View Full Version : pre/ post heresey Emperor's Children?...

20-08-2010, 23:10
With the new forgeworld armour sets coming out, 11 years of deliberating has now been pushed forwards. I really fancy doing my EC army. However, the current CSM codex I really don't have any appreciation for but love my raptor, Oblis and diaz daemonettes.

Do I push ahead and do a 'pure' pre-heresey EC force and use codex marines
or a "during heresey" EC force and include some "noise marines" aka sternguard

alternatively just go with a pure CSM force with a smattering of daemons?

either way it'll be using a lot of the new marines from FW as they quite frankly look mint and mean that I don't have to model studded armour?

the alternative choice is to get a drop troop army! - that of course doesn't strictly fit but heh ho.

As I'm currently not a club member - just moved house, thought I post my thoughts on here and see what people think,

many thanks in advance!