View Full Version : 1500 HE Army for Friendly Tourney

26-08-2010, 21:52
I will be playing against another HE army, Dwarf, Lizardmen, and Skaven

My goal was to make a balanced list that would be good against anything, at least not get me housed in the first 2 turns. I was planning on putting the noble in with the DP's and giving the Archmage the lore of life. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

12 Archers w/command 157pts
15 Sea Guard w/command 220pts

Archmage Lvl 4, Folariath's Robe, Seerstaff 335pts

Noble, Steed, Armor of Calador, Great Weapon 130pts

Bolt Thrower 100pts

10 Sword Masters w/command 180pts
10 White Lions w/command 180pts
5 Dragon Princes w/command 200pts

Total: 1502 pts

26-08-2010, 23:52
You havent really got an anvil, maybe replace Swordmasters with Phoenix guard or remove Archers and replace them with spearmen. Also maybe replace bolt thrower with 2 eagles to try and get to the enemy war machines.

27-08-2010, 02:53
i'm planing on using the lore of life to keep my units kind of full so that either the WL's or the SM's can anvil for me, even the SG's if need be as with the seerstaff i can pick both throne of vines and regrowth, i can regenerate d6+1 wounds each turn.

for the war machines i think i might actually put in a unit of shadow warriors if they become to problemmatic. they won't be able to hurt my mage through with the robe so i should be able to keep my units pretty strong to get them into combat. not a bad suggestion though. my fear with the eagles is they aren't really good for much other than war machine hunting and only the dwarves will really have some.

27-08-2010, 23:15
Well you have the dragon princes so they can try to hunt down lone mages and warmachines i guess.. Dragon princes are good, but your going to find 5 won't get the job done well. Also with only 10 man units of sword masters and white lions your going to struggle to keep them alive, I would change the archers for Spearmen and drop the Princes for more whitelions and eagles. However your list looks good though let me know how it goes.