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Lysander The Great
23-08-2010, 08:32
What was it about your army that made you choose them?? :confused:

I don't have any GW miniatures as I've always played DBA and I chose my army because I have always been interested in them but now I'm looking to buy a 40k army but I like most of them so wanted to know what you based your decision on?


23-08-2010, 08:59
I selected Tau based mainly on aesthetics and lucked out in absolutely loving everything about them. Great fluff, excellent conversion opportunities, fit my play style. Even now they remain my favorite of all the 40K armies.

It really depends on what aspect of the hobby appeals to you most. Space Marines are a good choice if you care mostly about the game and having lots of choices in army construction and tactics and being competitive. (Not saying other armies can't be, just that it is easier with SMs)

If you like modeling and conversions, Tyranids and Orks are excellent choices.

If you just want a HUGE army that takes an hour to set up on the table, IG is the way to go.

If you like painting Eldar and Marines are a good choice, with lots of tiny details and ornamentation you can add on to the figs.

If you want to explore the existing fluff and background, Marines and Guard.

If you want to write your own fluff and invent your own stuff Tau and Eldar are both good.

Don't be afraid to experiment. No matter what you are probably going to want more than one army eventually so pick one that sounds like it might fit you and get a small force, 1000 points or so. If you find you like it you can keep getting more. If you don't, put it on a shelf and by then you will have a better idea of what appeals to you and you can work on something else. Be assured you will want that first army again eventually.

23-08-2010, 09:00
My Thousand Sons were choosen by fluff.
My Black Templars because of there color and symbols.
My Tyranids because of the big creatures (and the power of these).
The other models because of the rule of cool ;)

23-08-2010, 09:18
i do not play 40K to win tournaments, i play 40K for social activity and a cool looking armies are the win in my book.

i do this for every game system i play.

As such i found the one thing i really liked in 40K miniature wise(dreads) and build an army around them.

Lysander The Great
23-08-2010, 09:35
See I love painting but my flaw is that I paint everything as if it is brand new so there are no wear & tear marks, everything has be be clean and unused.
For that reason I was thinking Tau or Eldar but I enjoy converting too and for that I think SM are a better choice.

But my main love is history and I'd try and put some history into whatever army I chose.

This army won't be in tournaments, just purely social activity.

23-08-2010, 10:02
I don't really find Marines to be at all interesting for conversions. Marines tend to be fairly uniform so you can change poses and some weapon swaps, maybe add iconography and other bling but there really isn't much incentive to do big kit bashes or squads of funky hybrid troops.

I found Tau to be lots of fun for conversions. Lots of room to create unique battlesuits and new tanks, the whole alien auxiliary thing is a blank check for kit bashing brand new alien species. Tau also have some of the least developed fluff in the game so there is lots of room to add your own background to your army.

IG can also be pretty good for conversions, especially tank variants, but also for coming up with your own regimental look.

Eldar seem to me to be good candidates conversions of vehicles and the like, but lousy for infantry.

Tyranids and Orks are other good candidates for lots of conversions but don't work so well with the clean lines you mentioned (I'm the same way). Have you looked into using dips like from Army Painter at all? From my experience they work really well at turning a regular paint job into a very organic, naturalistic looking one. Something to consider.

23-08-2010, 10:11
When I saw, back in the 2nd edition, a photo in the rulebook showing Blood Angels troops with dreadnought and Death Company in an industrial complex in the green of the jungle, something clicked, artisticly speaking.
After I read the background that was it.
The noblest, truer servants of the Emperor and mankind.

23-08-2010, 10:17
I chose Nurgle Chaos Marines because of the theme (I study parasites) and of course you can go completely crazy with conversions.
And, bad painting doesnt matter too much with Nurgle. ;)

My Blood Angel successor chapter I chose after the new models came out.
It was love on first sight.

I also dont play to win, I play for the fun and for having a cool looking
army. I also only buy the models I like. There is nothing duller than
having to paint a model you have NO modivation to paint!

23-08-2010, 10:40
I started playing after stumbling upon my cousins' space marine and tau forces in thier garage. After looking the rulebook over and admiring some of the pictures, the older one started teaching me some of the rules and we played a couple of pickup games. I lost so bad that i dedicated myself to eventually beating him, once i made my own army.

Luckily the space marine player gave them up for orks and gave me freebies on a bunch of models including a librarian, dread, and several tac marines.

Lysander The Great
23-08-2010, 10:40
ForgottenLore - No I never really thought about it, I just usually have a brand new looking army rather than trying to make them looked battle worn.

