books if you intend to play the full version of the game.

You will need the various treasure and dungeon cards if you want to play the simplified version, without advancement.

If you have the rules and roleplay books, and intend to make your own board sections you will be fine. You are going to need A LOT of monsters though, unless your GM tailors adventures around his own fantasy army.

19-08-2010, 17:52
Everything you're getting should do you, magic cards aren't really needed and all the information for the warriors is somewhere in the roleplay book.

There should be a pdf knocking about on the internet somewhere with all the information for the extra warrior packs they released, which makes the game a lot more fun. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll try e-mail it to you if you give me a pm :cool:

Edit: if you don't get the treasure cards you can always use the treasure tables in the roleplay book, they're just as good!

Mr Feral
19-08-2010, 19:56
I think people have the bare essentials covered to get you started.

I think the great thing about Quest is how you can theme the Monsters (dependant on what you have of course) to make some great narrative games. You say you have your collection to use already, what kind of things have you got in that?

19-08-2010, 21:33
I have Goblins and Undead armies so will pick models from those. After Island of Blood is out I'll have plenty of skaven. I will get some Orcs and then I think it'll just be snotlings, giant rats, spiders and the minotaurs, but I may be able to work around some of those - I'm looking at some minotaurs on Ebay now and the snotlings and spiders I may just reroll or repick if they come up. I don't see many for reasonable proce or quality on ebay at the moment, and may even proxy my own using some new skaven rat things and the rippers from Tyranids etc.

I want to try all aspects of the game and if I have tables to use in the books I will use those. Using some old White Dwarf articles I may create my own characters if I can't find the additional ones from anywhere, and I may just PM you Inandantia!!

BigbyWolf, that list is very useful thank you - all the map sections, furniture and doorways will all be made eventually - I was going to do a 3D space Hulk but I decided the fantasy look is better and easier to do so opted for 3D Quest instead.

I will soon have the old Heroquest game too to help with the monsters.

19-08-2010, 22:30
For cheap (and good) spider models I definately recommend the mega mini tarantulas.


My painted swarm;


20-08-2010, 06:17
Thanks Daemonslave, have PM'd you too.

Those spiders look far better when painted and you've tempted me - they look suitably fantasy and swollen like they should be for spiders far larger than they should be.

As I have done with my new space hulk, I think that a game like Quest with it's self enclosed forces that you won't need to continuously add to, allows for far higher levels of painting and modelling.

Not having the originals is also a good incentive to make my own parts because I'm not replacing anything.

Everyone should check out Mr Feral's blog - those 3d rooms are great - mine will likely be a little flatter than some, and more textured just to have it all fit into a spare space hulk box. I will certainly make a few rooms that have different levels however to add to the effect.

Any htoughts on the best way to do doors linking 3D rooms? I know an actual door isn't really needed but something representative, and to link between different 3d sections could just be some pillars on a base rather than trying to have a matching floor.

20-08-2010, 10:18
Mr. Feral isn't the only one doing a 3d dungeon at the moment. :p

Have a look at my log too if you want some ideas (link in sig)

*Shameless plug I know :D

20-08-2010, 16:13
Was that link there before? I totally missed it! I love the Minotaur and Barbarian.

That 3D set is going to weigh a tonne! I prefer the newer set of tiles you have done and they are very similar to what I intend to do although I'm not sure my tiles will be quite that good as I haven't yet any plans to cast anything.

I will have to look harder into it though as they just look perfect for gaming...

22-08-2010, 08:34
Hi guys I just want to say thanks for the lists and all the other help you've given.

I now just need a few things to get together before I can play.
Orc archers (impossible to find)
Snotlings (Haven't tried finding yet)
Skaven (Waiting for Island of Blood)
Giant Spiders (Need to order)
Barbarian (Haven't decided on a model to use)

I also need to actually make my dungeon but will start that properly this week.

I opted for an Elf model from Avatars of War, am using last years WD Sub model for my Dwarf, and have a Wizard built from the new plastic Wizards kit.

I obtained Giant Rats from the Skaven Doomwheel and all the other models I already have.

My favourite thing about getting this done is that I can now buy models such as Chaos models that I won't feel guilty about because I never intend collecting an army, and also won't need more than one box of anyway. It's nice to be able to buy models I can use, as otherwise I'd put off collecting fun things to paint due to other armies etc.

Thank you again for all your help.

22-08-2010, 09:02
Orc Archers - if you scour ebay you can get the old WHQ ones for cheap, but they are quite dated tbh. Personally I use rackham orc crossbowmen, but they are hard to get these days too. Either way ebay is your friend.

Again same for snotlings, ebay will get you them cheaper than buying from GW. And as for a Barbarian, I use two (just incase two people ever want to play two barbarians in a dungeon). The one in my log is Wolf, from hasslefree (I greenstuffed the hair) and the other is Horthak Blackcrow;


Mr Feral
22-08-2010, 14:26
For Orc Archers, I managed to get some of the plastic GW ones from 6th Edition (the ones from the Empire vs Orcs boxed set) on the cheap. :)

23-08-2010, 05:47
I have checked ebay for the ord archers, but the only ones showing at the moment have been very poorly treated and badly painted. I will keep checking for them - the 4th ed set orcs would be ideal.

I like that Hasslefree guy - I've bought a few models from them before - some came up small compared to GW models - how does he compare?

26-08-2010, 09:46
I like that Hasslefree guy - I've bought a few models from them before - some came up small compared to GW models - how does he compare?

He's a good size, not small at all.


I have checked ebay for the ord archers, but the only ones showing at the moment have been very poorly treated and badly painted. I will keep checking for them - the 4th ed set orcs would be ideal.

You can always buy badly painted models for cheap and then Fairy Power Spray them - works a treat.

Also, I was just skimming through some of my links and I came across these guys, so I thought I would post them here;

http://wargamesfoundry.com/fantasy_ranges/regiments/fantasy/orc/loud_luggasputh_the_mouthy_war_orc_archer_regiment _brorc002/?sector_id=