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26-08-2010, 14:09
With the new rules the hellcannon has become an even more viable choice, and the old "what base should I mount it on" question has resurfaced. Checked the old threads and there was no consensus really, everyone was just guessing, the FAQ doesn't mention this either.

Currently, I've mounted mine, with crew on an old CD, but I wonder how I should play it if I get charged/charge, how many enemies get to strike back. As it is not defined as a warmachine, I guess the rules which state that 6 models may fight do not apply.


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26-08-2010, 14:11
60mm x 60mm
80mm x 80mm

I think, it's a monster and handler unit, not a war machine so the limited models can fight rule doesnt apply.

26-08-2010, 14:13
I've been basing mine on custom bases that are the exact dimensions of 2 chariot bases side by side. Seems the easiest way to me, allows the model to fit and gives a little bit of space for some fancier basing.

26-08-2010, 14:24
Its a monster handler unit.

As far as putting the model on a base?

My opinion is it is a very square model and since I have yet to see a model overflow off its base with its main bulk, I would just use the model itself and not base it as its bulk may force you to put it on a base too large for the model.....just my opinion.

26-08-2010, 14:38
Its a monster not a monster handler unit. This matters greatly since shooting is randomized as with the war hydra, just w/o the hide behind ability of the hydras handlers.

p. 66 "It follows the rules for monsters and handlers (see the warhammer rulebook), with three chaos dwarfs as its handles."

26-08-2010, 14:40
The only time GW gave an answer, they said 80 x 100 mm (i.e. old-style movement tray size).

26-08-2010, 14:45
So 6 20x20 mm models, 4 40x40, 3 50x50 or 5 25x25/25x50 mm models can fight it to the front, and an additional model (except models on 40x40 mm bases) can be added in the flank?

26-08-2010, 15:16
Base sizes are flexible. Mine is on a 100x100mm base, but you could go with 80x100 or even a Screaming Bell base, which is 60x100. I just think the bigger base looks best.

26-08-2010, 15:33
20mmx20mm... obviously...

Post a pic once you've done this, please. ;)