I think I might go out and buy a few figures from each of the armies just to see if I like painting/converting them and also see what the finished figures look like and I should be able to see what I'm best at..

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the best figures from each army would be painting & converting wise?

23-08-2010, 11:03
I think I might go out and buy a few figures from each of the armies just to see if I like painting/converting them and also see what the finished figures look like and I should be able to see what I'm best at..
If you want to try out painting GW makes small boxed sets (3-5 models) of most armies basic troops that are pretty cheap. (Eldar guardians, Ork boyz, imerial guardsmen etc.) These are NOT a good buy if you want to play around with conversions however, as they are generally 2-3 art models and don't anywhere near the flexibility of multi-part plastic kits.
Just something to keep in mind.

23-08-2010, 11:22
Crisis suits are fun to convert for Tau
Tac Marines for any flavor of SMs
Tyranid Warriors for Nid's
Come to think of it, Necrons offer a surprising amount of conversion potential
For IG I would have to say get a tank to experiment with
and then buy some Ork boyz and use the bits to loot it

23-08-2010, 11:36
Well my First army was Eldar, mainly as i liked the models. I loved the Jetbikes and the Warlocks. After a few years of smearing them in bright colours I started to look at the fluff and became very interested in Ulthwe. Since then I stopped playing with them and put them into storage as my painting has developed and I can't help but shudder when I look at them. So they are due a repaint.

My next army was a Marine army, mainly as my family had opened a games shop and people kept leaving bits of marine around and my dad had bought a few starter sets to start off his dark Eldar, so having the models forced my hand. I looked into the fluff of them and decided that I would have them as Imperial fists, mainly as I loved the Idea of Siegemasters. This army still hasn't reached Fruition as I got distracted with Uni and the like. Again... my painting has developed since I started these but its not shudderworthy so I have recently been touching them up. Also, I might suggest them to you as they have a Character named Lysander ;p

My Next armies which I am working around in my head will be Inquisition (Noone expects the Spanish Inquisition!) and Guard, mainly as theres something about them, with a repaint and do over on my Eldar.

Lysander The Great
23-08-2010, 12:03
Also, I might suggest them to you as they have a Character named Lysander ;p

Really? That might be the right figure to buy then to test my skills on!

23-08-2010, 14:06
Although i collect many different 40k armies my heart will always lie with chaos space marines.

Love the fluff/Art
Love the models/style
Love the playstyle (aggressive close combat/mid range orientated)

cant really say more than that

Lysander The Great
23-08-2010, 16:03
Where can I find more about the history/background of The Tau Empire?

23-08-2010, 16:27
i was looking through the third ed book and i loved the look of the eldar models, expecially the spider exarch. they just looked so unique and fun.

23-08-2010, 16:39
Thought Necrons looked amazing from codex thumb through.

Played fantasy chaos and saw chaos marines and figured what the hell. With 4th ed, I ask myself why the hell.

23-08-2010, 17:41
I collect/play my armies for various reasons, but I'll list the main one(s) for each army I'm currently running with.

Daemon Hunters - the fluff and the models, not to mention that GK are wonderful to sit down and take your time painting.

Dark Angels - the whole fluff was pure win for me. The dark, gothic, secretive and sinister nature, plus all the iconography and robes.

Orks - all that conversion potential, anything a converter/scratch builder could ever hope for is containing in a single book. Also, they are really fast to paint, heh. The whole "ave a go" attitude is also enjoyable and even if I lose I see it as a morale victory if my Orks have at least krumped something.

Tyranids - My main love for them is still tied up with the ancient Genestealer Cult and Invasion Force lists (my Gods that was over 20 years ago for the latter!), but I like my gribbly critters both bit and small, plus it's fun to tinker and convert a few models. Also, I like my Stealers and I've got to use them somehow. Again, the fluff is dynamic and I'm not one to resist playing something that just wants to eat everything in (and out of) sight.

Imperial Guard - the current model range had alot to do with me starting them.

23-08-2010, 18:08
Imperial Guard: The average human in a galaxy of monsters, Xenos, and super humans who could kill you as easy as breathing and they still have the strength of will and steel to hold the line? Awesome. Also as has been said before easily converted models. Just think hard about IG because you won't ever stop.

Chaos Space Marines: Mostly fluff and a different play style to Guard.

23-08-2010, 18:27
My choices (see signature) are all a combination of Fluff + Aesthetics. Couldn't care less about how they play or if I win with them.

