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22-08-2010, 23:56
Ok, i was planning on starting off OnG long time ago, but never got the boost needed to nor the incentive due to falling into 40k too much for a while :D

Now i'm looking at what i can do with what i have on me

I have:
1x mounted orc boss
1x BSB
1x Savage Shaman
2x NG Shaman
38x Orc Boyz (Hw&S+FC)
40x NG (FC, Nets, 3x Fanatics)
10x Spider riders (Champ, Musician, Bows)
4x Spear chukkas
1x Chariot
1x Doom diver

i'm just stuck on what to add now...
I was thinking of semi-competitive list... as in, it's not themed, i haven't had a single game since 8th came out,.. and i used to play all NG army back in 6th... so it's kinda big leap for me in play style.

I was thinking of adding about another dozen of boar boys, few black orcs, trolls (all the new stuffs look gob smackingly good!)

anyway. please advice me whether i would need more number as in more orcs or goblins? or just adding few nice shiny stuff will suffice?


23-08-2010, 00:03
I suggest you to try the army out as it is to see what you feel you lack, you have a solid start so now it's just up to see what you want.

23-08-2010, 00:11
well whichever way you fall a Giant and 6 trolls will always be a great addition - no matter what! Two of the coolest looking models too for our range, the new river trolls and the trusty giant!!
The other stuff you've got is a solid start to a 1500 point list so make a list up, add in the new giant or trolls (or both, you can run giant AND 3 trolls at 1500pts), and play with the list to see what you like most about the army.
If your mean and green the orcs are the way to go. If you like tricksy tricks and sneaky schemes the goblins will be your friends. But then it's a choice of what type of orc or goblin you want, so you see you need to try before you commit!

23-08-2010, 07:26
I agree that a block of six trolls is a safe bet. The new stomp AND the 2nd row getting 3 attacks each is awesome.

Also, Black Orcs is a solid choice too. Or maybe just bulk up the boyz units you have, take advantage of the new horde rules.

23-08-2010, 08:37
IMO boar boyz are overpriced, same with black orcs. Although i still use black orcs because they look cool and are what I have.

I would strongly urge you to buy a black orc big boss to quell animosity for ALL your units that can get animosity. Animosity is an easy way to ruin any game. And last thing your want is a unit picking its butt for two turns in a row.

The night gobbos are cool. Make up some night goblin big bosses with great weapons and add a Black Orc to the unit and you have something that packs a punch and a decent amount of ranks for steadfast.

If you decide not to use grimgor (who is pricey but a BEAST in combat) I would suggest getting a lvl 4 orc great shaman. Another 20 orcs would also be a nice addition so you can have 2 blocks of 30 after you add characters.

You aren't going to have a super powerful army with the orcs. But you can certainly have a tough list that is fun to play. Take what you like and you should have a good time.

23-08-2010, 09:09
Trolls are a must! Even though River Trolls are pricey they are really worth it :) A block of six should do it like AdamAtCollege suggested.

I think Boar Boyz are a bit too underpowered compared to other heavy cavalry in the game.. Since they only have I 2, they get killed before they get to strike back even when they charge unless you have loads of them. Which is a shame since the new models look really cool and I kinda hoped to get a bunch of them but right now I don't see the point :(

23-08-2010, 09:45
i think a unit of black orcs is always good,
they can hit hard if they get in to combat.
And they are the only ones (i think, correct if wrong) who can use heavy armour and thus have a better armour save then the rest of the troops in the book.

23-08-2010, 13:21
I'll add my voice to the "trolls and giant" crowd ... I'm even considering them (stone trolls, that is) is my Night Goblin army ... a bit of a departure from my theme (going from pure NGs to "mountain NGs"), but well worth the points IMHO.