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Commissar JVE
22-08-2010, 17:15
Hello and thank you to everyone who reads and replies to my thread! :)

I was just recentyl given some Orc stuff, I was given 8th edition rulebook, Grimgor Ironhide, Block Orc Big Boss and about 60 Black Orcs.

I dont know what type of army to build around that?

Please someone help me???!?!!?!?! :eyebrows:

22-08-2010, 17:18
well, I suppose the first thing you should do is get an orcs and goblins army book if you haven't already gotten one. Then maybe an orc shaman, and some orc choppas.

22-08-2010, 17:21
Seems you got a load of black orcs!

You are lacking on core units now. Get some spiderriders/wolfriders (which ever one you think looks coolest), orc boyz, shaman and a chariot. Perhaps a couple of spearchucka's.

That should give you something to play with.

22-08-2010, 17:27
My personal vote is for a huge block of night goblins (with the new horde rules, go big or go home). They're only 3 points a goblin, why not go crazy? And then........ pop in 3 fanatics per unit. The fanatics may be completely undependable, but that's the fun. Their models are fun, too.

I'd also add some cavalry as core choices, too. I think I'd vote spider riders over the wolves.

22-08-2010, 17:42
It all depends what kind of army you want I guess. O&G have a very diverse army book (that is being redone in not too long I've heard). I suggest looking at some army lists (and other people's comments regarding the list) in the army lists forum to get an idea of what armies generally look like on paper, and then maybe reading some tactics threads. And there is also a O&G forum you could check out, which is very rich with information and active members, from what I've seen. I don't know if I'm allowed to link to other forums, but it's named "Da Warpath", and easy to find on google.

I'm fairly inexperienced with O&G myself, having only tried Battle for Skull Pass, but I don't think you can go wrong with a few Orc Warriors. And, there has been quite a bit of experimenting with the new horde rule in 8th edition, and people seem to have decent success with huge units of Night goblins. But then we're talking like a hundred goblins.

But yeah, I'd look around a bit.

Commissar JVE
22-08-2010, 18:05
Thank you again to all who have helped out so far, please keep them coming!!!!!!! =)

22-08-2010, 18:10
With that many black orcs you are looking at a minimum army size of 1778 to be legal (assuming two units of 29 Blorcs with full command). If you use Grimgor as Grimgor, then your army is running at ~1377 points with nothing special on the second Blorc warboss. Using Grimgor as a second boss (or a warboss) is 1116/1147 points naked. So...assuming you want a standard army of around 2000, you have ~600-9000 points to fill. You absolutely have to have 25% core, and at 2000 points, that is 500 points. Which means, at minimum core with Grimgor you only have 123 points to spend on other things (magic items, other characters, different units), while the other way gives you ~350 points to spend.

I'd definitely suggest converting the Blorc Big boss into a BSB (25 points and worth every penny), and either give him Mork's spirit totem or some extra protection, which'll run you ~50 more points. I'd also suggest a level 2 shaman of some description (Probably orc so you get access to the Waagh! spell, which will be very important for your army), plus give you a little bit more magic defense.

For Core, I'd suggest a couple of units of 25 regular boys with command and shields, plus a couple small wolf rider units (with or without bows, but at with musicians) for warmachine/lone wizard hunting. That'll run you just over 500 points. You'll have ~170 points or so left over at this point. I'd definitely give your Warboss some equipment. Martog's best Basha is a really good, cheap, magic weapon. That with the armor of destiny gives you a survivable and versatile general for not too much investment. The last ~100 points I'd either spend on a lobba and a chucka or a chariot and some more boys.

Commissar JVE
22-08-2010, 19:34
WOW SamVimes!!!!!!!!!!! i like that info...im going to use it...great job my friend =)

22-08-2010, 19:40
Get 60 more BOrcs and Have a Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Theres never a Bad option when going Green, Just get the Book Read the Fluff and Paint your Army.....................Good Luck and Welcome to Da Tunder DOOM!!!!!!