As for finding out more about the Tau, pick up the codex. They're always good reading even if you never play them (or play at all, for that matter).

23-08-2010, 20:33
I play 'Nids and only 'Nids ATM. I that with 'nidzilla melting away (to some extent) that it really brings to the forefront alot of interesting units.

So, I'd say I play Tyranids for the diversity. No x2 games play alike with my list and everyone walks away cheering for the underdog in CC.

23-08-2010, 21:14
My original army? Which is still by far the largest of them all.

I'm a blacksmith and a former Marine. The Salamanders fit the bill nicely...even back before all the smith-heavy background; their infra-red vision and the actual Salamander, as in fire-newt type badge (not the current dino-dragon head)..the struck me as very smith-like.

As for the rest; I'm a Roman Re-enactor so the Gladiatorial aspect of the World Eaters stimulated that.

Eldar have sleek grav-tanks.

Imperial Guard..well, Colonial Marines, Falkenburg's Legion, Hammer's Slammers, and being a former Marine myself. That'll do it.

Sororitas....well duh.

Sister Sin

Scribe of Khorne
23-08-2010, 21:53
The psychology presented in an army that needs to kill you, him, and everyone it see's is interesting to me.

Why do they think that way? What motivates a person like that. Is there an end to that path that isnt death?

Honestly, everything Khorne just fits so well for me. And berzerkers look awesome. :evilgrin:

World Eaters just opened the door to everything else Khornate, and so the collection grows...

23-08-2010, 22:07
I have always loved Viking Mythology since junior school. I have a massive stack of thor and the avengers comics so there was only one army that |I ever wanted.

23-08-2010, 22:40
Orks - massive conversion opportunities for vehicles.
Tau - The hammerhead and fire warrior models. Instant love.
Chaos - Wanted 3+ save army that wasn't marines. Fell in love with metal damonettes, loved all of the possibilities and customization of the 3.5 codex.
Space Wolves - Fluff. The only loyalist army I ever considered doing. The new codex didn't suck, so I started them.

23-08-2010, 22:45
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Chaos itself...only of the World Eaters Legion.

That whole psycho-surgery fueled berserk rage, the later Romanesque flavoring...the even later descriptions of several of the more noted World Eaters, including Kharn, as noble...all of it attracts me deeply. But only to the World Eaters, not to Chaos itself.

That's why that army has no daemons, other than a juggernaut, no possessed, other than daemon engines in Apoc games. The troops, terminators, leaders etc...they are all World Eaters Legion Marines. My warband.

The most complex of attractions for me; the rest are pretty easily understood. :)

Sister Sin

23-08-2010, 23:59
My cousin got me into the gaming aspect of the hobby, but I started my Warhammer love with novels.

After learning as much as I could about the setting and factions, I was able to make a more "educated" choice about my army when I actually started the game. I knew going in I wanted to play Marines; loyalist ones at that, I just didn't know which chapter.

I, unlike most people apparently, liked the Ultramarines and their Primarch, but I wanted my army to be a little more unique. So I started digging around and decided on the White Consuls. Their color scheme was ideal for my painting skills at the time; (they've been redone at great cost to me, haha) and the lack of real background fit well with me, as I was able to write a lot of my own fluff.

I later added on an army of Dark Angels after I read the Heresy novels regarding them. The chapter had so much depth and character in it, I couldn't resist.

24-08-2010, 15:00
I've only just gotten back into the hobby and as I don't take part in the gaming side I generally look for the most interesting army to paint and such and the Vostroyans just, I don't know, they just look so cool for lack of a better word. :p

24-08-2010, 15:55
Eldar for conversions and painting--so much you can do with them. I constantly convert models, sometimes without anything in mind for them merely for good poses and what I consider to be cool looking gear. I may not be the best painter or converter, but I sure as hell still have fun with it.

24-08-2010, 20:24
Tyranids - For multiple reasons, first being the models are great, and when I can actually get around to painting them, I love the result. Plus I usually pick the good guys for things, so it was nice to pick something that was evil, but not exactly evil at the same time. And they were getting a new codex, which I like the playstyle of.

Dark Eldar - Almost entirely for gameplay reasons, but also a little for model reasons(I didn't buy any models that I don't like). Their style of gameplay is just exactly what I want in a game of 40k, excepting the fact that I always lose. They're also quite fun to paint, and the first squad I've painted so far(eek) has been a *wow* to me.

