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26-08-2010, 04:42
Sorry about that, I mucked it up twice. Now there should be the right questions, I should have every variable covered up there.

This is a multiple choice poll. You should only pick ONE of the options 1-4 and ONE of the options 5-7.

Cheers and again sorry for the mess.

GAH! now somehow the poll is closed. Ok, I give up. if a mod wants to fix this be my guest. Sorry for the 3rd mucked up thread. I've made the other GW forum look like a mess.


26-08-2010, 04:58
The poll is open as far as I can tell.

Interesting question. Unfortunately I can't answer it because I don't have a GW store near me.

26-08-2010, 05:03
Well every time I try to vote it says it's closed. :(

We see so many people claiming things about GW selling marines, I have information that suggests it is true but obviously no one is going to take my word for it.

I was hoping to get an overview of it across stores across the world as Warseer has a fairly global community.


26-08-2010, 05:21
You're right, I just tried to vote and it's closed.

I was going to say that my "local" (non-GW) store is usually enthusiastic about the latest releases rather than marines. They play intro games with Black Reach (either side) but I wouldn't say "only allow" since I'm sure they'd be fine playing with some other forces too.

26-08-2010, 05:50
Staff here when playing 40k intro games usually they prod totally new customers towards the space marines. If they know the game through a friend/played years ago/etc then they generally ask what army they wish to use. Sometimes they'll run it for two people at once (friends for example) so they each have a side to use.

Staff are generally pretty excited about new releases, what they're doing, etc. I find generally staff to completely new customers will try to push the Black Reach + Hobby Starter Set + Black Spray Paint onto them, because well... it's a good way for someone completely clueless to start the hobby.
For someone who's new, but knows a thing or two they are likely to ask what army they're interested in.

26-08-2010, 06:28
My local GW tends to push whatever someone's already collecting.

The other day I went in to grab some undercoat, the guy asked me what I was painting (daemons) and so he started talking about the latest daemon releases.

When I first started collecting (years ago), I walked in saying I was interested in Nids. That's what they sold me.

26-08-2010, 09:22
I dont get what you are trying to achieve here Hellebore.

26-08-2010, 09:33
Looks like it's asking two separate questions - what armies do the staff talk about, and how do they conduct demo games.

In fact, since it only mentions Marines, it should probably be in 40K Discussion, not GW General.

26-08-2010, 11:11
I dont get what you are trying to achieve here Hellebore.

Well as I've been accused by other posters of only having 'anecdotal' evidence of GW's business practices (although I do not) I was trying to get at least some visible data from the community here.

Looks like it's asking two separate questions - what armies do the staff talk about, and how do they conduct demo games.

In fact, since it only mentions Marines, it should probably be in 40K Discussion, not GW General.

Yes it's two separate questions hence why I wanted to make it a multiple vote poll.

The questions are:

When GW stores run intro games do they:

only let new customers play as:
Black Reach space marines
Black Reach orks
either of the above
OR ignore the black reach box and allow you to use any faction.

These are all the parameters of the intro game. GW use Black Reach as their standard intro and generally only let the kids play the marines (or the orks if there are two). They generally do not allow you to test drive eldar/tyranids/tau etc, which provides a biased sales system.

I know that they mostly make the kids play as marines, but as I can't 'provide ticket stubs for every GW around the world I've visted' to prove that I know this, this will have to do.

The other question is how the staff at GW sell the armies they have there, whether they push marines on children when they walk in over other armies. How they talk about them. This one can be more subjective and I doubt it's as simple as the previous question because personal choice can come into it.

My argument is fairly straightforward - the high sales figures of marines cannot be attributed to their innate popularity if the methods employed by GW to sell them in their stores are not equitable across all their products. Until GW provides equal salesmanship for all their products the absolute popularity of marines is hidden behind this bias.

If a person is only allowed to test drive one army they are deliberately being guided in their purchases. A person can 'research' other armies on their own time, but that doesn't excuse lopsided business practices.

As i've said before, ford dealers don't offer test drives in only one of their cars and expect you to 'research' the other ones, or better yet BUY them in order to determine their quality. GW's instore policies are decidely marinecentric when entertaining new or prospective customers. That would be like only being shown how one nokia phone works and having to figure out the others on your own. Thus I was attempting to accrue some data from across the world that illustrates this, specifically on the new customers. Established customers are told about the new products being released because they've already got the old ones.

It is simply inexcusable to claim that marines are inherently popular when they are virtually the only army prospective players are exposed to and those prospective players have to actively work and/or spend to discover the others. Now this is specific to GW stores, I have no doubt that independent stockists would have their own ways of selling which may differ or match GW"s. Certainly they wouldn't have an internal policy amongst all of them that GW does, at least regionally.


26-08-2010, 11:23
Hellebore this is the wrong way to go about it, and will not get you the answers you want. I would be happy to pm you further but that will be between you and me.

Good Luck

Chaos and Evil
26-08-2010, 12:07
I'm not sure what the problem is in introducing new players to the game using the most popular army, whilst using the starter set.

It's the easiest way for GW to get new people interested, because after the game the staffer can turn around and say :

"Well here's the box that has everything you just gamed with included! Only 55! And if you want the table we just played on it's 150!"