View Full Version : Conquest NW Bellevue Apocalypse @ Dragonflight

23-08-2010, 23:46
Hello Games Workshop Gaming Community,

I am posting this for the head judge of the event, as I was the secondary judge for the event.

My name is Jeff Olsen, and I am the Head Judge for the Puget Sound Apocalypse GT event hosted at the Dragonflight Games Convention.

Our event concluded successfully only a couple weeks ago, I hope all of our participants had a enjoyable and memorable experience, and will come back to join us again next year.

I wanted to come before the community today to inform them of a post-event rules decision myself and my judging staff have made, to ensure you all that we take the issue seriously, and, as we develop as a team that will (hopefully!) remain consistent throughout all the Pacific NW GTs, will continue to perfect the system to minimize any mistakes on our behalf to maximize your gaming experience.

Several days after the conclusion of the event, it was brought to our attention that our Warhammer 40k Best Overall Winner's army list was incorrect. The army list was incorrectly calculated, and ended up being 10 points over the allotted limit of 2,000 points. It is not our place to judge the player-in-question's intent, only to act on the situation.

Some players may scoff at a meager 10 point bonus to the allotted point value of the game, but regardless of how many points over the limit a player's list is, it can have an impact on the game in many ways.

The mistake was ours in not catching the issue during our list auditing process, and, if we had been more diligent, simple corrections could have been made to legalize the list and resolve any incident that might arise. Unfortunately, we did not, and our efforts have been diminished by our failing.

Nonetheless, we are here to provide an answer to the community on how we plan to resolve this issue now, and how to handle future situations like this that might crop up.

We will NOT be revoking the Best Overall winner nor modify our standings in any way. However, I can promise you that myself and my judging staff are, even now, working on ways to improve our system so that we have a clear way to resolve these issues, should they arise again. It is our intent for us to have concise documentation, available to our players, so that everyone understands what possible consequences could come about of any form of tournament misconduct, intentional or accidental.

I apologize to anyone who feels like their gaming experience was lessened by our lack of thoroughness, and I hope that you will give us a chance in the future to prove ourselves to you as your judging staff.

Happy gaming!

Jeff Olsen
Head Judge, ConquestNW