25-08-2010, 02:58
Like the OP, I came into 40k from historical wargaming (I still enjoy ACW). I selected the Guard and never looked back. I like their fluff, I find them easy to identify with, I like the figures (my army is built on Valhallans) and I like the modeling opportunities.

I wanted an army that wasn't too goofy, played in accordance with basic military doctrine, was human (I can't identify with alien forces somehow - but that's just me) and would allow me to model them my way without too much interference from the fluff.

Looking at my options, I ended up with the Imperial Guard.

25-08-2010, 05:21
I started IG because, first, I love tanks...like...unhealthily so.

Second, I wanted to make a heavy infantry army, but didn't want to do Space Marines, and also really, really liked the imagery of greatcoat infantry. Thus when I saw the Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers, and figured out that (under the previous codex) I could field 6 squads of "stormtroopers", it was decided.

Now I'm working on IG army #3 :p

For CSM's, everyone has a Marine army of some sort (or at least, many players do), and I really, really liked the background fluff on the Chaos Legions, and the Medusa V Terminator Lord model hooked me in. I could also field a decent number of tanks with the older book and with the newer one I can field lots of Terminators (I love CSM termi's look, feel and fluff :D), and it works out fairly well, and they're kinda like walking tanks!

Eldar, well, they look awesome, and I love Eldar vehicles (TANKS!) and how they look, so of course...

With Tau, it was the tail end of 4th ed, and I wanted to play a decent shooting army (when IG was rather poor-mediocre) and again, I could have a decent number of cool looking tanks :p

Now I'm also working on Tyranids oddly enough, and army with no tanks...:shifty:

25-08-2010, 06:26
Steel Legion: Well... at first I wanted to make a small Nurgle guard army and I thought that steel legionnaires with a spike on their helmets, a bit of tears in their clothes and their badge replaced with Nurgle's symbol would look awesome. The I got a boat load of steel legionnaires in a trade and decided to try the codex IG. I litterally fell in love with the play style, little guys and tanks facing off the horrors of the galaxy. Also, I really liked everything that was written for the 3rd war for Armageddon campaing, so I scraped the Nurgle guard plan and went for a true Imperial IG army.

Space Marines: They are 40K, how can you not love them? Also, it's so much fun desinging your own chapter. I did just that and created my chapter the Grudge Bearers.

Grey Knights: Originally purchased as allies for the then really bad IGs. I liked them so much that I collected a whole army. The GK novels really sealed the deal for me, especially the 1st one.

Tyranids: I wanted something different and for once I wanted to play an evil army. Well nids are completely alien and they have great models too now. I also think they are a hard army to use, if you stick with the classic units, so the challenge is something I like bout them.

Death Guard: I use only old style plague marines, the ones with a spike on their helmets and priors. I so wanted an army of them when I was a kid, but was too poor to build one. Well, now that I can afford it, I went to eBay and bought a ton of those great models from the past. Convertion opportunities are also excellent. I never had more fun painting and modelling that when I did my DP (in my avatar).

Saim Hann: I wanted a bike army for the playstyle. I had bought a White Scar army prior to this one, but I eventually sold it because I didn't want more marines again. I have to confess that I hate the Eldars and their arrogance and treatchery, but when I happened to read a bit of Saim Hann background, I found out that they really aren't your typicall Eldars. Add the bitchin red paint job and I was sold.

25-08-2010, 06:59
Back in 1993 GW released a few A3 folded flyers that described their games. At the time the space wolves had only just been released so they were plastered all over the flyer I picked up.

I didn't know anything about them, but they looked like beared vikings in armour draped in wolf pelts. Vikings, wolf pelts, armour = win as far as I am concerned.

For about 6 months I poured over that flyer and a couple of others that I picked up (I've still go them all too) without understanding what they were (except they looked like some of the models in my Space Crusade game).

Eventually I bought the core 2nd ed box set. I learned more about the different armies in Codex Imperialis and really liked the eldar with their whole shaolin warrior temple vibe and sculpted bodysuits. They just seemed like an army of brightly coloured ninjas (which shows just how 'ard they were) and ninjas, skillz and their aesthetic quality = win.

Anyway, I eventually collected my space wolf army but didn't get around to the eldar until earlyish 3rd edition. Before that the only eldar model I owned was Maugan Ra because ninja, skillz, aesthetics, skullz and SCYTHE CANNON = win.

The eldar as Vaktathi said, are just really really pretty. Jes Goodwin created such a beautiful set of miniatures and a really strong aesthetic theme that carries on to this day.

To me the eldar are the most beautiful of the armies in 40k with an aesthetic design far superior to any other army. Space marines all look the same, but each eldar shrine has its own nuances and designs that really set them appart.

