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24-08-2010, 00:04
Ok this is not a whine itís a chance to find out other players approach to settling rules and any disputes. That may arise during a game or on the Rule Forum.

I've been playing Warhammer since 1992 so I've spent a decent amount of time reading, learning and getting rules WRONG.

I will happily admit to getting rules wrong some times I read them too quickly and assume I understand how it works, normally army specific rules for armies I don't play or collect.

I tend to find that any rules disputes that arise during a game very easy to deal with, normally itís just a matter of reading the relevant part of the army book or BRB.

If that fails ''the most important rule'' kicks in we roll a dice, most my opponents range between 20 and 40 so itís a more mature approach to the hobby.

The other kind of rules disputes are on Warseer, I think we can all agree that the most hotly discussed or argumentative threads appear in the Rules Forum.

I used to fight my corner fanatically on rules interpretation in my hot headed hormonal teens; I do some times slip back into old habits even though Iím very close to 30 years old.

What I some times find strange on the rules Forum is when a rules thread may get resolved by a FAQ or ERRATA that people were generally unaware of being brought to the Warseer community attention.

I then some times read responses from those members who may have argued strongly for an interpretation that is proven incorrect by the FAQ and these responses tend to be some attempt to belittle the poster of the FAQ or a sarcastic parting comment to some how reassert the dominance of the member whose point of view has been invalidated.

I have been guilty of this myself in the past but hopefully not recently, what I find most strange is it tends to be the Warseer members with posts numbering in the thousands that are more prone to the negative responses when questioned on their views or opinions.

So do you handle rule disputes differently on Warseer to on the board or do you stick to the same method? Do you follow Rules As Written religiously or do you use it as a guide or a measuring stick, does Rules As Intended play any part in your resolution of disputes.

My intention is not to cause offence or to single out any Warseer members with this post I am simply putting my experiences and observations into print. Iím also not trying to be high and mighty either Iím prone to bouts of child like Nerd Herd Rage and Dwarf like stubbornness when it comes to rules. Please try to keep any posts civil and polite we can disagree without being rude.

Most of all have fun.:D

24-08-2010, 04:24
Theres two guys in my club who actually own the book and were the only ones who read the rules. So I could get away with anything that I want. But I dont I keep to the rules. So I tend to resolve pretty much all rule disputes in my club. But if it comes down to it I roll a dice.

24-08-2010, 05:31
I've have quite a keen eye for detecting when a fellow gamer is taking "certain liberties" with the rules or his interpretation of them. Most of the time, I tend to go "really? I thought it was meant to be..." so as to start a nice, civil debate that DOESN'T kill the impetus of the game.

Some times, if it happens when they are playing against me and I'm having a good time, I just go "what the heck..." and let the opponent have his/her way. It's after the game's done and hands have been shaken when I point out those little details and make notes if I am wrong, or just agree on how certain rules work and how they will be applied next time a game is played.

My style is always applying come sense when rules as written read a bit ambigous or incomplete. When the FAQ comes out, I find that most of the time I was correct or pretty close to being correct. A bit o personal satifaction and increased fun with the game, that's all I get from it. I don't go rubbing it on the other side's noses be it here or in real life.

I'm in it for the fun. Senseless arguments aren't fun, so I tend to perform a killing blow on them and that's should be that.