View Full Version : Do Chaos work for Combat Patrol??

Pawn of Decay
25-08-2010, 14:31
So September 25th brings around Calnage. A doubles tournament based around the Combat Patrol Rules from 4th Edition. Each team consists of two 500pts Armies, both having to follow the strict combat patrol rules.

My Question is, do people think Chaos Space Marines can work in this enviroment?

If so, what would you take?

25-08-2010, 15:03
They work incredibly well in combat patrol. Few armies have a decent counter to things like plague marines at such point levels, and even the basic rhino can be tricky to deal with. Make sure to bring a melta or some other transport buster and you will be golden.

25-08-2010, 15:06
I played 40kin40 many times with my CSMs, and they did reasonably well.

If it were me, I'd take a a mech'd berzerker squad and a Havoc squad with missile launchers or autocannons (or a mix!). That will give you a nice number of wounds, a hard-hitting assault unit, and a reasonably shooty support unit.

Pawn of Decay
25-08-2010, 15:24
Well atm I was thinking of something along the lines of,

Plague Marines (7) - 231pts
- Champ with Power Fist
- 2 Plasmaguns

Rhino - 35pts

Khorne Beserkers (8) - 198pts
- Champ with Power Weapon

Rhino - 35pts

Total: 499pts

My Team mate is taking Orks. Using a list based around;

Ork Boyz (30)
- Nob with Big Choppa
- 3 Big Shootas

Lootas (10)

Looted Wagon
- 2 Big Shootas

- Big Shoota

The problem I was having was, does the CSM bring enough to make it worth taking. Or will i get caught out against Hoard Like armies such as Imperial Guard, Orks, Nids.

25-08-2010, 15:48
That's not a bad Chaos list. My preference for the Havocs over the PMs is mostly that missile launchers and autocannons are amazing weapons in a combat patrol game - no 2+ saves, AV13 or AV14, so they'll kill just about anything on the board. Plague Marines also tend to be at their best when defending objectives - but combat patrol is much more about killing the other guy.