However, in general I like all the armies in 40k, from a model and background point of view which is why I've collected armies (painted and un painted) of most of them. The orks especially got so much better in 3rd ed, although I wouldn't mind if they shrank their guns, axes and hands down just a TAD, because they do look really silly compared to the other models.


25-08-2010, 08:10
Everything that is Space Wolves appeals to me greatly on some deep level (no not the drunk space viking thing, although that is very fun), their sense of honor, glory, the hunt, not taking crap from no one, and all the other qualities of the chapter reflects my own personal attributes. The fact that I love the aesthetics of the army is just icing on the cake. My 13th Company will always be the pride and joy of my collection. The embody all that it is to be a Space Wolf and more....

While never finished, my Grey Knights are still another favorite, they are just full of badass and I can't wait for the new book to finally get back to them. Plus my grandmaster conversion remains my favorite model. In fact I love him so much hes my avatar. :rolleyes:

My Tau just started on a fluke, but I quickly fell in love with the army and its many facets. Many have already reflected on many of the great attributes of the Tau, and I agree wholeheartedly. My love of fluff lead me to design my army around the Farsight Enclave, and allowed me to put together a terrific weathered army, a trend that has continued in all my armies since.

My Salamanders are my latest project. Neither my gaming group or myself can quite remember how they started but I really enjoy them as well. The simplistic, pragmatic nature of the people of Nocturne, mixed with the intense duality of being incredibly humane "people" under a near daemonic facade is quite compelling too. Plus what is not to like about flamers and meltas and anvils ohh my. Gotta add a little heat to counter act that Fenrisian ice in my veins.

25-08-2010, 08:21
i play ig for two reasons , massed fire and tanks hehe

25-08-2010, 08:46
I started with IG because a friend got me into it. I kept them as Catachans with little real backstory, just crappily painting and converting. Later tried to ad-hoc a cohesive background incorporating all the various ideas from my sketch pad but it didn't work.

One day I was idly considering other armies and I had my various Codices lined up in front of me. I had Witch Hunters and the 3.5 Chaos Codex in front of me and an idea came to me.

Thus were born the Angels Ascendant.

Basically I started my current army for fluff reasons, and I'll eventually revamp my IG army to suit the story (along with creating a Word Bearers and Sons of Malice and Lost and the Damned and Biel-Tan and Inquisitorial army...).

25-08-2010, 16:17
Dark eldar - Two words: space pirates
Chaos daemons - I love chaos, and I don't like marines

The Laughing God
25-08-2010, 17:01
Started with Dark Eldar because my brother gave me the ones that came in the 3rd edition box set.

Then I made a necron army because in 3rd and 4th ed. they were really good and I loved how they look.

After that I made a tyranid army. I tried dipping on them and was really happy to have a large army painted nicely.

I then took a break from armies and painted single minis that I thought looked cool. This really helped my painting, and after that I decided to build a Chaos Space Marine army where I could apply my new painting skills.

Now I have just started a Dark Angels army that will be an experiment with weathering and battle damage.

To OP, if you want background on the different races just go and check out GW's website. Another good source of info is www.Lexicanum.com

25-08-2010, 19:29
minor xeno races :

fluff is better IMO
imagery (what little exists) is better IMO
lot's of fun to model
you get a truly unique army
you can use whatever codex as long as it's fluffy of course
it's more interesting to see on the tabletop than the same old 5 or 6 xenos that do exist in-game.

Dragoon King
25-08-2010, 19:38
Black Legion. What's not to love? Cool minis that can be easily converted, even by someone as unskilled as me. Good fluff. Always fun to be the "bad" guy and underdog for me. Plus I can have lots of Nurgle and Khorne stuff. A good force on the tabletop, very versatile. Plus I have Abaddon. Daemon Princes. Death Guard, Oblits, Chosen, whoooo! Simple but effective paint scheme. Great force to battle with while spinning Bolt Thrower. That about covers it.

25-08-2010, 19:43
I started my armies for various reasons.

Dark Eldar because I painted a couple of models and liked how they came out. I also like playing armies that are rarely seen (I also used to play Beastmen).

Imperial Guard because I wanted an army that I had never collected, and that was nothing like my other armies.

Salamanders I chose because I wanted to build a tournament army around Vulkan Hest'an.

Orks I chose because I liked the models and the conversion potential.

Snakebite Orks because of other conversions, and I loved the 2nd ed models with the back banners.