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20-08-2010, 23:24
What race/races do you find have the best aesthetics in wh40k? I would add a poll but since there are so many races and legions I think it would be better to just list them. By aesthetics I mean colour scheme, originality of models and general appearance on the table?

I like the Chaos marines, both black legion and khorne probably being the best. Think they're some good colours to be had in both and i really like the vast majority of models save for the chaos dreadnought and possessed marines which are aesthetically the weakest models of the chaos race in my opinion.

The chaos marines would be closely followed by the tyranids (red/bone colour scheme) and possibly dark eldar (red/black colour scheme) or a space marine chapter (Blood angels/dark angels/ultramarines). So what models/races of wh40k do you appreciate the most?

20-08-2010, 23:29
As a race overall, Id go for tyranids (biovore excluded) and eldar. Both races have lots of very well designed miniatures, perhaps a higher proportion than other races

21-08-2010, 00:34
As a race overall, the eldar have the best aesthetics. They are, after all, aesthetes.
To an Eldar, how something looks does effect how it works.

Tyranids are governed by function over form. More ascetic than aesthetic.

21-08-2010, 07:30
Most of that's down to the modellers/painters rather than the product range, isn't it? Even if you stick to 'official' colour schemes the execution thereof can make all the difference.

As far as the minis themselves go it's a toss-up between Jes Goodwin's ranges - the Space Marines and the Eldar. I'd say the Eldar range is the more original/creative and has better designs as-is. On the other hand, the Space Marines are better suited to their purpose as an easy template for modellers/painters to work from.

That said, my favourite army's the Imperial Guard, especially the infantry. They're the only army in 40K that looks like an army.

21-08-2010, 09:24
The Eldar are a winning combination of form and function.

Jes Goodwin's original aspect warriors, with a range of motion expressed throughout the whole squad, are superb, and the smooth organic lines of the vehicles look superb. Those principles have, with varying degrees of sucess, been carried on across the whole line, and they look great.

21-08-2010, 17:06
I've been painting some IG in old school livery of a Rogue Traders mercenary force. Dark Angels Green fatigues and Blood red Flak Armour with Skull White/Shadow Blue helmet and gaiters. Most of them are the old style pre-plastic IG with respirators at the moment, but I'd like to try some of the latest ones to see if it looks as good.

Its nice working with the vibrant colours after 10 years of painting Nightlords, and boy do they stand out on the table!

21-08-2010, 21:28
I agree that any army can be built and painted to look amazing, it all depends on the creativity and talent of the artist. So I'd call it a tie.

21-08-2010, 21:45
Out of the current ranges the Orks win for me in the aesthetics approach, but I love the old RT era Jes Goodwin Eldar. by far some of the finest models to ever get released and my old Eldar army was full of them.

For painting however, you can't beat the good old Grey Knight models. Sheer bliss to sit down with, brush in hand. The scope of the detail is phenomenal even all these years after their release and they hands down beat some of the more recent releases, though I am a little bias loving the DH GK range.

21-08-2010, 22:01
I don't think I could decide. I think every army can look totally badass or like it got beaten with the ugly stick.

I love how good Warp Spiders look, even though they've been the same model for about 20 years. Same with the basic SM Dreadnought. GW only had to do design those models once.

I'm disappointed with how a lot of armies look these days though. Too much mech.

burning crome
22-08-2010, 00:53
very army has it high and low points mostly dependent on taste. The army that for me has the best range over all ei i like pretty much every model is Demon hunters.

22-08-2010, 00:59
the issue i find with daemon hunters is that the termies are really bad, they look really out of proportion, they would be fine if they were a little taller, but oh well, the rest is all good.

for me it deffinatly has to be chaos, i just love the creativity that can be unleashed there :)

Warmaster Bill
22-08-2010, 01:05
A friend of mine plays Grey Knights and I have helped him paint a great deal of them. I must say that they are a joy to paint and look truly amazing when done.

22-08-2010, 02:19
I honestly like the aesthetics of just about everything, though some are certainly stronger than others. For me, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and go with Eldar. There aren't many armies that you can say are just outright beautiful.

There are some close seconds, though. The Thousand Sons would probably be a personal favorite, if they had a few more models. The Witch Hunters are almost there, too. No other Imperial army quite nails the aesthetic quite as well; a church organ tank is just spot on.

Garven Dreis
22-08-2010, 02:45
Chaos Space Marines, not only do they have the nice template of Space Marines, but you have the ability to customize the look of your forces. It's a shame that the codex doesn't allow that customization

22-08-2010, 03:01
I like the aesthetics of 40k in general. I liked the space wolves more in 2nd ed when they weren't absolutely festooned with wolf bits and wore their politically incorrect fur with a little restraint.

The orks have only recently received their IMO best aesthetic designs. 2nd ed was ok, but the models were fairly lacklustre. The same could be argued for the tyranids.

Even space marines didn't look so crash hot in the late RT days. Only the eldar have maintained a fairly consistently high aesthetic design over the years. Probably because Jes Goodwin redesigned them from the ground up in mid 1st ed whilst the space marines were still languishing in beakie hell.


22-08-2010, 05:28
Tau <if you exchange the GW crisis suit with the FW> IMO are the best. Followed VERY closely by Eldar.

I really like the DH design but I feel that the halberd looks out of place, although I believe I am in the minority on that reguard.