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21-08-2010, 22:40
As part of the ongoing effort to give Gorkamorka the attention and development time it deserves some of us over at tUGS (http://gorkamorka.co.uk) have borrowed a concept from modern videogaming. We're throwing this idea out there for the community to scrutinise and give us some feedback.

If you've played on an Xbox 360/PS3/Steam, you'll probably have encountered "achievements" . We thought it might be interesting to apply the concept to Gorkamorka, as an optional thing*. They essentially didn't exist at the time of GoMo's release, so it could be a fun way of modifying player behaviour based on what we know now. For example, they can add longevity to scenarios, encourage players to take risks, engage in certain tactics, and generate a greater level of attachment between the player and his or her mob.

So in the spirit of this here is the initial set of what we like to call "Tagz". They should be achievable by all mob types but it should be noted that we do have lists and plans ready for the other mob types too, which will be released in good time.

Basic Tagz

Killin' Spree! - Take out 3 enemies in hand-to-hand in a single turn (using follow up moves or against multiple attackers)
Blow Da Bloody Doorz Off! - Crack open a fort's gate
No Boyz Left Behind - Rescue a captive
You See Wut Yoo Get Wen Yoo Mess Wit Da WAAAAGHRIORZ? - Win a battle
DOMINATIN'! - Win three consecutive battles
Betta Late Dan Neva' - Engage an enemy model with a group of your reinforcements in the same turn as they arrived on the board
Da Big Nob - Win five battles in a campaign
Da Boss - Win ten battles in a campaign
Thievin' Gitz! - Get away with all the scrap counters in a scenario
'E Punched Out All Me Blud! - In a single round of hand-to-hand gain four or more successful wounds on a single warrior.
We'z Blood Axes - Have five or more models hiding on the table at once (does not include hidden setup)
Tiz But A Flesh Wound - Put a model out of action by reducing them to 0 BS and WS (not yoofs or grots/snots)
Up an' Komin' - Accumulate a mob rating of over 200
Kingz of Beatdown Town - Accumulate a mob rating of over 300
Top Of Da Heap - Accumulate a mob rating of over 400
None Left Standin' - Put all enemy foot models out of action
Road Warriorz - Immobilise all of an enemy mob's vehicles
Wait For It... - Wound/Penetrate vehicle armour with a warrior on overwatch
Winnaz Don't Kwit - Pass three consecutive bottle tests
Da Kumback Kidz - Once your mob is required to take a bottle test, pass it and continue fighting until you force the enemy mob to bottle out.
OI YOO! - Put an enemy warrior out of action using a mob member who has a bitter enmity against them.

The implementation of the idea is as follows - In addition to the roster sheets your mob currently has (or on the back of), there'll be a grid of Tagz. We plan on producing two varieties to cater to both the lazy and the obsessive. The former will have all the Tagz pre-printed with "hollow" rivets in each corner which can be filled in once a Tag is achieved. The latter will be a blank grid and allow the Tagz to be printed as a sheet, cut up into individuals, and then glued onto the empty grid once achieved.

Before I put together a sheet of them I'd like to at least run it by you all to see what you think of the idea. Opinions?

*We want to stress the optional side of this as there are many who strongly dislike the concept of "achievements" and the motivations behind them. We understand totally, I know I personally disliked "achievements" for the longest time, but if you feel like playing with these and your opponents don't, they don't need to. If a few players like them and others don't, that's no problem as the others can ignore them completely.

Edit: Here's some examples of the rivet ones:

A sheet version can be found here (http://i35.tinypic.com/sxgi2q.png).

02-10-2010, 01:24
The basic pack of Tagz has now been released: